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Learn to create the effects seen in Magic Bullet Looks. Split RGB channels, simulate chromatic aberration, animate the chaos. All in one tutorial.

Some time ago I wrote a note on my Facebook Fan Page about upcoming tutorials. I’m happy to announce that the day has come – the tutorials are recorded and all will be released soon. This is the first out of four tutorials that will be focused on recreating some of my favorite filters from a Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags great color correction tool – Magic Bullet Looks.

Back in February 2009 I wrote a blog post about [intlink id=”380″ type=”post”]Separating RGB Channels[/intlink]. I thought that it would be a great example of what Adobe Pixel Bender technology can to – it’s simple and quite useful. Useful plugins don’t have to be very complex – it’s quite the opposite  – it’s  mostly simple and small things that make our everyday tasks easier.

With this tutorial I give you RGB Splitter plugin (CS4) totally for free, but I’ve got something extra for those of you who would like to support me and help me keep this site running.

Download: Maltaannon's RGB Splitter PBK (After Effects CS4)

RGB Channels Bundle that consists off ChromAberration – a Pixel Bender plugin for creating real chromatic abberation, and a nice CE RGB Playground that utilizes the free RGB Splitter in a way that makes it extra easy and fun to play with RGB channels of your footage.

Get RGB Channels Bundle (CS4) for only 14.90 USD

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25 Responses to “ChromAberration”

  1. AndrewYY

    14. Jul, 2009

    Instead of using Math.abs(), you could’ve just used -= since you already knew it was a negative number.

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      14. Jul, 2009

      True, but that made more sense to me. Logically. If I’d read the code some day later I would scratch my head about that “-” sign. Math.abs() say’s it all. Just a matter of preference. Good suggestion though.

  2. illd

    14. Jul, 2009

    Very well done, the tutorial and the Plugin. Its so sad that there is no plugin for CS3 – I would get it rightaway!
    Anyway, thank you for explaining in detail, it wont be to hard to rebuild it on cs3.

  3. PL

    15. Jul, 2009

    Hello, nice as usual !
    Sorry if you have already answered this but, when you type on your keyboard, it show up on top right, it’s automatic ? I tried with camtasia studio but nothing, you are using witch software to capture ?
    And thank you for the plugin, very usefull.

  4. PL

    15. Jul, 2009

    Haaaa thank you ! Great !

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      15. Jul, 2009

      Just corrected the dead video link in that KeySnatcher post. I am working on the official release so that everyone can use it.

  5. Navarro Parker

    16. Jul, 2009

    Just picked up ChromAbberation last night. So much nicer than trying to wire up a DIY solution. It supports 32pbc and is incredibly fast!

    At that price, it’s ridiculous not to have it a part of my must-have handy tools.

  6. Zach

    16. Jul, 2009

    Just got the plugin, I cant wait to try this out!

  7. Rob

    16. Jul, 2009

    Got a nice project coming up, hopefully I’ll be able to use this for something on that job. Can’t wait!

  8. crash

    17. Jul, 2009

    buddy you have a logo done for Change please as he razdrozhaet and reluctance to enter your web site

  9. Youssef Sarhan

    28. Jul, 2009

    I like what you did with making the channels seperate more the further out from the point-of-origin, it would be nice if we could control the size of the fade the radius if you will, of the point of origin. Right now I’m duplicating and applying a oval mask.

    What do you think?

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      28. Jul, 2009

      That is not the first request like that. I will look into the second edition of ChromAbberation plugin that will have this feature. As for the manual solution – you have to use a mask or a Circle effect with a stencil alpha blend mode – just like in the Spot Focus tutorial.

  10. corass

    31. Jul, 2009

    sorry but where can I found ChromAbberation plugin?!

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      01. Aug, 2009

      There’s a green “Buy Now” button below the article.

  11. Mike

    02. Aug, 2009

    Happy Birthday big guy…you need to visit Florida!!
    hopefully all goes well for you today and I personally hope you get a real kool zippo lighter for your birthday …maybe ingraved (JD-AE-2009) would be nice huh!!

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      02. Aug, 2009

      Thanks a lot Mike. Guess what… I already have a nice zippo lighter with my company logo ingraved on it. Got it from my friend exactly a year ago. It’s black and soooo cool. Or should I say hot?

  12. Fabio

    03. Aug, 2009

    Hey Thanks to give me a chance to win this plugin… i tried it, and it’s very cool!!! ;) Have a nice day!! :)

    Saluti dall’italia

  13. Hafeez

    05. Sep, 2009

    totally unrelated!!! but I wanted to say that I loved your interview with John Dickinson. All your facial expressions in the interview shows up as a snapshot in your Blog picture :)

    You are truly inspiring.

    PS: Also you didn’t finish the story of the client who came with a bad footage for the time lapse thing?


    29. Dec, 2009

    How I must install this plugin? :S

  15. Chand

    09. Mar, 2010

    Hi dear sir,firstly sorry 4 ma English. I’m Chand from Sri-Lanka. Tnx 2 u’r tutorials. I’m following a multimedia coz in ma home country. I’m da best student 4 AE & 3D MAX. I’m a poor gay…. any way… I’m happy. ok den.. bye…

  16. imseonghoon

    13. Feb, 2011


  17. guilherme todorov

    03. Apr, 2011

    I brought this but i need a version for CS5… are you considering doing this? RGB Splitter works ok but chromaberration gets an error on startup and just dont load on the list

  18. Pierre

    24. Jun, 2011

    How about a version for CS5. Or is there another plugin sufficing that chroma aberration? I don´t have Cs4 anymore. Thanks. Awesome videos.

  19. betty

    19. Mar, 2013

    thanks alot for your site
    i wanted to learn aftereffect
    then i wanted to know more sites abaut that can u say me which is better
    so tx