CE TimeShuffle

CE TimeShuffle

Posted on 05. Aug, 2007 by in After Effects

Have you ever tried to create time jitter effect that you saw in movies like The Ring, The Cell, or Fight Club? Well… stop trying. Do it!

This video tutorial focus is to create time jittering effect using one of my presets. You may have seen this effect in movies like The Ring, The Cell, or Fight Club. You may still create this kind of effect simply by playing with Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags the TimeRemap function, but it’s much easier to use my preset.

Since this tutorial is a response for a question posted on CreativeCow forums I haven’t had time to record some footage to demonstrate how cool this may look when used properly, so I’m counting on your imagination. For example: try using the Echo effect after applying TimeShuffle.

The interesting thing is that this preset it behaves like a standard plugin. Well… almost like a plugin. The main difference between a standard preset and this CustomEffect (because thats what I call it) is that all controls like sliders and checkboxes are bounded into one item under the effects pallet of a layer. You have to see the tutorial to know what I’m referring to.

To install this CustomEffect you need to download my installer and the CustomEffect package. To learn more on installing CustomEffects on Mac and Windows please click here. Of course, you may still choose to use the standard preset instead of my CustomEffect, but I really encourage you to download my installer and bound polyCE files to it, because from this day forward I’m planning to upload my present in this format (at least the expression based ones).

I hope to see some comments on this, because if you’ll like it I’ll create a CustomEffect Deployment Tool, that will allow you to create and share your own CustomEffects.

See the original thread (by Speedyman) on CreativeCow forums.

Download: CE TimeShuffler (After Effects CS2)

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55 Responses to “CE TimeShuffle”

  1. Conor Maher

    20. Aug, 2007

    Wow! Really cool techique, thanks :)

  2. ftown

    22. Aug, 2007

    What do I do with the two files in the pscei file?, can someone offer some help? thanks.

  3. Maltaannon

    22. Aug, 2007

    It’s just a piece of software like notepad, word, or anything else. Best thing would be if you’d put it in some newly created folder and thats it. Just unpack it to a convenient place.

  4. ftown

    22. Aug, 2007

    Thanks Maltaannon, that cleared it up for me. I took the liberty of writing out some instructions for any other brain dead and/or half asleep people.

    1. download PolygonStudio_CustomEffects_Installer & TimeShuffle.zip
    2. create a new folder in your AE programs folder, I named mine maltaannon because he is the man behind these great ideas/code.
    3. drag two files, pscei._x_ ,and zlib.dll inside this folder.
    4. open timeshuffler and double click timeshuffler, browse to your maltaannon folder, select the pscei.exe file, and check always use this app to open this file. when choosing what file to “open with” you may have to change “files of type” at the bottom to see the file.
    5. pat yourself on the back, you did it.

  5. Maltaannon

    23. Aug, 2007

    Thanks a lot. If you don’t mind I’ll put in on the “What CustomEffects are” page, so everyone else could get instructions there, because that is where I’m pointing to when referring to CustonEffects.

  6. ftown

    23. Aug, 2007

    no I don’t mind, glad I could help. Custom Effects are a great way to work inside AE. Looking forward to the Deployment Tool if/when it arrives.

  7. J

    23. Aug, 2007

    Hey Maltannon. Thanks for the good tutorial.
    I am also wondering how you wrote the expression so that the ball moves as the frame goes up? Math to me is like…..well I dont wanna say it :(
    Can you please tell me how you set up the expression??
    Also I would like to know how I can make it so that it writes the frame number as well??
    I’m so sorry for my ignorance :(


  8. ahmed

    27. Aug, 2007

    hi, thanks for the tutorials…
    I discovered you just yet.
    I am interested in matchmoving so much, 3d objects in 2d space; but very hard to find tutorials with this content.
    thanks again and have a time…

  9. Maltaannon

    27. Aug, 2007

    I am planning a tutorial on matchmoving, but I’m afraid that it will only be available on my Training DVD.

  10. Franky

    27. Aug, 2007

    Hey your the “Man-tannon”,

    nice website, great Tuts. But the “Timeshuffle” Presets wont install at my system (virtual basic v6 installed).

    At the installation Process it stops at the step “read package content” and windows says: “runtime error 53 – Data not found”

    Anybody knows where the Problem is?

    Franky from Germany

  11. Maltaannon

    27. Aug, 2007

    I’m working on it right this second. I’ve just compiled new version of the installer few minutes ago, so try downloading the installer again in a few minutes. It will hopefully be out of this nasty bug.

  12. ahmed

    27. Aug, 2007

    Hi, again Maltaannon. When are you going to release your training dvd?
    By the way, which 3d package you use ; I hope Maya…

  13. Franky

    27. Aug, 2007


    because of my installation Problems,
    i just tried to Open the “timeshuffler_std.ffx” through the Animationpresets Dialog in AE. Altgough it opens the Preset, it says “Class Effekt has no Method with the name slider…Expression deactivated”.

    Is this becaause im using a German Version of AE?


  14. Franky

    27. Aug, 2007

    Hey Maltannon u are really fast!

    I just read that u already refreshed the files.

    Sorry i didnt refresh my browseer so i Couldnt see ur quick response!

    I Download the new Version and test it right away…

  15. Maltaannon

    27. Aug, 2007

    Ahmed: I don’t really know yet. In a few months. I have some projects I have to finish first. And 3D package has nothing to do with my tutorials. I mean, it is irrelevant.

    Franky: I wish i knew. Maybe thats it, but it would be kind of strange. Then exchanging presets even in their native FFX format would be impossible.

    Btw. The installer is now updated. Go to the “What CustomEffects are” page and download the most recent version.

  16. Franky

    27. Aug, 2007

    Hooray, it works!

    Thank u Maltannon, GREAT!
    Visit Germany, i Invite u to taste the good German Beer. U drink, I pay :)

    Keep on doing your work here!


  17. Franky

    27. Aug, 2007


    funny thing I just found out using a mov AV-File.

    Audio is also timeshuffling!

    Could be used as AudioFX (Forwarding a Tape, scrubbing a Timeline ect.)

  18. shyhalewd

    31. Aug, 2007

    I can’t find the mac version for download….I keep getting the polyce version for windows, not the XML version?

  19. Maltaannon

    31. Aug, 2007

    Since TimeShuffler is the first CustomEffect I did, the ZIP file contains polyCE, and FFX file. FFX is for Mac users.

  20. Ta Neil

    05. Sep, 2007

    Yeah I use windows xp and followed the directions and a warning box appears telling me there are five invalid arguements. It’s not working. Can you give me a way of loading this that works?

  21. Maltaannon

    06. Sep, 2007

    If the Installer doesn’t work for you try using manual installation. You will find the instructions on the “What CustomEffects are” page.

  22. Gregor

    28. Sep, 2007

    Please help me…I’m on a mac using cs3..and I don’t get your ffx file to work. When I doubleclick it, I get an error. So I tried to put it into my presets folder…but that doesnt seem to work either.
    Thanks a lot in advance

  23. Brian

    01. Dec, 2007

    My god, this really simplified a long going question of time remapping. I did have trouble finding the CE presets…i then realized they are on the tutorial pages. Maltaannon inspires me.

  24. Bob

    28. Feb, 2008

    This tutorial is also awesome Maltaannon!, i don’t wan’t to know how much time it cost without your preset :o . It’s very usefull and unique, thanxs a lot !
    Keep up the good work !

  25. khaled

    01. Mar, 2008

    it’s agreat tutorial

  26. Danilo TM

    04. Apr, 2008

    dear, mr. Jerzy!

    Man, I just got to know your work two days ago and I am already becoming a big fan. Your tutorials and codes are fantastic and inspiring. I am enjoying the most watching and learning from them. Thanks!

    I am not sure If anybody has ever told you that before but, anyway, I ended up figuring out by accident that it is much more simple to install yours CEs for AE CS3 on a Mac Intel machine than what you have told and what I have read here so far.

    I just had to copy the unzipped archive folder of the CE (I’m not sure if it’s needed all the files but I toked them all anyway) and pasted them on this specific address on my Mac:


    Tanaaaaa! (as you like saying) thats all: no coding, no .xml, no nothing! Just reopen AE and thats it, they will be there.

    At least it is working for me perfectly. I already downloaded the CEpixelsample, CEshapeextruder (amazing! – great works out from it) and CEtimeshufler… so far!

    Well I will keep checking things here until I have seen it all for sure!

    I am a recently graduated 24years designer here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, working on my demoReel now trying to get into the busines and you already are one of the guys behind this.

    As soon as my Demo is ready (by the begging of next week – I hope), I will post it onLine and send you the link.

    Man, thanks a loot once again and keep on what you are doing here! You are definably expanding all the boarders. Hope great success for you in you future. By the way, how old are you? just curiosity..

    Have a good goulash, some fresh Kozel and give lots of kisses on the cute polish girls for me!

    from a big fan,

  27. Maltaannon

    04. Apr, 2008

    Hey Danito! Thanks for all the kind words. And as far as my CE are concerned…. dude… you won’t believe it, but i just finished programming a cross-platform CE Installer, that I will publish soon. To bad you didn’t found out about it earlier. But thanks a lot. I haven’t checked that yet, but will surely do. Thanks again. good luck with your demoreel.

    Happy AfterEffecting!

  28. roman

    24. Apr, 2008

    great! i will use this in one of my next projects. thanks!

  29. ken

    29. Dec, 2008

    my working computer is not connecting to internet.Can i use this stuff?

  30. Maltaannon

    29. Dec, 2008

    please rephrase the question

  31. alex

    07. Jan, 2009

    Whenever I try to install it, it doesn’t install. I selected the Adobe after effects 7.0 folder and I click “ok” it doesn’t say “installation completed” or anything like that. The window closes and the Custom effects installer is still there with the “install” button.

  32. Gabe

    29. Jan, 2009

    Hello, I was wonderin. what if u dont have cs3 I have cs4, does this plug in still work? and if so. I need help d/l it because im gettin the samething Alex got on Jenuary 7th at 1:27

  33. Gabe

    30. Jan, 2009

    i jus read that u made ur plugins based off cs 2 & 3 is there n e way i could get this plug in/pre set. Ive looked and looked. i cant find ne thing n e where

  34. thpriest

    23. Feb, 2009

    i can’t get the zip to download. whenever i try it takes me to a page of goobledygook text and nothing downloads. is there a problem with the link?

  35. Maltaannon

    28. Feb, 2009

    Some users were expiericing the same problem, even though the link was fine. I just updated the delivery for CustomEffects. Try it now.

  36. bazziam

    27. Jul, 2009


    i’ve been trying to install this effect all day. when the installer started to install, an error message comes up that says…”5 invalad procedure call or argument”. what did i do wrong.

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      27. Jul, 2009

      You downloaded a wrong version of the Installer. Does it look anything like on this tutorial: http://maltaannon.com/what-customeffects-are/ ? I guess not. You’ve probably downloaded it from Creative Cow or some place else. You should always download the files from the source – this site.

  37. eathan28

    09. Aug, 2009

    i like it a loooooot! many masterr!

  38. SeanH

    31. Aug, 2009

    Hi Maltaanon

    I am a bit behind everyone here with getting this one for my AE 7.0, But I am getting Failed: Error #2058 message when I try to install the CE with the installer. Do you have any idea what I may be doing wrong? I tried to follow the steps as best as I could but I must have made a mistake along the way.

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      01. Sep, 2009

      No idea at the moment. Make sure you have the proper files. There are some old packages floating around the net on the installer and the CETimeshuffler that don’t work anymore due to some changes made to the packaging format. Redownload everything from this site and try again. If that doesn’t help let me know. I’ll look into it when I’ll get back from my short vacations. Remember that you can always just copy the FFX file. AE will say that the effect is “Missing” but it will still work.

  39. SeanH

    03. Sep, 2009

    Hi Again Maltaanon

    I manually installed the FFx file and the preset works great. You are really awsome and I never would have been able to figure out how to do this without having this preset that you have made. Thanks again and keep up the great tutorials they are excellent.

    Sean H

  40. Sean H

    03. Sep, 2009

    Hi again Maltaanon

    I manully installed the FFX file and it works great. I never would have been able to figure out how to do this without your preset plugin. Thanks again for all of the great tutorials and the CE’s

    Sean H


    21. Oct, 2009

    Thanks for this. I was trying to achieve exactly this effect, and came across your website through the Creative Cow post. This should save me a lot of headache!

  42. Tristan

    28. Nov, 2009

    running snow leopard intel and got a #3001 Failed Error message when trying to install the ce file.

    Any ideas? thanks!

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      28. Nov, 2009

      #3001 is Access Denied error. Please read the instruction on “CustomEffects” page from the top menu.

  43. Ahmad

    29. Mar, 2010

    i cant download the timeshuffle i have after effect cs4
    what is the solution

  44. fireboltno2

    30. May, 2010

    Hi Maltaanon~
    Is this presets avaiable if my after effects version is CS3?
    I’ve tried to install this “TimeShuffler.ffx” but it couldn’t work.
    When I apply ths preset a window pop up and says,
    ……Undefined value used in expression. Could be an out of range subscript …..
    Error occuried at line0.
    Comp: ‘Comp 1’
    Layer:1( ‘Pre-comp1’ )”

    I’ve checked the expression of time remap, and it seemed weird…

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      31. May, 2010

      Yes. It does work in CS3. Even in CS2. Everything should be just fine.

  45. Kriss

    05. Jul, 2010

    Hello ! ^_^

    A version for Photoshop CS 5 (64 bit) is it planned ?


  46. admirer

    05. Oct, 2010

    wow very hot man :p

  47. girl in need

    19. Oct, 2011


    I tried to download this plugin and keep getting the error message:
    “after effects error: cant import file ‘timeshuffler_std.ffx’: unsupported filetype or extension. (0 :: 1)”

    I have adobe cs5. I dont know if that could be the reason or if I am just doing something wrong.

    Thank You

  48. prince

    02. Mar, 2012

    Very Well

  49. jai monee

    26. Mar, 2012

    I’m running CS5.5 and while it installs okay, i received this error:

    After Effects warning: Class ‘Effect’ has no property or method named ‘Time Range’
    Expression dsabled

    Error occured at line 1
    Comp: ‘Main’
    Layer: 1
    Property: ‘Time Remap’

    Any thoughts on how to fix this?

  50. bertha

    30. Jul, 2012

    I’m also running CS5.5 and it seems that there is no PresetEffects.xml file so I wasn’t able to use the installer. I decided to just use the .ffx file and I get this error.

    After Effects Warning: invalid numeric result (divide by zero?)

    Error occurred at line 13.
    Comp: ‘Torch 09’
    Layer: (‘fire1.mov’)
    Property: ‘Time Remap’

    I know you’ve answered a million problems regarding installation and probably can’t wait to get to another one, but any help would be much appreciated.


  51. julien

    29. May, 2013

    Im having the same issue with AE CS5.5
    After Effects Warning: invalid numeric result (divide by zero?)

    Error occurred at line 13.
    Comp: ‘Torch 09′
    Layer: (‘fire1.mov’)
    Property: ‘Time Remap’

    is there something i can do in order to avoid this issue?

    thank you