CE LightWrap

CE LightWrap

Posted on 23. Aug, 2008 by in After Effects, Products

Learn how to make your keyed out footage blend better with the background by casting light on it from surrounding elements

Light wrapping is something everyone should know about and learn how to do. It greatly improves the quality of your compositions by making them look Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags more believable.

In this tutorial I will show you a quick and easy way of creating great looking light wrap effect without using any 3rd party plugins (with exception of CyCoreFX which you should already have by default). The results are fantastic and you can easily compare them to many expensive commercial plugins out there that do the same thing. But that’s not all…

After over a year of providing free content I thought it’s about time to give you a chance to say “Thank you”, so I also build a CustomEffect that you can buy for a low price. It’s even more advanced and powerful than what I show you in the tutorial. I provided some examples of what you can achieve when using ceLightWrap but to see the real power I really recommend watching the tutorial.

You can purchase ceLightWrap via PayPal. Sales are handled by a secure online shopping system – E-Junkie. After purchase you will be redirected to a download page. Each purchase is valid for two download attempts. The file you will be downloading will be a ZIP file with a polyCE file in it. You need to use CustomEffects Installer to be able to use the CustomEffect.

I hope you will choose the CustomEffect over the simple preset that I show you how to build in the tutorial and therefore you’ll take your part in keeping this site alive and providing new tutorials.

For installation instructions go to What CustomEffects are page.

Get CE LightWrap (CS3) for only 14.90 USD

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133 Responses to “CE LightWrap”

  1. MARK

    23. Aug, 2008

    thnx Genius-M.

    • Andrew

      02. Jan, 2011

      Hey Maltaannon, great tutorial, I want to buy you’re pluging but I was wondering if it will work on After effects CS5 as well as CS3?

  2. UmairVFX

    23. Aug, 2008

    hey nice dude!!!! Congratulation for this amazing product and cheep too ;)

  3. Amir

    23. Aug, 2008

    I would like to purchase this item, but I wanted to make sure I can use it for the MAC OS X leopard.

  4. Maltaannon

    23. Aug, 2008

    My good friend John Dickinson from MotionWorks.com.au tested out the CustomEffect and reported no problems. Make sure to follow the instructions on http://maltaannon.com/what-customeffects-are/

  5. ömer tatlisoz

    23. Aug, 2008

    thanks maltaannon:)

  6. Dijeo

    24. Aug, 2008

    Congratulation for your first produce.

  7. Thomas

    24. Aug, 2008

    Hi JD,

    somethign´s wrong with flashpalyer. your tutorials pop up but will not be shown.
    any ideas?
    latest player is installed.

  8. Shkaa887

    24. Aug, 2008

    Same problem…I can’t see the videos anymore…

    Good job on the custom effect anyway…I’m cheap so I think I’m stuck with the preset :D

  9. Maltaannon

    24. Aug, 2008

    Probably some temporary server glitch. Should be working now.

  10. Joe

    24. Aug, 2008

    Do you see any reason why this would not work with AE7.0 instead of CS3(only)?

  11. Maltaannon

    24. Aug, 2008

    The reason is I don’t even have AE7 installed anymore, and with CS4 coming out soon I don’t think I’ll be messing around doing AE7 versions for any of my presets or CustomEffects.

  12. Noone

    24. Aug, 2008

    Pretty awesome. I’ve always wondered what goes into making these custom effects, are there any resources on how to make these sorts of plugins?

  13. Maltaannon

    24. Aug, 2008

    I am working on a tool to build those so that everybody can create one.

  14. Noone

    24. Aug, 2008

    Wow, thats really cool. Thanks, can’t wait for that.

  15. Thomas

    24. Aug, 2008

    flashplayer problem still occurs. tested on several machines.

  16. Maltaannon

    24. Aug, 2008

    Could you please be more specyfic? You mean tutorials are not working? I haven’t changed anything, and it works for me and my friends as well. Different machines, different systems, different locations, different isp. It must be something on your side.

  17. Thomas

    25. Aug, 2008

    Hi JD, i´ts definetly because of Flash version 9.0 r124

  18. Monroe E. "tequilaman2006"

    25. Aug, 2008

    tutorials are still playing here– if on Firefox, try disabling, then re-enabling the Shockwave plugin. I do this monthly because YouTube and other Flash vids will stop playing audio for some reason, but if you reset the Shockwave plugin, they are fine.

    good luck, and cool plugin Maltaannon!

    (I’m on Firefox 3.0 (shockwave 9.0 r 124) and Windows Vista 32-bit Home Premium)

  19. Thomas

    25. Aug, 2008

    no chance. i even reinstalled the plugin.
    the start screen of the tut pops up shortly and then disappears.
    other sites, e.g. VCP do work without problems.
    don´t know whats wrong.

  20. Thomas

    25. Aug, 2008


    Have installed FF 3. Now everything works fine again. Even the cursor here in the input window is back again.

    so far. keep on rocking

  21. Vinnie

    25. Aug, 2008

    Awesome Plug-in Maltaannon!! I’d definitely purchase more of your product in the future! Keep up the awesome work, and thanks for everything.

  22. Eran Stern

    25. Aug, 2008

    As always George, you nailed it down! I must say this is a very cool and useful tool for everybody, including me of course. Great Tutorial as well :-)

  23. Dave Starr

    26. Aug, 2008

    Hi ! There’s a problem in your flv video. I can see till the music start and you say: ” Stop the music !”. From that point my players stop. I have 8 computer and 6 different players. 6 computers are recently installed…so there’s no win reg corruption, disk fragmentation…etc…i can’t see the second part of this BEAUTIFUL tutorial. Can you fix it?

  24. Maltaannon

    26. Aug, 2008

    It’s hard to say whats wrong. It all works for me. I know that the server is going through some difficulties at the moment. Honestly there are problems all the time. Sorry I can’t afford a better one. As you see others do see the video. I don’t know what’s wrong, it can be a gazillion things.

  25. Max

    26. Aug, 2008

    I was also having problems watching the tutorial until I installed the latest version of Firefox. Now it loads fine. Great job, Maltaanon! The custom effect is well worth the $$$. Thanks!

  26. Christian

    27. Aug, 2008

    Thanx Maltaannon for another great tutorial!
    Love your work!

  27. illd

    27. Aug, 2008

    Great , great tool(torial) ;).

    Im gonna get it!

  28. Jamie

    30. Aug, 2008

    Just having a slight issue getting my head around one part of the tutorial. When I apply the ‘CC Composite’ it brings back my original footage with the greenscreen still in the image. If I set it to ‘stencil alpha’ I end up with the feathered outline, but the rest of the image turns black and I can’t figure out how to get rid of this.

    I’m guessing there is something I was meant to do to the keyed out footage before starting this tutorial, but I have no idea what.

    Any help would be highly appreciated as this looks like it will really enhance my university project.


  29. Maltaannon

    30. Aug, 2008

    i think that precomping your key would solve the problem. key your footage out, precomp it and then apply the steps from the tutorial

  30. Jamie

    31. Aug, 2008

    Thanks heaps Maltaannon, that got it working. Regards for all the great tutorials, they’re a real help.

  31. Constantin

    31. Aug, 2008

    Hi, thanks. I’ve been lookin’ for something like this for a long time. Just a quick tip: To display percent after the value you can use DISPLAY_PERCENT=”true” in the PresetEffects.xml file.
    Please also make sure to checkout my free AE Preset Collection: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2O2OyLlwqUU

    Thanks, Constantin

  32. Lee Skinner

    02. Sep, 2008

    Pretty cool, but I really wish you’d show us a RAM preview at the end or something. So we can see the effect in motion!

  33. henry

    03. Sep, 2008

    yeah!! a RAM-preview would rock!!!

    Thanks for the tutorials

  34. Patricia

    07. Sep, 2008

    I can thouroughly recommend that you BUY this CustomEffect – it will save you a heap of time and is easily worth the small price being asked.

    I am not a professional by any stretch of the imagination but this little tool makes a HUGE difference to how the finished product looks. My keying was pretty good before but with a little bit of further tweaking, this tool has allowed me to completely get rid of that ‘sat on top, layered look’ and I am delighted. You will be, too.

    Professional or amateur, you will be really glad you added CE Light Wrap to your arsenal.

    Sorry if that sounds a bit like an ad for it but my words are genuine – you’re definitely going to be impressed with what this thing can do for you…

  35. crislex

    08. Sep, 2008

    gracias! maltaannon lo que hacia falta para una buena integracion!

  36. Pavel

    17. Sep, 2008

    Hi, is there any option to download these tutorials? couse I wanna watch them at my workplace but there is no network connections for my laptop. I just want to take maltaannon anywhere with me :)

  37. Maltaannon

    17. Sep, 2008

    Sure there is. Theres a download link at the bottom of each video. Also the video player had an arrow icon in the bottom-right corner. Clicking that will download the tutorial.

  38. CristalCube

    18. Sep, 2008

    Thanks George, greate plug and greate tutorial.

    Greetings. CC³.

  39. James

    19. Sep, 2008

    Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at blackhatbootcamp.com/listofwordpressblogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

  40. manost72

    25. Sep, 2008

    hey M. great tutorial as always!
    everyone who has a problem display on their browsers, you have to know that there is a Adobe Flash with Firefox 3 problem that is unsolved! yes it is a pain but i hope they ‘ll find a solution quick or google chrome will take over!
    again M you are great and thanks much for your help to AE comunity!!

  41. Maltaannon

    25. Sep, 2008

    thanks for all the kind words. Funny you mention the Flash problem for FF3. I’m using it since it was released and didn’t notice any problems. Maybe a few, but very rare. Any my site works well in FF3 and Google Chrome.

  42. Bernie

    28. Sep, 2008

    I Tried to purchase this item but your Paypal wont accept my Thailand address. Seems it’s looking for a nice clean main street USA address. What Paypal is this???

  43. harry

    01. Oct, 2008

    hiya, how soon can expect the download link after purchasing your very useful plug? it’s been a few hours now and i’m worried… he he!

  44. Miki

    12. Oct, 2008

    Why you’r not creating more tutorials?

  45. ömer tatlisoz

    13. Oct, 2008

    hey maltaannon wake up!!!

  46. David

    14. Oct, 2008

    put some new tutorials!! what’s going on? we are waiting a lot for this!! now come on!

  47. Dekel

    15. Oct, 2008

    Maltaannon? R you there? please post some new vid tutorial! please!!

  48. Alan

    19. Oct, 2008

    Maybe if some of you people put your hand in your pocket once in a while and paid the tiny amount being asked for great products such as this, instead of take, take, take all the time, EXPECTING this stuff to be delivered free all the time, he might find more time to make the free tutorials. The man does need to put money on the table, you know.

    Jesus! Blatant greed…

  49. Maltaannon

    20. Oct, 2008

    Thanks Alan.

  50. Quarck

    21. Oct, 2008

    Very nice Job Maltaannon for all your products!
    Your presets help me so much in my project and in my learning about AE. Tthe prices are cool for personnal user hobby like me.
    Thanks a lot

  51. Dekel

    22. Oct, 2008

    Alan, just notice that you’r simply talking without any proves.
    I did paid and donation maltaannon, and he can check it too, and i want some back for this. at the begining the site was great but now he is not updating nothing. i this he wait until he gonna get the mony for the server+domain back and ran away to neverland or something like this.
    so if maltaannon reading it – don’t wait until someone will donate you. think about te rest that donated you in the pass.

  52. Maltaannon

    23. Oct, 2008

    Of course I do and I am thankful, but keep in mind that I’m also running a company and dealing with all sorts of crap right now, but with all do respect that’s none of your business unless I post about it in the blog section, so if I need a time off, or simply can’t find the time to do more than that.. well… that’s just the way it is.

    But… as a matter of fact I just finished recording last but one tutorial for the DVD training I’m making for you guys, and I assure you – you’ve never seen anything like it. It’s 04:36 in the morning. No other time for me to do this. I loose my time, my sleep, and my health due to that. But screw that. I do love it so I spent every moment I can spare on providing you guys with great content.

    If you’ve been watching my site for a long time like you say you did you’d know that I had major breaks like this one, but there was always a great come back after. I am thankful for your donations Dekel, but they don’t make you a saint. I am grateful for all the donations I received so far – they reassure me that I am in the right place doing the right thing, and they occasionally help with the hosting bill.

    Like I said – I love what I do and I’ll keep posting tutorials, tools and all sort of new stuff that you haven’t seen before. I’d just love to make a living out of it – that way everybody wins. I get to do what I love, you get your free content. I’m doing everything in my power towards that.

    Best regards my friends.
    Happy AfterEffecting.

  53. illd

    23. Oct, 2008

    In my nicest words I have: Please go home and never come back!

    @Maltaannon: We love you :)

  54. Dekel

    26. Oct, 2008

    Hay Malttannon. thanks for the good answer. I’ve read my comment before a moment and it’s look like i’m accuse someone, and i’m not. I’ve just wonna clear some point. again – thank you for your honest comment, and I can’t wait to your products ;)

    And… illd? I didn’t understand why?

  55. Skip

    02. Nov, 2008

    I have just recently found your site and tutorials – good job. I would like to help you and myself by getting your lightwrap preset. But first wanted to know if it will work with AE CS4. Let me know and thanks for your knowledge sharing.

  56. Maltaannon

    02. Nov, 2008

    I have at least one confirmed working copy on AE CS4. You may have problems installing due to different security settings on Adobe folders. Make sure to follow the instructions when installing. It should work fine.

  57. Skip

    03. Nov, 2008

    Thanks Maltaannon I just ordered. Let you know if there is a problem. Worst case I will use in my CS3 copy.

  58. Chris

    11. Nov, 2008

    Dude You’re amazing! I enjoy all of Your tutorials, and Im glad how much i can learn from them!. I wish You all of success with your work and helping the others. As You said in once of tutorials Youre my favorite AE teacher ^^. and im glad of your nationality becouse im from Poland too.
    Cheers : Chris

  59. jaro

    21. Nov, 2008


  60. Stevem

    13. Dec, 2008

    I”m interested in purchasing this Preset but I can’t install it with your installer.. I’m using Windows Vista, followed all of the instructions and nothing will install. I have downloaded some of your other presets from Creative Cow and manually installed and they work great. If I purchase can you deliver the preset file so all i have to do is drop it in my polygon folder?

  61. Maltaannon

    13. Dec, 2008

    Yes, I can deliver the preset file, but please note, that you should not use any information from Creative Cow since they are outdated. There is a new installer, and CustomEffects has a different format than they used to. Please go to http://maltaannon.com/what-customeffets-are/ and download the newest CE Installer.

  62. Stevem

    14. Dec, 2008

    I’ve already tried downloading the newest installer and for some reason, Vista will not allow me to write to the adobe files. When I change the properties it appears to chance but after a few minutes they are the same as before. Note I’m running Vista and not very familiear with it.

  63. Maltaannon

    14. Dec, 2008

    Well… I don’t have Vista yet, and several people have reported the same problem. They always said that they found a solution, and the solution was to set up the privileges for the entire Adobe folder and all subfolders, so thats the only thing I can recommend doing.

  64. KAP/L0

    01. Jan, 2009

    it’s great

  65. Matty

    12. Jan, 2009

    Very informative. Extremely well put together. For $20, that preset is a steal.

    Thank you very much for sharing.

  66. Arnold Pistorius

    02. Feb, 2009

    Hey Malta,

    I just Bought the Plugin to find its an .EXE, i’m on a mac
    pls tell me you have a mac version,

  67. Maltaannon

    02. Feb, 2009

    There is no EXE file in there. You must be confusing it with something else. If you don’t resolve this please contact me via the Contact page. We’ll see what’s wrong.

  68. julio

    11. Feb, 2009

    how do you install ce lightwrap please help me

  69. Gith

    08. Mar, 2009

    Hey there!

    I must say I’m totally overwhelmed and absolutely impressed by this preset. When i had a shot with complicated background and very complicated foreground character which was in many precomps of various sizes i just had applied the preset to it and it gave me absolutely lovely control and just the effect i wanted for the shot. I’m glad it’s quite fast also, cause’ i have been doing Lightwrap effect in several differend and quite more complicated ways earlier and this baby is just.. wow! Incredibly simple but absolutely powerful.

    Thanks Maltaanon!
    Best wishes! :)

  70. Twocifer

    26. Jul, 2009

    Thanks Maltaannon for what you do…can’t wait to start using this effect (it also means that I need to finally build my real green screen in my office studio).

  71. Tom Hauville

    28. Jul, 2009

    works beautifully! in fact, it gives better results than a leading Lightwrap plugin that I won’t name here…

  72. Navarro Parker

    31. Jul, 2009

    Really powerful. Far more flexible than Key Correct Light Wrap! Beautiful results!

    I got it with MILG5, but are there any instructions? Most everything is pretty intuitive, but not sure if/when/why I should use some settings.

    Your examples are using names that don’t correspond with the plug-in settings: “Wrap by pixel”, “Wrap by enviro”, “Hard Lightening”, “Soft Darkening” ?

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      31. Jul, 2009

      Yes. That’s because they describe the results, and the results were achieved by tweaking the settings. Hard light for example means that you can clearly see the light on the edges, so the lightness of the light was increased. As for Wrap by pixel or enviro there’s a checkbox for that, but please note that it only works when the BG is larger than the comp/key.

  73. Bruce

    04. Aug, 2009

    I can’t get this to work. I’ve gone through every step multiple times, exactly as shown in the video. Adding the CC Composite does not get rid of the black (yes, set to Stencil Alpha), and when I add the second CC composite (set to Add with RGB deselected), I end up with my character having a “halo” of the background layer, and the background I’d keyed out showing in the rest of the monitor. I’ve tried precomposing my video layer but no luck.

  74. bruno

    07. Aug, 2009

    great maltaannon. thanks very much for all. I want to tell you something: The celightwrap doesn’t function very well with camera out of focus. I guess that’s why the blur capabilities, but it will to much great if it’s possible do an expression to calculate like the sample pixel the bluriness of the camera and translate it to the lightwrap. A really big hug and happy birthday

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      07. Aug, 2009

      Try precomping. If that doesn’t help check out my CE PixelSampler. Theres an example like that.

      • bruno

        07. Aug, 2009

        It does go out of focus, but it does independly of the layer and note to much the border. Lost the integration. I don’t know how to explain it, i don’t know the words.. But it’s only a comment. Don’y worry.

        • Jerzy Drozda Jr

          07. Aug, 2009

          I’ll be happy to help you. contact me on Skype and we’ll work it out.

  75. Robert T

    07. Nov, 2009

    I cant get the video to play. when i click on the link it only give me an option to save or open and when i downloaded it i cant get it to play. Is the link suppose to play rightaway or this is supposed to be downloaded first and and have a certain player to play it. With other tutorials i can click and watch it rightaway but on this one i cant. any suggestions. thanks.

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      08. Nov, 2009

      Had no clue why that happened. Something was wrong after updating some of the libraries. Should be working now. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for reporting that. I would have never found that out on my own.

  76. Robert T

    11. Nov, 2009

    Thanks, i’m able to watch it now. I did not really read all the stuff in here but up to now i still use AE7 is there an issue installing the plugin or is this actually compatible with the older 7 version. Thanks.

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      11. Nov, 2009

      As it’s says by the “Buy Now” button, minimum version is CS3. Sorry.

  77. James

    22. Nov, 2009

    OK, I’m gonna buy this thing, even if I don’t use it (because I am new to AE and really not up to speed yet), But I gotta show the love for all your effort, and If your like me, you can hear a thousand compliments and one insult, and let the one insult chip at you. Please keep doing what your doing, and when you need help from the community, we are here for you, just ask.
    be well, and thank you

    • james

      23. Nov, 2009

      YES!!! I got it to work, using the optional method. Because I am new to AE, anything I can get, to make it easier for me and give me a victory, keeps me pushing ahead! Seeing my light wrap around my object with just a click of the button, and being able to have control over it is a Big Victory for me!
      Now I can move on to another challenge, cause I got a list.
      If you guys are having a challenge with this technique get this product and save yourselves the hassle of working 6.748 times harder to get something that isn’t as sweet!
      “Get back to creating, Leave the work to Maltaannon” ;o)…

  78. sagar

    01. Dec, 2009

    thankx Sir…
    for giving excellent idea for getting better output

    I do compositing in AE..and thanks for expressions tips..that make animation easy and dynamic..

    i love this light wrap technic..in my new job i m working in apple shake ..there is no special pluging for light wrap..but using ur technic i have made one script for light wrap effect..

    that makes my final output dynamic.

    thanks for all support.


  79. Tristan

    19. Jan, 2010

    Hey mate! Nice work. Quick question, you mentioned in a previous post that it works with minimum CS3, does this mean it definitely works for CS4? Cheers in advance.

  80. Vince

    18. Mar, 2010

    I love the plugin, but I will note that there is a flash that occurs using the default setting. I disabled it by disabling the default automatic color correction. It usually happened a few frames into the layer timeline.

    I have had this happen multiple times, and I am not sure why – or why the default setting is one that would allow color adjust like that.

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      18. Mar, 2010

      Send me the clip you were applying the effect too. I’ve never had that issue and you’re the first one to report it. Honestly theres nothing in it that could cause this problem that I could think off, so I’m interested to see your footage.

  81. Andrew

    08. Apr, 2010

    Hi, CS5 is being launched next week – any idea if this will work with CS5 which I believe is going to be native 64 bit?

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      08. Apr, 2010

      It is going to be 64 bit native, and since my CE’s are basically presets under the hood the answer is yes – it will work.

  82. Pete

    08. Apr, 2010

    I’m having a lot of difficulties with this plugin, it seems very unstable and it makes AE crash all the time. I love the way it looks, so I really want to make this work. Any suggestions?

  83. Andrew

    08. Apr, 2010

    Thanks, I’ll buy it now :o)

  84. rfin

    26. May, 2010

    Just installed for CS5 and it doesn’t seem to work. The following error msg. pops up: “This favorite contains 4 references to missing effects. Please install the following effects to restore these references. (“CC Composite”)

    • rfin

      28. May, 2010

      … I’m using the CS5 trial version.

  85. Mike

    30. Jun, 2010

    I’ve just installed this in CS5 on a Mac, and the preset appears in the effects panel as “missing” Does this work with CS5? Thanks

  86. simon

    27. Jul, 2010

    Hey maltaanon i love your tutes but i just bought this plugin and can’t get it to work. its installed fine. i got my greenscreen footage. used keylight to key it. then i precomposed it and put it in a new sequence but when i apply the lightwrap it just brings back all the greenscreen and puts a yellow halo effect around my subject… any tips on what im doing wrong?

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      27. Jul, 2010

      Maybe theres something wrong with the precompose. Lighwrap cannot know what was the footage like before keying if you precomposed it correctly so it’s impossible for it to bring back the green pixels. Make sure everything is fine. If you’re still running into problems write me an email. You got the address with your purchase. Thanks.

  87. haley

    29. Jul, 2010

    Getting errors all the time with CS5 and this plugin – have you tested this plug in CS5 yet? I would love for you to shed some light on this topic as it doesn’t seem to be working properly at all…. I had great success with CS3.. but CS5 is nightmare

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      30. Jul, 2010

      I am looking into this and upgrading everything to CS5. Although it is surprising that it needs updating, since this is not a plugin – just a very clever preset based on build it effects.

  88. pete

    10. Aug, 2010

    yeah i just updated cs5 and this little beauty is not working. thanks for looking into it.

  89. pete

    11. Aug, 2010

    Hey JD. I think until you get this fixed you should put a clear note on the lightwrap page that cs5 users will have to wait for an update

  90. mike

    27. Aug, 2010

    Nice work JD,
    If your updating this can you rework it to be greater then 8 bit….
    as the cc plugins for most users will be limited to 8 bit….I don’t know if theres another way around that or no…perhaps a different technique not using them

  91. Remo

    18. Sep, 2010

    Hiho, like a lot of people, I got LightWrap when I had CS4, but now it is kind of broken with CS5. Is there any timeline as to when and if you will release an updated version? I kind of need it for a project…


    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      19. Sep, 2010

      I will. When – hard to say. Hoping that very soon. Just need to get few things out of the way first. Sorry.

      • Simon

        23. Sep, 2010

        Yup, me and some work coleagues are in the same boat here. I’ll keep using CS4 until you update it because i’ve just grown so accustomed to using this effect.



  92. Bobby Parker

    20. Oct, 2010

    Any news on the CS5 support? I love your script, but I can’t use it since I upgraded to CS5. I’ll purchase it again if I can get it working for CS5.

  93. Ben Sheppee

    04. Nov, 2010

    Yep – also waiting for the CS5 update – thankyou

  94. Tom Nichols

    11. Nov, 2010

    When using Environmental Light, is resampling and keyframing HMS values the best way to handle changing hues in the backgroung? Or is automatic mode even a bigger miracle than I think it is? ;-)

  95. Dima

    18. Nov, 2010

    Doesn’t work in CS5. When will it work? Great tutorials, by the way!

  96. Dmitry

    04. Jan, 2011

    You know you have explicitly state that this thing doesn’t work with cs5 and you are not intending to support cs5. I ve paid money and I have an unusable product. Please get it together.

  97. jordan

    20. Jan, 2011

    hey there happy after affecting! I tried out the tutorial, built a preset and used it in this test! http://www.behance.net/gallery/Demo-reel-2010/644379

    also did curves, levels and a filmic look plug in to add to the realism of the effect. Lightwrap really makes a difference very happy with it. THankyou!

  98. RP

    01. Feb, 2011

    Any chance of a progress update on the CS5 version? I also have to agree that it’s pretty shocking that you haven’t amended your post to notify users that it doesn’t work in CS5, given how many times over the recent months that it’s been pointed out.

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      07. Feb, 2011

      Yeah. I know. I’ve been to damn busy to do anything on the site. Anyway – it does work in CS5 if you know how to make it work. I figured I’ll just fix it instead of explaining how to make it work. It’s just a preset in the end. Unfortunately I had no time to do the fixing. However I am working on a PixelBender version of this neat little tool, and the update should be coming shortly. Stay tuned.

  99. ffa

    21. Feb, 2011

    good mate

  100. Chris

    06. Mar, 2011

    A true genius! I would love to buy your preset, but wanted to ensure that it will work in CS5. Since Adobe rewrote a good bit of the code, I am inclined to think not.


  101. Paolo

    01. Apr, 2011

    I would love to be supportive and purchase the preset even though I made extensive written instructions for myself, but I am on CS5 and on the Mac. Please let me know if you get the chance to have the update ready. Thank you.

  102. delrazor

    21. Apr, 2011

    Could you please update us on when you might have an update for this plugin? this is sort of getting rediculous.. I understand people get busy.. but you need to just tell people that it’s over, and give up on this, if you aren’t going to actually update it.. remove it from your site, or make sure it’s BLATANT and ALL CAPS that this does not work properly in CS5..

    It doesn’t take much to do the right thing.. I understand if you don’t have time to fix this, but just make it clear in the product that this won’t be updated anymore.. otherwise you are looking very unprofessional. not trying to bash you.. just saying, this is a representation of you..

  103. Ralph

    25. May, 2011

    Malta, I love your tutorials!
    But right now I’m angry.
    I just bought the preset without reading the comments thinking it works with CS5.
    Nice surprise!
    Malta, you should have really stated it somewhere that it’s not working with CS5.
    It’s May already and no news since February so far.
    Not amusing.

  104. Merrill Hennings

    01. Aug, 2011


  105. stephen

    28. Aug, 2011

    Same problem here. Got CS5 and no dice :(

    I’ll do the manual method for the shots now, but would be great if this could be updated so I could use what I’ve just bought :-)

  106. Mark Shingleton

    05. Sep, 2011

    Hey Maltaannon,

    very nearly clicked the Buy Now button until I decided to read through some of the comments. Looks like this very cool preset doesn’t work with CS5 .. and so I’m picking it wont work with 5.5 either.

    Let me know when you have an update out as I will happily purchase it then!

    In the meantime you might want to pop a little notice up into the main blog post .. something in big red letters about it not being available for CS5 just at the moment.

    All the best and I look forward to an update coming out sometime.



  107. Emmanuel Mozu

    14. Oct, 2011

    I want to purchase this product but you only support Paypal -__-

  108. Nic Yeeles

    08. Nov, 2011

    Hey Jerzy,

    I just bought Lightwrap and discovered that after effects says it’s missing. I then came across all of the responses here about CS5 and 5.5. Is there a fix or work around yet? Working on a massive green screen project which needs to be finished this week, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  109. Nic

    29. Nov, 2011

    For some reason I get strange colour glitches when using this tool. On every few frames the image will suddenly go darker green or something. Any idea why this is and how to get around it?

  110. Kyle

    17. Jan, 2012

    Okay… CS5 has been out for about a year and a half now and this still isn’t updated to support it?? Your losing out on a lot of customers…

  111. bubba

    18. Feb, 2012

    hes gone,

    no CS 5 support

  112. J.

    21. Apr, 2012

    Argh.. just paid for this, just to discover the installer doesn’t work on CS5.5. Anyone figured out how to install it manually?

  113. Matt

    18. Jul, 2012

    Not only doesn’t it work with CS 5.5 quite right (though it DOES seem to work to an extent), this thread has a TON of spam on it. Maltaanon, time to clean up this here town!

  114. Mal

    22. Oct, 2012

    For anyone wondering, it works perfectly fine in CS6 on Mac. Great job!

  115. greg

    26. Oct, 2012

    works a treat! great tutorial! who is the hot chick?

  116. Jazzzz

    16. May, 2013

    Can you please accept bitcoin for this effect. Thanks