3D Muzzle Flashes & MuzzlePlug Review

3D Muzzle Flashes & MuzzlePlug Review

Posted on 29. Jun, 2008 by in After Effects

There comes a time in visual effects artists life when he’s bound to create firing guns and muzzle flashes. Learn how to build your own muzzles… in 3D.

If you haven’t build muzzle flashes yet I’m sure the day will Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags come. Why not be ready for it? Creating muzzle flashes is a never dying subject of VFX, especially for low budget action movies. There are loads of tutorials and products on this subject and I’ve been through all of them, but I never found anything that I liked… until I came across FXhome website. They have a few applications design to do one job – visual effects.

They always had this great engine for creating muzzle flashes in 3D. Over six months ago when I saw it for the first time I was so inspired that I’ve build my own 3D muzzle flash generator for AE that I will now share with you.

But wait… theres more. FXhome has just released their ground braking 3D muzzle technology as a AE plugin called MuzzlePlug. They’ve been kind enough to give me a license to test it out and make a review.

In this video you will get to know my opinion on FXhome MuzzlePlug, but that’s not all. You will also learn how to create your own 3D muzzle flashes using just AE and some 3rd party plugins. But have no fear… most of the plugins used in my tutorial you probably already own. If you don’t than you really should consider buying them. I’m referring of course to the great Trapcode plugins, in this case 3D Stroke and Shine.

With this tutorial I’m providing two project files. First one is the tutorial itself, and the second one if the 3D Muzzle Flash Generator along with the presets used in the tutorial.

To use the 3D Muzzle Flash Generator simply import it into your existing project, duplicate the MuzzleBasic comp, modify the position of the camera and put this new comp into your shot. There’s an example of using it in the tutorial as well. 3D Muzzle Flash Generator is hard to build, but very easy to use, and I was crazy enough to provide it for you so you can instantly start shooting some freaky aliens.

If you like FXhome MuzzlePlug better I still recommend using my MuzzleController and MuzzleEnviroment presets to alter the behavior and look of the MuzzlePlug generated muzzle flash. See the tutorial for more information.


Download: Tutorial project file (After Effects CS3)

Download: 3D Muzzle Flash Generator (After Effects CS3)

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35 Responses to “3D Muzzle Flashes & MuzzlePlug Review”

  1. UmairVFX

    29. Jun, 2008

    George…. i will show you the commercial…

    and i am quite sure that i will kill my friend and many peoples by this fire… ;)

    JEZY YOU ARE MAN DUDE>>>>>> :)

    Best Regards,

  2. UmairVFX

    29. Jun, 2008

    John says right that you are Programmer…

    Not a Human beings..

    Really Really aamzing and pretty different tutorial i am sure that not body still launch this type of tutorial

    and this is securities of VFX WORLD

    thanks Jezy

  3. Artillusion

    29. Jun, 2008

    Third is good i saw that at youtube haha it’s good to be a subscriber!!!

  4. Artillusion

    29. Jun, 2008

    Only 1 whole hour it looked like 10 min…. So interesting Thx

  5. Vinnie

    29. Jun, 2008

    You are my new GOD!!

  6. Artillusion

    30. Jun, 2008

    Only one q it’s not very relevant thought…
    How can i save one comp or effects preset, like a preset?
    Can you make a tut? or just answer?


  7. Maltaannon

    30. Jun, 2008

    I’m not sure if I’m following your question. If you want to save some effects configuration as a preset simply select them in your Effects control palette and drag them onto your Effects & Preset window.

  8. Mac Mave

    30. Jun, 2008

    Before I watch your great Tutorial, does your Muzzle Flash Generator work on AFX 7?

  9. Maltaannon

    30. Jun, 2008

    No. Sorry. It only works on CS3 since the project was saved in CS3. But you can build your own if you follow the tutorial.

  10. Parker

    01. Jul, 2008

    sometimes I wonder if your brains are different from a normal human, because you always seem to know it all buddy! Thanks a lot, its awesome

  11. RxR

    02. Jul, 2008

    Another great tutorial! I admit I’m not really in the market all that often for muzzle flashes, but I understand more and more about using After Effects from your tutorials. And who knows? Next time I tape one of kids in a school play I’ll make an alternate version! Alice in LethalWeaponLand!

  12. PhSn

    02. Jul, 2008

    another very great tutorial. I always had trouble with muzzle flashes and i always tried to mask it just right and get the effects to make it look… let’s say … acceptable. I don’t own muzzle pug, but since I have 3D Stroke everything is so simple and it looks really, really great! Actually it’s simplier then the masking way and it looks much more professional! Thanks a lot dude!

  13. Radhakrishnan

    03. Jul, 2008


    You and your Tutorials are dude

  14. Kopiart

    03. Jul, 2008

    Are the scenes you used in your tutorial a part of the bigger project? I recognize the faces. You used material with those soldiers in previous tutorials. When will it be possible to watch the whole movie?

  15. Jostein

    03. Jul, 2008

    Just wanted to say I am watching all your tutorials and you are a true legend! Thank you so much for your time and effort.

  16. Aziz

    03. Jul, 2008

    Nice Tutorial. Thank You.
    And More Tutorials About Expressions!

  17. bokad

    05. Jul, 2008

    I’ve downloaded both zips but can’t find your tutorial. What have I missed?

  18. bokad

    05. Jul, 2008

    Apologies, got it now.

  19. IJAHman

    05. Jul, 2008

    another fine release by the man itself MALTAANNON….
    proud to be your student man…
    pls.share more tutorials about Expressions. it’s the most difficult part of AE for me. THANKS

  20. nnesta

    05. Jul, 2008


  21. Josh Johnson

    07. Jul, 2008

    Very Very cool Jerry! I watched it but haven’t had time to tweak and build it yet. I must say my donation(triplej9923@hotmail.com) I gave you a few months back is all worth it for great stuff like this. Looking foward to your DVD.

  22. Loper

    29. Jul, 2008

    Brawo kolego, jestes perfekcyjny i dokladny w tym co robisz :)
    Rozwijam swoja przygode z AE i bardzo mi w tym pomogles.

  23. Pete Valcanas

    04. Aug, 2008

    This was a long tut but I enjoy the long ones just as much. This was very informative and showed me things I never knew or thought could be done.


  24. CristalCube

    06. Sep, 2008

    Super mega hyper excellent tutorial!!!
    Thanks George!!

    Greetings. CC³.

  25. Noah

    22. Jan, 2009

    Anyway to get this working in CS4 properly?

  26. David

    11. Mar, 2009

    Nice! I’ll probably have to get this MuzzlePlug, it sounds great…

    Thanks for showing us this!

  27. josh

    10. Nov, 2009


  28. theep

    11. Dec, 2009

    hey maltaanonon..
    is that correct i really dont get ur name. pretty freaking.

    i got some sort of AE work for U. I believe its pretty simple. at least my mind says..mm this is it………………..

    I need to make a Candle flame absolutely inside AE.
    (i know u dont like anything crossing into AE!)

    Im confident u will really make that. so just going to get rest on my chair until u publish it.

  29. Klinstrin

    28. Dec, 2009

    Witam Jerzy (jak rozumiem jesteś z polski:P). Czy to by zadziałało na CS4, a jak nie to jak to zrobić?

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      29. Dec, 2009

      Tak. Przy pliku zawsze podana jest minimalna wersja AE potrzebna do uruchomienia projektu. W tym wypadku CS3, czyli na CS4 tez zadziala.

  30. MetalHead4Life

    01. Jun, 2010

    hey man thanks for the video but i have one question does this work on Sony Vegas? i like using that software. thanks i would like to hear your response soon :)

  31. Cool4cats

    29. Aug, 2010

    Hey Maltaannon! First let me say what an awsome site you have and second, great tutorials! I rely on two sites for After Effects tutorials, this one ( in case you haven’t guessed, lol) and Andrew Kramers site, Videocopliot.net, which you’ve mentioned in previous tutorials.

    Anyway, to the topic at hand. I have downloaded the Muzzle flash tutorial and files (3d muzzle plug generator and work file). I noticed that in the tutorial you have, muzzle adjustment, muzzle controler, muzzle environment and muzzle flash. Your download only containes muzzlecontroller and muzzle environment. What happened to the other two? I also noticed that the folder was polygonstudio. Is thier any way to get the other two presets?

    Well, that about does it for me, keep up the great work!
    Can’t wait to get a copy of the book you’re working on, and look forward to more tutorials.
    Happy aftereffecting!!

  32. Artur

    21. Jan, 2011

    Cześć , czy jest polski tutorial na temat wgrania pluginu do AE c.s 4 , i nim obsługiwaniu się nie mogę znaleść :(

  33. venkat

    11. Nov, 2011

    Its very help to every begginers

  34. sparsho

    25. Dec, 2011

    i will shoot you guys with a desert eagle