CE ShapeExtruder

CE ShapeExtruder

Posted on 26. Sep, 2007 by in After Effects

Extrude any vector based layer to give it a real 3D look inside After Effects. No more duplicating layers, no more expensive 3D software.

I did it! I did it again! I solve the biggest mystery in history of After Effects. With my new CustomEffect called ShapeExtruder you can take any vector based layer (known as Shape Layers) and extrude it to give it a cool 3D look.

Great thing about this CustomEffect is that the extruded Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags layer still behaves and reacts like any other 3D layer so you keep total control over it’s appearance, animation and other things. It casts shadows, you can parent it to a null, and do all that good stuff.

Above all other features… it consists only of one layer. I’m pretty proud of this one. Not only it can be textured, but it can also reflect the world around it. And because it still is a Shape Layer you can apply any Shape Layer modifiers (like Offset Paths, or Round Corners) to create a custom look.

This tutorial turned out to be pretty long, because there are so many things to cover in it, and there are still some things that I didn’t mention in the tutorial itself, so make sure to download the project file and take a closer look on how things are build and put together.

I hope this will turn out useful for all of you. I can’t argue that the best results comes from external 3D applications, but I think that most of the time you’ll be able to get away with my CustomEffect. It has all the benefits of the old techniques of extruding in After Effects, none of theirs flaws, and there are some extra features so make sure to check it out.

For installation instructions go to What CustomEffects are page.

Download: Tutorial project file (After Effects CS3)

Download: CE ShapeExtruder (After Effects CS3)

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255 Responses to “CE ShapeExtruder”

  1. Mr T

    26. Sep, 2007

    This is again a freaking good tutorial. I need to get Cs3 Fast.
    Your a genious!
    Take some pills for your schizophrenia!
    But i gess its not that bad, having george, espacialy when he’s better in AE, than yourself. :)

  2. Massimiliano

    27. Sep, 2007

    I’ve been waiting for something like this for soooo long time!!!
    Many thanks for your great work!

  3. Umair

    27. Sep, 2007

    Nice buddy….!!!

    i really like this….
    U r Great Buddy….

    an request is here kindly put some premiere tutorials and set extensions effects is after effect…

    see u soon buddyy…

  4. Umair

    27. Sep, 2007

    hey buddy can u share us ur work i means ur commercials i just want to see that and then i will be able to understand this one more…

  5. ninguem

    27. Sep, 2007

    Hi there mate!
    First off I really appreciate those things you´re doing with the CEs and the lovelly expressions…I guess you´re a bit of a genius on those issues and it helps clearing my mind a lot.
    And I thank you for sharing them.
    One thing only: I used the extrude on a shape and it worked fine but when the camera orbited around to its side (like exactly parallel to the shape) the shape becomes unextruded again. Did it happen to you? Is anything I did wrong? Is my PC possessed evil unestruding forces? Well…
    Thanxxx again and I´ll be waitin´ for your reply and your next tutorial.
    Say hi to george to.

  6. Ahmed

    27. Sep, 2007

    Honestly, You definitely deserve to join the creative team of Adobe After Effects…

  7. Andrew Kramer

    28. Sep, 2007

    Buy this guy a Beer!

    Nice Job as always.

  8. Nicolas Massart

    28. Sep, 2007

    Nice tutorial ! Great work ! I’ve got to update to CS3 now !

    I knew Video Copilot but not yours ! Happy discovery !

    Keep going !

  9. vucheria

    28. Sep, 2007

    Veeeery nice!

    You deserve a medal..and I’m not joking!
    I watch also Andrew’s and Aahron’s tutorials..and I must say that all of you deserve a prize for sharing your knowlege and helping for free alot of people.

    By the way..how do you become such an expressions expert in AE?
    Can u recomend me some books or other stuff?

  10. Franky

    28. Sep, 2007

    You should get money,respect and finally a lot of sleep for that.
    George is much faster than you, take care of him :)

  11. Maltaannon

    28. Sep, 2007

    Hey guys! Thanks a lot for the kind words. I’m constantly waiting for some interesting tutorial suggestions, and for some donations if you’d be so kind to click on the button right below the search area.
    I have a long list of tutorials to come so be patient. If my plan doesn’t change the next one is going to be less technical and more visual, showing you how to create some great titles.
    Theres also another CustomEffect coming soon to speed up your work and to make more things possible to do in AfterEffects.

    Thanks again!
    Cheers & happy AfterEffecting!

    • Brian

      14. Nov, 2010

      How does this work with logos?

  12. Craig T

    29. Sep, 2007

    Really cool Malt, keep it up ;)

  13. Aretha DC

    29. Sep, 2007

    I think you are sooo freakin AWESOME! I saw the others tuts and they just dont do it for me after seeing yours. Thank you so much. you truly are a creative genius!

  14. Eran Stern

    30. Sep, 2007

    Very nice technique, although 42 minutes tutorial, is a bit too long for my taste.

  15. Maltaannon

    30. Sep, 2007

    Yeah… I know. This is what a guy named Antony Buonomo wrote on CreativeCow forums:
    “Erm… your tutes are great but I’ve learnt to watch them when I’m not in a hurry!”
    and this is what I wrote him back:
    “well, since I’m not very fluent in english it’s sometimes hard for me to speak my mind, not to mention making a joke… and I like making jokes… so it’s that much harder for me to record a tutorial than it is to other native english speakers

    besides, my tutorials are mostly technical, and they do not explain how to create certain visual effects. instead i try to focus on solving problems, and finding better, faster, and more flexible ways of doing things.

    therefore i have all kinds of people watching my tutorials: starting from the newbies and ending on the full time professionals. that makes it hard to find the balance between going into detail on every click and skipping the obvious stuff to cut the length of the tutorial”

    But I do have a plan how to cut the length of my tutorials, and I’ll try to try it out recording the next one, so stay tuned.
    Some great tutes are coming your way soon.

    Anyway… I think that this tutorial was worth it, if you consider spending a lot of money on Zaxwerks plugin or such in comparison to spending 42 minutes watching this tutorial, right?


  16. sammiep

    30. Sep, 2007

    Youu are Great !! Whieee Hoeee make more Tutorials !!


  17. Tim Clapham

    01. Oct, 2007

    This looks very useful. Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us mortals.


  18. Jacob

    01. Oct, 2007

    Wow this is really awesome! I am having problems using it though.. I put it on my text and it says “missing:” before the plugin name, but I have it installed and I’m using CS3.. Any idea why?

  19. Massimiliano

    01. Oct, 2007

    “when the camera orbited around to its side (like exactly parallel to the shape) the shape becomes unextruded again”

    The same happens to me :(

    How can we use this with illustrator files? Thanks :)

  20. Dave DuBois

    01. Oct, 2007

    Great tutorial… as always! Keep it up.
    Mr. Kramer – If I’m ever in his neck of the woods I’ll buy him a beer!

  21. Maltaannon

    01. Oct, 2007

    Camera orbiting is an issue with AE, not the preset itself. There is no way to solve it at this moment. But I’m constantly thinking about it.

    As for Illustrator files… there’s an issue with Shape Layers. They don’t really work the way they should when using it with Illustrator. I’m working on some script to make it work like it should. But hopefully AE developers will answer my email some day and we’ll do some fixes together.

    If someone has troubles installing the preset on PC or Mac, make sure to check out the “What CustomEffects are” page that can be find in the menu on the right hand side of the site. And if for some reason you don’t get it installed, don’t worry. Even if it says “Missing” it will still work. Clever, huh?

    Cheers mates!

  22. bisi

    01. Oct, 2007

    hello – thanks for this great 3d tutorial – i have one question maybe dumb , how create outlines from object imported from illustrator ? thanks

  23. Maltaannon

    01. Oct, 2007

    like I’ve explained before… it’s not that easy. paths just don’t behave like they should when being copied from Illustrator to AE. I’m working on it.

  24. bisi

    02. Oct, 2007

    maybe with puppet tool ?


    02. Oct, 2007

    First I would like to thank you for providing these helpful tools and information. Second I would like to express my concern with the render times involved with the CE Shape Extruder. It is taking far too long to render for me to consider using this Effect Preset. Thanks

  26. asdf

    02. Oct, 2007

    what is the point of having a tutorial for your plugins if you can’t download the mac version? ???

  27. Maltaannon

    02. Oct, 2007

    There is a Mac version. There are instructions on how to install any CustomEffect on Mac on the page called “What CustomEffects are”.
    As for render times… well… it depends on your machine, like everything. Besides you can always turn the extrusion off while you’re animating, and then turn it on on the final render just like you’d do with proxies.

  28. Roggy

    18. Oct, 2007

    really funny tut! please, maltaannon, do your future tutorial movies always in the early morning – without any sleep. and please do not prepare, never, its really funny to hear you improvise… foget casper or what was his name. you gave me some real unexpected laughters, loud! go on that way – i like it!!
    by the way your 3d-extruding thing is as bright as we are used from your tuts – go on genius!!!

  29. Maltaannon

    18. Oct, 2007

    Thats a promise. Next tutorial will be totally live. No editing. Prepare for a loooong one.

  30. nonsm0ker

    19. Oct, 2007

    I’m sorry, but there is NO *.xml file in the package(windows). What should I do? Please help, I just can’t wait to try this magic!:)

  31. nonsm0ker

    20. Oct, 2007

    dumb peace of ass I am:) I’ve found the files.
    Guys, It is very exciting technique, But really, how to get outlines for eps files?

  32. Maltaannon

    20. Oct, 2007

    you need to open the eps file in Illustrator and copy&paste each path to the shape layer

  33. Rick

    22. Oct, 2007

    Awesome! Only I can’t find the after effects presets xml file to paste your xml file into for the mac. Please help!

  34. Maltaannon

    22. Oct, 2007

    It’s in the zip file. If you’re on PC that I recommend using my installer. More details here: http://maltaannon.com/what-customeffects-are/

  35. Rick

    22. Oct, 2007

    Nevermind, I found your What CustomEffects Are. Thanks!

  36. CR Chis

    25. Oct, 2007

    Very good tutorials. just one question. I try to make a reflection on the “floor” with the 3d text made with the ShapeExtruder. How to make that, with a 2d layer is simple but I try to do the same process wiyh the 3d shape layer and something is wrong.
    I´m a begginer user of After Effects.

  37. Frank Wei

    07. Nov, 2007

    Thanks for shareing your knowledge. But I still met a problem when trying the custom effect out:
    undefined value used in expression. Could be an out of range array subscript?

    Error occured at line 0.
    Comp: ‘Awesome3D’
    Layer: 5(‘Awesome3D Outlines’)
    Property: Reference Point

    The error window always popup when I try to add the 3dshapeextruder onto the outline layer(or just open your sample project file).
    Do you have any idea about what may cause the problem? I use AE CS3 and successfully install the .polyce file with pscei.
    Thank you for everything again!

  38. Maltaannon

    07. Nov, 2007

    Strange… I remember that I saw that error once, but I can’t remember what was causing it. What language version of AE are you using?

  39. Frank Wei

    12. Nov, 2007

    English version. Could it caused by system compability?

  40. Maltaannon

    12. Nov, 2007

    I don’t think so, but its hard for me to guess whats wrong. When I open my file than it works. Do you have a Professional version of After Effects?

  41. Frank Wei

    14. Nov, 2007

    Yes. AE CS3 pro Yesterday I installed AE in Vista and the same thing happened again(I once use winxp).

  42. Frank Wei

    14. Nov, 2007

    BTW what version do you use? I wonder if this custom effect works on lower version, cs2 for example?

  43. Maltaannon

    14. Nov, 2007

    It only works on CS3 as explained in the tutorial.

  44. Pawel

    27. Nov, 2007

    Spoko preset! Bardzo przydatny!
    I’ve always been using Zaxwerk’s Invigorator – even for simle title sequences but your stuff will definitely come in handy and it’ll cut down on the time I spend on my 3d titles.
    Thank you

  45. Maltaannon

    27. Nov, 2007

    Cała przyjemność po mojej stronie!
    Thanks dude!

  46. Thomas

    29. Nov, 2007


    just one question.
    did i something wrong with the installation of CeSe, because if Text or Shapes are turned 90 degrees toward camera, they become Flat.
    Same things happen if i download your project.

    So if i crate a orbiting camera around the Text i have not fully 3D. Is this a limitation?

    Otherwise this is Awesome anyays!

    Keep up!

  47. Maltaannon

    30. Nov, 2007

    It is a limitation. And it has been answered in the comments several times. And lets be honest… how often do you need to orbit 90deg’s? Whats interesting in the side of the text? I’ll tell you this… I’ve build this for myself and I’m using it all the time, and I’m not missing text sides one bit.

    I hope you will find it useful anyway.

  48. Thomas

    30. Nov, 2007


    i’m very sorry. i did not red the whole thread. thats ok for me, i just wanted to be shure.
    i’m just missing it because i have arranged a typo like a building and the camera simulates a helicopter flying around it. thats why. but don’t worry about it. i,m happy with it.

    i really hope that you’ll get part of the adobe team one day and make this software even better.

    Thank you J.D.

  49. Maltaannon

    30. Nov, 2007

    Hm…. JD… I like the sound of that.

  50. Joe

    30. Nov, 2007

    For those who can’t past proper paths into shape layers, you can paste paths from Illustrator by starting a path with the pen tool on a shape layer and then immediately pasting the path in. For some reason, just pasting a path into an empty path in a shape layer doesn’t work.

  51. Thomas

    01. Dec, 2007

    yeh, the AE J(e)D(i) you are my son…
    and “George” (Lucas:)

    btw. thanks Joe for that path accomplshment.

  52. aztecmonkey

    03. Dec, 2007

    I came across this jsx script on redefinery.com that converts masks to shape objects: http://www.redefinery.com/ae/view.php?item=rd_MasksToShapes

    So first, place the jsx file in the scripts folder, then
    * Open Illustrator
    * Select the shape you want, and copy it
    * Create a solid layer in AE
    * Paste, and the layer is given a multitude of masks
    * Make sure your solid layer is selected
    * Go to File->Scripts->rd_MasksToShapes.jsx
    * Voils!

  53. Maltaannon

    03. Dec, 2007

    Hey! Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out for sure. I was planning to make my own script, but since someone already have I’ll surely give it a try. Thanks again.

  54. ChillOutMalt

    04. Dec, 2007

    Malt, you have some great tutorials and killer presets but for fuck’s sake man, get over yourself. You clearly love the sound of your own voice WAY too much. Get to the fucking point! You manage to make a 2min tutorial last half an hour. Who pays for your bandwidth anyway?

  55. DuctTape

    04. Dec, 2007

    Yo Boss, appreciate your help. But it’d help a lot more if you could duct tape your trap and speed up the tutes :)

  56. Maltaannon

    04. Dec, 2007

    Yeah yeah… I know I know. This was a hard one like I believe I’ve explained in the tutorial. I was recording this for several days. It is what it is. Take it or leave it. Newer ones are shorter. Besides, I have a cool idea on how to make the tutorials shorter. I’ll try in out with next one. Cheers

  57. BlazingBeam

    05. Dec, 2007

    Hey Maltaannon,

    This is an awesome tutorial! One question though, (I’m probably just missing something simple) is there any easy way to change the text and the extrusion to different words because when I change the source text, the extrusion is still the old word. ex. Awesome 3D to Ucoeadlkfje Idfsaw (the source text is Ucoeadlkfje Idfsaw, but the extrusion is still Awesome 3D. I am a complete noob so any help would um… help.

    Thanks :)

  58. Maltaannon

    05. Dec, 2007

    See… it doesn’t work that way. Then you change the source text it does not change the extrusion, because extrusion is not a text layer anymore. It’s a shape layer. So if you want to change the text you have to create a new shape layer.

  59. Israel

    05. Dec, 2007

    Hi, I really can’t get this working on a shape. Pretty confused about why. Can’t create outlines from a jpeg – do I have to go through illustrator first? A quick step by step for that would be GREAT.

  60. Maltaannon

    05. Dec, 2007

    The idea is Vector Graphics, so you need to have paths. I found that many question has been asked about this CustomEffect. As a response to that I’m planning a case study on using CE ShapeExtruder. If I’m lucky maybe I’ll get to record it tonight. Be patient. It’s coming. Soon.

  61. BlazingBeam

    06. Dec, 2007

    Oh, I was just wondering if there was an easier way than having to apply all the effects onto the new outline again. Copying and Pasting didn’t seem to work very well. Again, I am a beginner and am probably just missing something. Also, could you recommend any beginner tutorials that are not too easy (like telling me how to make a new solid by going to Layer>New…) and cover the most important parts of After Effects?

  62. Maltaannon

    06. Dec, 2007

    Sure. You may try my friends tutorials – Aharon Rabinowitz podcast at CreativeCow.net, and Andrew Kramer’s tutorials at VideoCopilot.net.

  63. BlazingBeam

    07. Dec, 2007

    Thanks man! You’re awesome!

  64. AE_wannabe

    08. Dec, 2007

    Malt, gotta personally thank you for all your time, help and effort. Good going man and hoping for more tutes in future.

  65. Jimmy

    12. Dec, 2007

    I’m just loving this tutorial.. RESPECT! And again, 42 minutes.. Don’t mind about that.. Even if they took more than 1 hour I’ld still be extremely happy. Learning these new techniques completely free of charge! We have no right to complain.. Looking forward to giving it a real try! Andrew and Aharon, watch out.. a new star ‘Maltaannon’ seems to be born!

  66. aztecmonkey

    12. Dec, 2007

    You know, the problem of viewing the 3dShapeExtruder object at a 90 deg angle can be solved by ramping up the depth as the camera approaches the 90° mark. I’m sure that there is a way to do it mathematically through expressions, calculating the angle created by the the camera position, its point of interest and the x axis of the 3dSE object, but that would require re-learning geometry and I don’t have the time right now.

    In any case, I think this tutorial is extremely helpful and I am in the process of utilizing it in a campaign of TV spots to run in the spring.

    Thank you, maltaannon!

  67. Neokidd

    15. Dec, 2007

    thanks alot for sharing this

  68. posix

    15. Dec, 2007

    as much as i agree with everyone about how awesome this solution is, how clever and interesting maltannon’s solutions are, as happy as i am that this thing is free …
    … for the love of god, don’t ever stay up until 5am again recording a tutorial. looking up how to spell “awesome” ?! err …
    please put more efforts into organising yourself and your tutorials. it’s the only thing aharon has that you don’t have.
    now if that isn’t a proper motivation ;)

    when i first watched this, i stopped, downloaded the video, made into an avs to frameserve it so i could seek and skip through it.
    effectively, this could’ve been 8-10mins long.

    don’t get me wrong, i don’t want to complain or bitch, i mean we all know you’re awesome, but consider not making it that painful to watch things …

  69. sheathe

    20. Dec, 2007

    Hi Jerzy – I tried downloading your CE ShapExtruder from the link at the top of this page but I keep getting redirected to this page without it downloading… can you please double-check the link? (or let me know if I’m going blind?)

  70. sheathe

    20. Dec, 2007

    Hi again – False alarm… I’m not sure what happened but reloading the page seemed to fix the issue with the link.
    Thanks for all your work!

  71. costa

    20. Dec, 2007

    hy,and thanks for all your shares.
    it seems that the download is not working, the link is this same page.

  72. vijayakumar

    26. Dec, 2007

    nice guid send me more details pls

  73. groundloop

    27. Dec, 2007

    First of all great work. Looks fantastic. Install of preset went smooth (2 easy steps) but then ae give me a “absent” message in front of the fx name in the fx palette, and altough i followed the tutorial steps i get no extrusion… ? and what about the CEShapeExtruder.polyCE found in package should it go into the plugin folder or ???
    tx much

  74. Maltaannon

    27. Dec, 2007

    Hm… Sorry, but I dont really know what you’re talking about… that “absent” message thing. And polyCE doesn’t need to be in the folder.

  75. groundloop

    27. Dec, 2007

    Tx found the solution on a french forum. Apparently, the absent label appears if the preset doesn’t belong to a preset catgory ‘like Backgrounds behavoirs etc… I will keep exploring your tutorials. Keep on the good work and tx.

  76. sheathe

    28. Dec, 2007

    I really appreciate your efforts and sharing your work and presets. I was just wondering whether you might reconsider about encrypting your expressions since it kind of defeats the purpose of trying to allow people to learn. Thanks again!

  77. Andreas

    30. Dec, 2007

    Your Video-Tutorial are so helpful for me. Just said thx via PayPal!

  78. Vivek

    08. Jan, 2008

    This is excellent! However, where can I download the 3D Camera effects file for installation from?

  79. Maltaannon

    08. Jan, 2008

    Dude! Please! You got this far – I mean to the comment area, and you didn’t even take time to check what’s right on this site. If you’re reading this scroll all the way up to the top of the page where it says “Download: CE_ShapeExtruder (After Effects CS3)”. And please don’t spam the same question in other posts.

  80. Vivek

    16. Jan, 2008

    Thanks but what I had enquired was your “3D camera Lighting” effect, which is not included in your downloadable zip file…

  81. Maltaannon

    16. Jan, 2008


  82. hoka

    20. Jan, 2008

    we need polygon studio where we can find it please

  83. Maltaannon

    20. Jan, 2008

    What do you mean? If you need to contact me directly use the contact form on the right hand side in the menu.

  84. maxjix

    21. Jan, 2008

    Thanks for shareing your knowledge. But I still met a problem when trying the custom effect out:
    undefined value used in expression. Could be an out of range array subscript?

    Error occured at line 0.
    Comp: ‘Awesome3D’
    Layer: 5(’Awesome3D Outlines’)
    Property: Reference Point

    The error window always popup when I try to add the 3dshapeextruder onto the outline layer(or just open your sample project file).
    Do you have any idea about what may cause the problem? I use AE CS3 and successfully install the .polyce file with pscei.
    Thank you for everything again!

  85. maxjix

    21. Jan, 2008

    my cs3 folder D:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS3\Support Files\Presets\ceshapeextruder
    and and i installed .xml by pscei.exe but error

  86. Maltaannon

    21. Jan, 2008

    Sorry my friend. I’ve noticed some other people experiencing the same error, but I was unable to determine what is wrong. I’ve tried different machines, different systems and different AE installations… all worked fine. Maybe you should try a manual installation?

  87. Moi,Carole

    23. Jan, 2008

    Hi, there,

    the error caused in AE CS3 might be due to the version of Windows XP that you installed, coz i tried installing ur custom effet in English version and Chinese veresion of XP, it ends up with one result that only English versino XP can make custom effect fully functional in both Chinese or English texts

    Again, thanks for this preset, i think its great.

  88. Martin

    23. Jan, 2008

    I also have the same error message but i had fix that in my machine… I am a user in HK, and I have change the “language for non-unicode program” from chinese to US in the regional and language option and now works!!!

    Time to check out the cool stuff..

  89. Davib

    11. Feb, 2008

    Maltaannon you are the best. i really love your tutorials, length, style, info, eveerything. keep up the great stuff. thanks alot!

  90. oleg

    19. Feb, 2008

    Very,Veeeery nice.

  91. vinoth

    06. Mar, 2008

    Thanks, very nice.

  92. Tracy

    07. Mar, 2008

    I laughed my ass off about the macaroni and cheese. With the stuff you are giving away, you can tell us how long it took for it to pass through your intestines, too!

  93. W

    15. Mar, 2008

    Love the shape extruder and cant complain about it. However i cant seem to get it to work on shapes. I know this problem has come up before with others. Im just learning AE, i came from Avid and i learned everything I know from your tutorials. So please be forgiving when i ask the question: How can i create outlines on a shape? Text works fine, but when i go to create outlines with the shape it is blacked out.
    Anyhow, thanks a million for all the tutorials and once i start making money off of this, i will definatly make a donation (all of this software…im broke!:D) Please keep the tutorials coming!!!! Once i reach the drinking age, i’ll buy you a beer.

  94. Roger

    24. Mar, 2008

    Thanks, really! I like the personality that shines through. Like some have said before – no complaints when it is free!

  95. Will Devine

    04. Apr, 2008

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your Tutorials. It’s people like you and Andrew Cramer that make the Multimedia community Strong.

    I don’t know if you sorted out the problem you were having with the extrude disapearing when the camera is paralel with the layers. I presume this is because the layers are all flat. I was thinking though this may be solved by adding two more layers into the middle of the extrude at angles, one at 45 degrees on the x axis one at 45 degrees on the y axis, but stretch them to the width of the originals and then colour overlay them the same as the extrude.

    Anyway great job.

  96. Maltaannon

    04. Apr, 2008

    That would be one way of doing it, but it also defeats the purpose of the 3DShapeExtruder on its own – which always was making 3D layers from a single layer.

  97. hermanator

    04. Apr, 2008

    Maybe I’m dumb, but I cannot locate the javascript file js_MaskstoShapes.jsx anywhere?
    Clues please!!

  98. Maltaannon

    04. Apr, 2008

  99. hermanator

    04. Apr, 2008

    I am dumb!!!
    Thank You for the reality check.

  100. Antonyb

    01. May, 2008

    Hey Maltaannon, thanks for the cool toys and tutes. I’m playing with the 3Dextruder at the moment – is there a way to use a bitmap or another layer as the front face?

  101. Maltaannon

    01. May, 2008

    Sure. Check this tutorial out and read the post: http://maltaannon.com/after-effects/studying-ce-shapeextruder/

  102. daniel

    05. May, 2008

    This is so sweet :)

  103. Kion'go

    11. May, 2008

    Is there a script for AE7

  104. Maltaannon

    11. May, 2008

    No. As explained ShapeExtruder works with Shape Layers that are not available for AE7

  105. apolllo

    04. Jun, 2008

    hi. good.我下载下来了,可用的时候老是出错,不知道为什么?需要什么特别的插件吗?

  106. Maltaannon

    04. Jun, 2008

    这一工程不仅在cs3 。您需要下载安装的应用。这里是指示http://maltaannon.com/what-customeffects-are/

  107. Joey

    14. Jun, 2008

    Awesome tutorial!

  108. frankie

    19. Jun, 2008

    hi everyone > the extruder is really awesome but i have a probleme to solve.i have installed the ce shape extruder usigng the pscei.exe ( draggin in to the icon) > i find the shape extruder in a folder named “polygonstudio” into the preset of AECs3.i try to download the tutorial ( project) and it works changing the parameters but if i try to cancel the effect the Ae tell me about an error .. like no effect called ce shape extruder find .if i put a new text and drag the the ce shape extruder and change the parameter i dont see it working (no 3d) > nothing happens

    OOPs > what i have to do ??

  109. frankie

    19. Jun, 2008

    ok > i try to cancel the folder named polygon studio into the preset folder of AECs3 i open the tutorial project > i dont see the folder named “polyton studio” and obviously the ce shape extruder but the 3d text changing parameter work the same (!?) > and like before cancelling the polygon folder when i try to cancel the effect in the layer Ae tell me that no effect is find and errors on properties like scale , rotations ecc (all the properties of the effect)

  110. frankie

    19. Jun, 2008

    i read trough the forum > it seams that .. is it a problem of the language in whic is installed windows xp for me too?!

  111. Jared Wineera

    20. Jun, 2008

    Love your work … be prepared for a billion hits since Andrew Kramer mentioned this in his blog:) I’d love to donate but I’m a broke student with dust in my pockets …



  112. Danny

    29. Jun, 2008

    ***undefined value used in expression. Could be an out of range array subscript?

    Error occured at line 0.
    Comp: ‘Awesome3D’
    Layer: 5(’Awesome3D Outlines’)
    Property: Reference Point***

    I get this error too, however, if you hit “U” and open up all expressions and edit out the Disclaimer bits and pieces, eg. http://www.maltannon.com and things. It works.

    Is there a way that I can edit the script so that the disclaimer remains off?

    thanks a lot for this.

  113. Maltaannon

    29. Jun, 2008

    Hm…. Now that is odd.

  114. priscilla

    02. Jul, 2008

    I have a question the logo example shows one object being extruded but what if i chose to reuse this lug in many times in one comp… like let’s say 10+, 20+ even 30+ how would this affect the refresh/preview rate in AE? Would it chug too much? or at all? would it crash? I’m basically trying to see if I can extrude various rectangles/squares into buildings and fly through them in my comp with a 3d cam… i don’t know how well it would work, i have ae7 for now and was going to upgrade to cs3 because of this plug in… but i’d like to know if anyone has had any experience in using this plug in the way i’d like to.


  115. AndrewE

    07. Jul, 2008

    Has anyone got this working for the Macintosh?

    I’m having a rather difficult time trying to find the .xml file to paste into.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for your time!

  116. Maverick

    08. Jul, 2008

    Do you have a version of this for Mac? thank you.

  117. JC

    20. Jul, 2008

    I download the only version provide and installed in my Mac, however, only see the preset but don’t have any effect !
    Please help !!

  118. Maltaannon

    20. Jul, 2008

    It is a preset. Please read the informations provided on the website. Read the article, read the comments, read What CustomEffects are page – http://maltaannon.com/what-customeffects-are/

  119. JC

    21. Jul, 2008

    I read the install instruction already before the installation, I ‘ve found that problem so post here

  120. zhaocge

    26. Jul, 2008

    YES!I LIKE IT!!I come from china.I use AE CS3,Download your presets,In accordance with the above tips to install CUSTOMEFFECTS,Always unsuccessful….

    CS3 Tips:”Undefined value used in expression.Could be an rang array subscript? Expression disabled.”

    Oh~~My God!!Help me plzzzzzzz~~

    Sorry,My poor English….谢谢您了,帮一下我吧.

    And LINK:http://maltaannon.com/what-customeffects-are/#comment-2662

  121. Johno

    28. Jul, 2008

    thank you so much for this! i’ve been going crazy trying to find a way to do this effectively while not being able to afford to buy a plugin. i honestly appreciate all the work you do and what you are doing for the community.
    and i didn’t read all the comments but i did see a few were people on osx. i’m using a 2008 mac pro and the extruder worked great on my machine.

  122. zhouzhi

    29. Jul, 2008

    who can tell ma how to change the “language for non-unicode program” from chinese to US in the regional and language

  123. CristalCube

    05. Aug, 2008


    Thanks for this tutorial George, i mean… Mr. Maltaannon, can i call you George??
    Anyway great tutorial, keep it going!!


  124. Maltaannon

    05. Aug, 2008

    George is my evil alter ego, my evil twin. But sure. If you want to deal with George instead of with me – you can call me George. I’m glad you liked the tutorial.

  125. Pwnzoid

    06. Aug, 2008

    How do I put the files from the links into the after effects. I put them into the plug-ins folder, but it’s not considered a plug-in >.<

    I hate beeing a noob.

  126. Umer

    07. Aug, 2008

    great work maltaannon. i just have one question . is there a way we can extrude along a path. for example if we want to show an extruded star trail so very popular in vector graphics these days.

    i will hugely hugely appreciate if you can provide with some solution. keep up the good work. bye.

  127. Maltaannon

    07. Aug, 2008

    you can do that with ShapeExtruder, but you cant define your own path, but you can band the extrusion. I showed how to do that in the tutorial.

  128. Pwnzoid

    07. Aug, 2008

    Ehh, How exactly do you get it to work >.<

  129. Yrom

    09. Aug, 2008

    This sounds REALLY GOOD, I just don’t know how to get it to work with After Effects, there is no plug-in file for after effects…

  130. Sérgio - from Brazil

    23. Aug, 2008

    Hello Maltaannon, U rock. I have the same problem that “Pwnzoid” had. I just don´t get how can I to put de shapeexturder on EA CS3.

    Thanxxxx !!!

  131. Paul Yost

    25. Aug, 2008

    Oh my God!
    Maltaannon – thank you for your work. Holy smokes. This plugin is Awesome3D!

    Note: installing on Mac Leopard,
    1) Save download link as… and put it in your Applications/AfterEffectsCE folder
    ….it wants to rename it to .dmg Choose use both (filename.polyCE.dmg)
    2) Then rename the file to just .polyCE. Get rid of the .dmg extension
    3) Have the Custom Effects Installer open
    4) Drag the .polyCE file into the box on the Installer. Click install.

    Fantastic. Thanks again.
    Paul Yost

  132. thais

    08. Sep, 2008

    Hi maltaannon…I try to instal this program clicking on “Download: ceShapeExtruder.polyCE (CS3 CustomEffect)” but open a window with scripts of error…whats going on??

  133. Maltaannon

    08. Sep, 2008

    maybe you should try to right-click and save?

  134. Tommy

    11. Sep, 2008

    Im having the same problem as thais, i tried right clicking and saving the file however it says it can only be saved as a .dms and it needs to be .polyce please help so that i don’t have to open cinema 4d and do it through that, this is so much easier.
    Thanks for everything

  135. Maltaannon

    11. Sep, 2008

    Just download it as dms and rename. I don’t know what it’s doing that for you. Probably a Mac / Opera thing. Try Firefox or just download it in whatever format it will allow you to download and rename. I’ll work this out later on.

  136. mihak

    16. Sep, 2008


    Any idea why i dont get that “30 layers” effect when i look at the repeated layers? My extrusion simply goes flat no matter how much depth i apply. Also it looks pretty unrealistic when i change camera angles. From the side it looks a lot thiner than looking from almost straight up. Normal or am i doing something wrong?


  137. mihak

    16. Sep, 2008

    An addition to my previous post:
    The illusion of depth is also affected by how far the camera is.

  138. daevid

    29. Sep, 2008

    Mihak needs to read the rest of this thread, as I wish I had done before thinking this had solved all my problems. Arrgh! Still, it’s a beautiful expression, just can’t use it as the quick and easy fix to my current problem. Damn. Have to go back to 3D studio for this one.

    Thanks, though. Awsome effect.

  139. SmaL

    11. Oct, 2008

    Hi all, thx for your extruder plugin, I had a great time using it.I´ve also came to post because y want to share what I did with it.

    I know that maybe it could have better image quality but you know how web 2.0 streaming works…anyway, the links:


    And again. Thx a lot!

  140. Francesca Casiraghi

    16. Oct, 2008

    Hi, great tutorial!
    i have a question: once i write a text and i apply the ShapeExtruder plugin (and cretate outlines, as shown in the tutorial) is it possible to edit/change it?
    thank you very much!

  141. Maltaannon

    16. Oct, 2008

    Unfortunately no. Outlines are a separate vector object that has nothing to do with the original text layer other than that it looks the same. Thats one of the two downsides to this technique. The other one is that the extrusion gets flat at extreme angles. Anyways I found it very useful and that’s why I published it.

  142. Justin

    24. Oct, 2008

    Hi, I was just wondering if anybody has had any trouble downloading the actual file. When I click the link I just get a bunch of code or something. I’ve done everything I was supposed to do as downloading Air and changing permissions and all. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  143. Justin

    24. Oct, 2008

    I was able to download it in Firefox. Thanks!

  144. dex

    08. Nov, 2008

    unable to install under vista, maybe it’s better to put the source file of the preset for download. AIR doesn’t work that well

  145. Maltaannon

    08. Nov, 2008

    It does. Forgive me for saying that but you must be doing something wrong.

  146. dex

    11. Nov, 2008

    the AIR doesn’t come across the privileges on vista, despite the fact that i changed them to allow for reading and writing.

    luchshe preset davai otdelno, ili prishli mne ego po email

  147. skitty

    14. Nov, 2008

    i tried using the 3dshapeextruder with this tutorial also but no effect, does not work at all, when i apply it, i see no extrusion, even tho i follow your tutorial step by step, i am using ae pro cs3

  148. Stevem

    17. Nov, 2008

    I’m having difficulties using the installer. I never get the message,”installed successfully”? Is there a way to manually install?? Thanks

  149. skitty

    17. Nov, 2008

    there is a link almost to the top of this page that says what customs effects are, click on it and there is a video there that shows u how to install it

  150. Stevem

    17. Nov, 2008

    I watched the tutorial on how to install, downloaded adobe air and the installer. Everything seemed to download fine but when I actually try to install the preset it loads as if it’s installing but I never recieved the installation succfessfull message. when I open up AE, the preset is not listed? I was wondering if you could explain how to manually install without the installer? I’m running AECS3 on vista. Thanks!

  151. Stevem

    19. Nov, 2008

    Can anyone explain how to manually install the preset without the installer?

  152. dex

    24. Nov, 2008

    same here
    CS3 and Vista
    doesn’t install at all

  153. Maltaannon

    25. Nov, 2008

    they do. you’re doing something wrong. check permissions in the Adobe folders on Vista.

  154. dex

    26. Nov, 2008

    still no luck. even though the permissions are all off checked. why is it that difficult to have a install file without that AIR crap???

  155. Maltaannon

    26. Nov, 2008

    because unAIRed files are no longer supported. Other people had some problems as well, but it was always their “fault” and they did fix it. Some solutions involved setting the Date and Time to the correct date (for some strange reason), others were based on setting the permissions. I really don’t know what to say to you. I have people buying my CE LightWrap, and they are not complaining. Everything is working, so my guess is (still) that it’s something on your end. Sorry.

  156. Stevem

    27. Nov, 2008

    I’ve installed air, downloaded your installer and changed permission in adobe.. the installer opens, loads the file but as I said before, the installer looks as if it’s installing but the message saying installed successful never comes up and the files are not in the preset folder? I’ve installed presets manually can you not tell us how to manually install your presets? or is it not possible.. ?

    • bobbi

      13. Oct, 2011

      im having the exact same problem!! I’ve follwed the tut video to the letter, i select where after effects is located but no “Success” screen follows, just back to the “Ready and waiting”screen….

      Help? :D

  157. dex

    23. Dec, 2008

    I even updated to a new AIR. and still the problems remains. Why it is that difficult to tell us how to install everything manually?

  158. dex

    26. Dec, 2008

    Ok, found the solution on how to install the preset manually. thanks for all the good work. Merry X-mas

  159. Paul C

    12. Jan, 2009

    hey, I think you have explained this already but I am confused as to how to install this preset on Mac. You mention a ZIP file which I can’t locate and when I try and use the Custom Effects installer it can’t seem to locate where AE is installed? Help? Please? Anyone?

  160. rahul emmanuel

    31. Jan, 2009

    great like thet u work amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks relly needed it

  161. rahul emmanuel

    31. Jan, 2009

    well dude your ceinstaller failes to find out the directory to adobe AE though give’s the right path how to instale please reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. Aaliyah

    08. Feb, 2009

    Hi there, does this preset work on CS4, or is there a version that does? I downloaded it and i can see it in CS4 and it doesnt seem to work completely, it says: Missing: PS: 3DShapeExtruder
    Thanx for your help

  163. Daniel

    10. Feb, 2009

    Hi I cant install it and dont know what the problem is. I already install the adobe air but stills not workin

  164. Nick

    12. Feb, 2009

    “If the preset says “Missing” when dropped don’t worry about it. It still works. The XML file is just for that (for hiding the “Missing” information).” – http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/2/918179

  165. Nick

    12. Feb, 2009

    Now that I have answered one, I have one to replace it. The tutorial showed an example of the preset working from within a precomp. It was not described how it was precomposed but in the tutorial the precomp label was [TextAdvancedParented] The 3D switch and Collapse Transformation switche were not on, so I am assuming that something needs to be ‘parented’ in order for things to work. Just not sure what, or what I’m missing. Thought it might be a CS4 issue but have the same problem in CS3. Everything else works perfectly.

    p.s. i am kind of amazed with your dedication, you have been answering questions in this page for like 2 years.

  166. Maltaannon

    12. Feb, 2009

    I think I parented the camera from the child comp to the master comp. I don’t really remember. You can download the project file provided on this page to see how it was build. Hope you’ll like it. If you have any further questions that has been not answered in the comments please use my Skype Hotline – chatting is free. All the best and Happy AfterEffecting.

  167. Andrea S

    24. Feb, 2009

    Maltaanon, thank you for simplifying the process of duplicating all those layers to make a 3D. Great plugin and great installation ease.
    My one problem with the plugin is that when I extrude type (in this case Gotham font) and have a camera move in straight on it, I get a flicker on the extrusion from side to side. And I notice a moire in the fill when viewed from an angle.
    If this sort of thing would happen using the other method, I would probably add a blur to the rear layers.
    Is there a way to reduce flicker with yours?

  168. March

    03. Jul, 2009

    Thanks for sharing your work.
    I really appreciate that.

    Greetings from Uruguay
    (Sorry for my english)

  169. jaime

    24. Jul, 2009

    Hi Maltaanon, nice tutorial. I have a question, how can you extrude a jpg. logo after you do auto-trace using same concept that you use in this tutorial.? After you do auto-trace generated masks instead the “contens” that are generated when it is from a text layer.
    Thanks for your help..

  170. VALE

    21. Aug, 2009


    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      22. Aug, 2009

      Some are free, some not. If you can download it on the tutorial page than it means it’s free. You don’t need to install anything. You can just copy the FFX file from the ZIP into your Presets folder. However it is recommended to use the CustomEffects Installer and use it to open polyCE file from the ZIP instead of FFX. All details are available here: maltaannon.com/what-customeffects-are/

  171. SOSA

    06. Sep, 2009

    That is amazing!! I never thought it would be possible to do that without zaxwerks or boris fx!! nice job man!!!

  172. aleks_suharev

    15. Sep, 2009

    hello with ukrainy, good lessons, for us such do not do

  173. thecolt

    18. Sep, 2009

    Hey Maltannon this cool, but is there some way that you can make the extrusion come foward instead of always going away from you, as negative numbers don’t work, and moving the camera around to the back dosen’t work either, as i am wanting to parent the depth of the extrusion to “sound keys” generated data, and i need the front faces to come towards the screen rather than away? thanks for all your great advice on this site.

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      18. Sep, 2009

      Have you tried using the Offset parameter in the ShapeExtruder?

  174. Mihaela M

    06. Nov, 2009

    Jerzy, you are “awsome”. Not only super-smart, but bloody funny. Are you maried, btw?

    Issue: I installed your plug-in (thank you again) on my CS4 Vista 64 machine and it works. In my new CS4 the “Create Outlines” has been replaced by “Create Shapes From Text” which does something similar to what you got, but if I move the camera on the sides, the extrusion is flatting and get flat 2D text when I am right on top or sides. Do you know why?

    Best to you from California

  175. Mihaela M

    07. Nov, 2009

    OK…I saw the other video about The ShapeExtruder, so…you don’t have to answer anymore…..to my second question.

    However, you’re good.
    Thank you.

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      07. Nov, 2009

      Glad you got it figured out. As for your first question… that depends. Got pics? ;)

    • Michael V

      29. Jun, 2011

      I am also having the same issue as Mihaela M has where if i move the camera on the sides, the extrusion is flatting and get flat 2D text when I am right on top or sides. She says she watched the other video to solve this, but what other video is this? what was the solution? thank you.

  176. Valentina

    01. Dec, 2009

    If the camera has left or right view the text becomes a line and no more extrusion. In other words I can not orbit the camera around the text. I am using Mac CS3.

    Am I doing something wrong?


    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      01. Dec, 2009

      This is how this effect works. Limitations of 2.5 D app. If you want full extrusion you need to dive into some plugins like Zaxwerks ProAnimator, or go with a real 3D application.

  177. David Byrne

    01. Dec, 2009

    I literally cannot believe some of the responses on here. So a guy goes out of his way to make a FREE product, provide a FREE tutorial and FREE support through this comments section and some of you are bitching and moaning about the length of the tutorials??? Get over yourselves.

    Firstly- I like these tutorials, as I do Andrew Kramer, Harry Frank, John Dickinson and Aharon Rabinowitz. Everyone has their own style and I like them all for different reasons.

    Secondly – frankly, if you’re some sort of After Effects expert who could understand this all in ‘2 minutes’ as mentioned above, why the hell are you trawling the net for tutorials? In fact, why not set up your own goddammed website, and provide free tutorials & presets. And when doing the tutorials, if you wouldn’t mind doing them in a foreign language, that’d be dandy. Then when some troll posts a snot-nosed ungrateful response like you did, you’ll understand my point.

    Finally, if your attitude is half as bad in the real world as displayed here, when you interact with actual people rather than from behind the safety of your keyboard, good luck in this industry. You’ll need it. People work with people they can get along with, not rude insufferable arrogant little turds with a God-complex who feel the need to belittle everyone else’s work in order to make their own pathetic contributions seem worthwhile.

    Maltaannon, great work fella. Appreciated by the vast majority of us. Cheers.

  178. kunal

    06. Dec, 2009


    aI m student …lerning compositing in star multimedia(kolkata-WestBengal-INDIA)…iam stay ding in ae7 is it possible …..in ae 7 ???? please help …….
    and billlion thanks …..for ur invention……please sorry for my (bad ) eng…….
    at last……………………………….u r great…

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      07. Dec, 2009

      Sorry. This is based on AE CS3 features, so it will not work in any previous version.

  179. kunal

    11. Dec, 2009

    are it work in ae cs 4 ?????

  180. Ofer

    22. Dec, 2009

    Hi. Thanks for the great preset. Unfortunately, it won’t install. When the installer asks where I my AE is installed, I direct it to the correct directory and nothing happens. When I direct it to any other directory it says the installation failed.

    Any ideas?? :(

    Thanks again

  181. SPecialEFX

    10. Feb, 2010

    is it work on CS4???
    I download Extruder but it doesn’t work on C4
    or explain how

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      10. Feb, 2010

      It does work with CS4 just as it does in CS3. You must be doing something wrong.

      • bobbi

        13. Oct, 2011

        im having the same problem

  182. d

    12. Feb, 2010

    you guys are probably the most annoying tutorial making nerds out there. BUT, good job and respect.

  183. B. Austin

    17. Feb, 2010

    Wow, what an awesome preset! Your in-depth tutorial is much appreciated as well.

  184. M.Ali

    03. Mar, 2010

    plug_in Missed But preset Show In My After Effect tel Me What`s Problem.

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      03. Mar, 2010

      Theres no problem. You installed it in a wrong way, but it will still work, even when it says “Missing”. Just do as I do in the tutorial and you’ll see that it works just fine.

  185. Terre

    16. Mar, 2010

    This is the Holy Grail of After Effects!


    I just started working in AE in 2010… I stepped through your tutorial yesterday; you can see the results in ‘Stargazer Intro’, here: http://www.youtube.com/user/terrabyteGraphics

    Please remember… I’m a newbie, so the timing and sound , etc. could all use tweaking; but I just love this capability! Also, you’ll recognize your world at the end.

    I can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

    All the best,

  186. smz

    17. Mar, 2010

    I copied your xml file in my xml preset. I dragged your ceshapeextr.ffx in my preset folder. I open AE and your great preset doesn’t work. Help me please…

  187. Rangel

    30. Mar, 2010

    problem in Win 7 x64? dont found adobe roots folder… help me please…

  188. kunal

    30. Apr, 2010

    what a nice effect…but sir..ur shape extruder use only ae cs 3
    but i have an little idea for shape extrude without 3rd party plugs….
    my idea is….
    1.type any text good with any bold font.or pre compose layer shape.(mask can be use)
    2.use > effect> simulation>shatter effect.. it has extrude effect
    3.change shape pattern custom and change briks to custom shatter map >ur text larer or precompose shape.
    4.physics >gravity make “0”
    5. texture> front mode leyer and use ur color
    6.give shape extrusion depth as u like
    7.use camera
    8.shutter camera>comp camera
    9.use light >parallel and use ur light color soft..i try to experiment ..effect> perspective bevel edges…
    …..enjoy my little experiment it also use ae all version from 6.5 to cs 5..it to easy.

    ……………………………………………………. forgive me for my bad english….plz respond me .
    kunal (india-westbengal)

  189. kunal

    30. Apr, 2010

    sorry mistake…..use shatter effect plz set vie render….

  190. joe

    22. May, 2010

    is the ce shapeextruder compatible with cs5 ?

  191. mauro79

    27. May, 2010

    does this version works on CS5

  192. superpants

    17. Jun, 2010

    does this work in cs5?

  193. Jan Henk Speelman

    13. Jul, 2010

    No, alas.
    After Effects warning: Class ‘Effect’ has no property or method named ‘Depth’, ‘Offset’, ‘Curvature’, ‘Density’, ‘Rotation’, ‘Opacity’…. Expression disabled!

  194. carleton

    19. Jul, 2010

    I am using a mac 10.5.8 with AE CS4.

    I have loaded the CE file fine etc but cannot get the effect to apply; can you provide some clear guidance. I am reasonably skilled user of AE so this is especially frustrating; when I close the project I get error messages re paths but followed the installation instructions and checked. And yes, permission s have been set.

    I have sat through the video a number of times (oh, and it doesn’t download on safari, r/click gets a page of source code) but it isn’t the clearest bit of instruction, perhaps a shortened, to the point version, perhaps even some written instructions ie

    1. create outline from text layer
    2. apply effect
    3……….? [get it to work]

  195. Paul

    04. Aug, 2010

    Does shape extruder work with CS5?

    • paul

      04. Aug, 2010

      Just seen the previous post doh…. I will stop trying to get this work now in CS5. Thought it was something i was doing wrong :-(

  196. Mark

    18. Sep, 2010

    Great tutorial, not sure why people are having so much trouble on the installs, I found the tutorial really easy to follow along.

    Okay i am missing something. I can install – so far so good; then I followed the tutorials for creating the extruded text – no problem. Then i played with creating shapes on a shape layer with the pen tool and extruded those – no problem

    BUT drats, I then got a path from PS, ran the script – it creates the shape object, I can see the path converted into a shape. I put the shape in the right spot – and kaboom – nothing.

    Anyone have any suggestions what I am missing?

    By the way, for those whining about the length of the tutorials, get over it – or go spend $2,000 a week getting trained at a school.

    Great tuts – i really liked the 3D camera rig too.

  197. Mark

    18. Sep, 2010

    Disregard my last one, got it to work with my PS paths – I discovered that it can be very tricky when your dragging it between the Group 1 and Repeater, after a few tries it works just fine. If there is anything I’ve learned about AE you have to experiment endlessly ;)

  198. Kal

    19. Sep, 2010

    Hi Maltaannon!
    Great tutorial and awesome preset!
    I’ve tried to install it with the installer and after pointing to my CS4 path, it just doesn’t do anything and after I click on the Install button and pops the “Browse For Folder” dialog again, asking for my AE CS4 path all over again. It’ll loop like that forever and won’t install the CE. Any ideas? I’ve made sure I follow your instructions diligently.


  199. maximumrfan

    23. Sep, 2010

    Hey maltaanon,
    I was curious on how you did this awesome custom effects, and I decided to jump into the expressions. I noticed that instead of having true after effects expressions, it was just running some code as a script. May I ask how you got this code? It looks a little bit like ExtendScript’s JavaScript Binary code, so I decided to ask you.

  200. unaLuz

    27. Sep, 2010

    thank you soooo much!! learned a lot. you’re funny too.

  201. vijayakumar

    03. Oct, 2010

    Where shall i download CE extrude plugin

  202. Mr Spock

    04. Oct, 2010

    CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5 CS5

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

  203. UnAutre

    13. Oct, 2010

    I’m not the only one to ask WHEN CS5 UPDATE !!!! THX THX THX THX

  204. szuma

    14. Oct, 2010

    Hi something new about CS5

  205. Good

    18. Oct, 2010


  206. frankyframe

    06. Nov, 2010

    in my case,
    for cs5 (en) it donsnt work…
    expression error

  207. Mark

    12. Dec, 2010

    Can you fix it to work with CS5 please? Thanks

  208. leah

    20. Dec, 2010

    Hi :)

    Your blog is good~ ^^ and lesson thank.

    I want you to give CS4 3d Shape Extruder.

    Can you give this?

  209. Andreas

    29. Dec, 2010

    I am sure glad I kept CS4 still active as yes, it doesn’t like some of the calls in CS5. I would assume this will go through the same cycles as many other “plug-ins” did to make it compatible with the new version. It is most likely not just a simple fix as going from 32 bit to 64 bit was a problematic situation for many other providers as well. I will wait patiently and use CS4 in the mean time. :)

  210. Pete

    06. Jan, 2011

    great plugin, would be great if it got CS5 update, miss it a lot, but can’t live without 64bit’s…

  211. Nuno

    08. Jan, 2011

    You rule! Thanks a lot for the generosity!

  212. kinso

    28. Jan, 2011


    thanks for this it s very cool and very practical.
    I ve a question:
    do you think it s possible with your technique to use my 3d logo as a wall for particular. I would like to emit some particules from the top and use the extrusion of my logo to bounce on it. But unfortunately it doesn t work, the particules don t bounce. do you have an idea how to do it? is it correct to use the extrusion?

    thanks again!!

  213. Heidi

    22. Feb, 2011

    I’m sorry if this is so ignorant, but I loaded the preset in the presets folder in After Effects, but I get a “Missing: PS: 3D Shape Extruder” message in the effects panel. I didn’t get this with other presets you have created. I am on a Mac. Am I doing something wrong? Many thanks for your hard work and amazing tutorials! You are a blessing!

  214. Heidi

    22. Feb, 2011

    okay, I figured it out! no need for help! many thanks… I used that Adobe Air installer…

  215. Heidi

    22. Feb, 2011

    I’ve been playing with this preset and had to come back and say,”BRILLIANT”! You are one smart gent!

  216. Keeya

    23. Mar, 2011

    SUPER COOL! BUT DESPERATELY NEED CS5 too. I got a feeling you are working on it. Cheers!

  217. ives

    07. Apr, 2011

    Jerzy, you are very kind to put so much effort in to helping others, I can fully appreciate how time consuming helping others is!
    So – it’s even better that the tutorials are long. For people who can’t be bothered to listen to it all: you need to have patience, if you don’t – you should reconsider working in this field!

  218. johnson

    02. May, 2011

    Hi! Great plugin and it’s going to be useful!

    BUT… i’m on a mac (oh, please don’t groan) and using after effects cs5. I just installed this custom preset (using the AIR installer) and ran into this error message whenever I applied the preset to my shape layer:

    After Effects warning: Class ‘Effect’ has no property or method named ‘Opacity’
    Expression disabled.

    Error occurred at line 1.
    Comp: ‘XXXXX’
    Layer: ‘XXXXX’
    Property: ‘End Opacity’

    Did I do anything wrong?

  219. Liollio

    08. May, 2011

    Hi, I’m having the same problem as johnson is having:

    After Effects warning: Class ‘Effect’ has no property or method named ‘Opacity’
    Expression disabled.

    Error occurred at line 1.
    Comp: ‘XXXXX’
    Layer: ‘XXXXX’
    Property: ‘End Opacity’

    Do you have a fix for this for CS5? Great product and I would love to be able to make it work for my version of AE. Please let me know as soon as you get a chance.

    Thank you!

  220. Justin Bender

    19. May, 2011

    I am getting this error message when I place the effect on my outlined text

    After Effects warning: Class ‘Effect’ has no property or method named ‘Opacity’
    Expression disabled.

    Error occurred at line 1.
    Comp: ‘4C3D’
    Layer: 1 (‘FOUR CORNERS CHURCH Outlines’)
    Property: ‘End Opacity’

    It won’t let me extrude the text.
    I am running a macbook pro with After Effects CS4

    Need Help.

  221. Charles

    22. May, 2011


    Amazing job Jerzy, thanks a lot for all that you do.

    I am getting the same error message as Justin Bender, Lollio and Johnson (Class ‘Effect’ has no property or method named ‘…..’ etc. )

    I’m running win 7 and AE CS5.5

    I’d gladly call you on your hotline, but can’t seem to reach you right now.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.


  222. Charles

    22. May, 2011

    Ah, apparently this seems to be a CS5 / CS5.5 problem, from what i read in the thread ?

    Can anyone confirm this ? Has anyone with these versions of AE not encountered this problem ?

    Will wait for a fix if it is such problem then, unless someone has a solution


    • Roy

      25. May, 2011

      I’m having the same problem here in CS5… I’m not sure if it’s because of CS5, as someone above said he was using CS4….

      I really hope someone finds a way to solve this **looking at Maltaanon discreetly ;P… If I find it I’ll let you guys know!

      By the way Maltaannon, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING…. we should all make some kind of economic contribution to this guy as he has helped us all a lot… Thanks buddy ! Amazing really!

  223. lava

    07. Jul, 2011

    Maltaanon–Thank you for your efforts!

    One thing I didn’t realize after installation is that in your Effects & Presets window in AE CS4, the PolygonStudios FFX folder is located in *Animation Presets>Presets. I kept looking for it in the Effects & Presets root and could not find it, so I wanted to point that out to others!

  224. Ben Dover

    07. Jul, 2011

    I like your name maltaanon :)

  225. rob

    28. Jul, 2011

    Hi. Has anyone managed to resolve the problems using this in CS5? Expressions disabled etc. etc.

    Thanks in advance….

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      29. Jul, 2011

      Sorry for the slow replies. I will fix this soon once and for all.

  226. RyanB

    09. Aug, 2011

    This looks like an awesome plug-in, but since I am AE CS5, I can’t get it to work. Like everyone else I am getting the same error every time I try to apply the preset:

    After Effects warning: Class ‘Effect’ has no property or method named ‘Opacity’ Expression disabled. Error occurred at line 1. Comp: ‘Comp 1’ Layer: 2 (‘Test Outlines’) Property: ‘End Opacity’

    It does not apply the effect to my text outline. Any word on when this will be updated for CS5?? Keep up the great work!!

  227. Cedric

    21. Sep, 2011

    Hey Maltaannon

    I loaded the 3D Shape Extruder into CS3. After restarting the app and using the preset on an outline layer I get a “Missing: PS: 3D” label on the effect itself when it is loaded in the effect control monitor. I am using the effect in a 1920×1080 comp. Could this be the reason for slow ram previews and slow updating? Or have I loaded the preset incorrectly? Any wisdom is appreciated.

    Great effect.



  228. Sjaim

    26. Sep, 2011

    Dude, ive got windows 7 ultmate and im using cs4 coz im on 32bit p4 ht, now ive got ur effect and that but everytime i go to install it, it says select ur instaltion folder for ae and i do and it doesnt do anything? help

  229. Shaun

    26. Sep, 2011


  230. shane

    12. Oct, 2011

    CS5 fix???

  231. bobbi

    13. Oct, 2011

    I’m having trouble, when I select where after effects is located, it just goes back to the “read”screen, no “success”screen. Nothing has installed, i’ve changed my permissions, everything is read/write.

    I’m using win 7 64, ae cs4

    Absolutely stumped!

  232. maximkf

    16. Oct, 2011

    all of your tutorials are terrific and tremendously helpful in learn about AE! many thanks

    I did manage to install this successfully on Mac OS 10.6.8 after changing the permissions to “Read & Write” on the PresetEffects.xml file

    Unfortunately, I am using CS5 and when CE Shape Extruder is added to a shape layer it brings up a warning that “Class ‘Effect’ has no property…” etc.

    any way around this? cheers,

  233. JayP

    05. Nov, 2011

    I hope this plugin will work soon for CS5+…

  234. Simon

    18. Nov, 2011

    Love the tuts Maltaannon. Any chance of an update for CS5? Thanks : )

  235. stefano

    31. Jan, 2012

    Anyone know if (and HOW) the 3d extruder plug in is currently working in adobe AE CS 5 ?
    mine doesn’t seem to work :(

  236. Stephen

    02. Mar, 2012

    The polyCE installer did not like AE CS5.5’s setup and did not install the 3DShape Extruder. The plugin/preset itself does not seem to want to function in the program either – even though it recognizes that it’s there

  237. brian

    06. Mar, 2012

    I got it to work in AE CS5, I cannot verify if it works in 5.5, but I am guessing it does.

    The problem lies in when you go in and edit your PresetEffects.xml. I reverted back to my old file I had from a different computer and saved over.

    It works now.

  238. Jonathan Bliss

    17. Apr, 2012

    I need to animate extruded text coming towards camera. Is there a way I can reverse the direction of the extrude so it starts far away and comes forward?

  239. Jon Doe

    18. Apr, 2012

    okay, so will add my name to the list of people waiting for a CS5.5 fix

    seems brian managed to get it working, but was pretty unclear about how

    maltaannon, you still there on this one?

  240. Robert Montes

    22. Aug, 2012

    I’m using CS4 and it works fine. Somtimes the extrusion goes flat, but increasing the density not depth correct it. Thank you for an truly exellant addition to effects. If you would tho could you please go over the gradient part of your tutorial. Thank You again