Growing 3D Vines

Growing 3D Vines

Posted on 12. Apr, 2008 by in After Effects

Do you think you know all about creating 3D vines? Well think again. Watch this amazing tutorial to learn how I did it using only After Effects.

First of all I’d like to apologize for the length of this tutorial – it’s about 50 minutes. It’s been over 3 months since my last post so I’m a bit out of shape. Hopefully next one will be shorter, but for now, before you start watching this make sure you’ve got supplies of some snacks and soda, or coffee if you Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags prefer, so that you have everything you need to sit back and enjoy the tutorial.

I know what you’re thinking. This is the same as Andrew Kramer’s tutorial “Growing 3D Vines”. This is exactly my point. If you’ve watched my previous tutorials you know I don’t copy someone else’s work unless I have something to add to the techniques presented, which is exactly the case here.

It was said that this effect is impossible to achieve without using a 3D application like 3D Studio Max, or Cinema 4D, and I have to agree. It is impossible… but doable. What you’re about to see is made using only After Effects, nothing more.

The final result is not perfect, but since the tutorial already takes about 50 minutes I decided not to focus on the visual side so much, just the basic idea behind this technique.

Generally in this particular case I’d also decide to create this effect in 3D application. Simple shapes like that usually render pretty fast and making changes to the rendered files is not that much of a pain, but just to show you that it is in fact possible to do in After Effects alone I decided to record this tutorial anyway. Hopefully you’ll go creative on the techniques presented and create some stunning animations and effects. As always… possibilities are endless.

Inspiration for this project: Growing 3D Vines by Andrew Kramer.
The wall texture comes from Riot Gear by VideoCopilot.

Project file does not contain the original Riot Gear texture to avoid any copyright issues and giving away something for free that is not mine to give. However there is a replacement texture included that should do the trick.

Download: Tutorial project file (After Effects CS3)

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  1. UmairVFX

    12. Apr, 2008

    WOW dude you are the only one… ;)

  2. Darkskill

    12. Apr, 2008

    nice :)

  3. Craig Hellen

    12. Apr, 2008

    dude!!! you are the one and only AE god. Thanks for this

  4. umairvfx

    12. Apr, 2008

    Georage very soon i will upload my 3d vines video by using your amazing and awesome techinics… nice one Dude.. ;)

  5. Hans

    12. Apr, 2008

    I think we need an AE showdown between you and Mr. Kramer, winner gets custody of Sam Loya. ;)

  6. Nico

    12. Apr, 2008

    Great job !

  7. Splasz

    12. Apr, 2008

    nice, nice. good job ~!!!

  8. Maltaannon

    12. Apr, 2008

    Thanks guys. I just realized that something is seriously messed up with the video. For some reason I was unable to render it from Premiere, so I imported the edit into After Effects, and as I see everything is messed up. Sorry for that. I’ll try to fix it and replace the video file.

  9. khaled

    13. Apr, 2008

    yes this is Maltaannon creative man
    great tutorial
    thank’s wating for more

  10. Mark

    13. Apr, 2008

    Hey Genius-M, ur BACK……hehehhehehe gr8 2 c u again.
    Wat I always like abt u is ur Technique, u always try to tell some uncommon techniques, which is very useful.
    gr8 job, thnx n keep us updated. Bye. MARK

  11. mostafa

    13. Apr, 2008

    i miss u moltaannon v.much
    thanks 4 coming back

    so nice tutorial

    i want to see more

  12. amir

    13. Apr, 2008

    so nice
    Great job !
    you are the one and only
    go on

  13. CalvinWood

    13. Apr, 2008

    finally, i can see how did do it .i can’t guess the last time -_-

  14. R-max

    13. Apr, 2008

    Ouch !!! Big Thank’s :-)

  15. Vinnie

    14. Apr, 2008

    Awesome tutorial!! Thank you so much for them, much appreciated!

  16. naim alwan

    14. Apr, 2008

    Wow… been waiting a long time for a new tutorial… it was well worth the wait… thanks man… you kick ass…

  17. Mark

    14. Apr, 2008

    Hey my Genius-M, I have a request, I always wondered, how a CG element seemlessly integrates with a live action footage. I have researched but never found any good solution to it.

    Any Idea or TIP or a tutorial will b very helpful, How to match the camera angle of a live action footage with a CG element? Also How to integrate both of the stuffs together to get the actual relistic Results?

    I will b gr8ful to u, if u can post some example of doing this sort of STUFF.

    Thank you my Genius-M for all the tutorials and plz I also beg to plz fill my request if u can.

    Thanks again & Take Care – BYE – MARK

  18. ninguem

    14. Apr, 2008

    Well………..not much left to say…and not much breath left on me…so……….f. nice!

    The amazing amount of information inside your tutorials make’em really interisting.

    Thanxxx mate.


  19. olivesimon

    15. Apr, 2008

    Ouch ! It’s great, it’s so big, what a great job and a new perspective in using after effects…

    I will try to translate it in french !:)

    Keep going to battle with Mr Kramer ;) thx

  20. ahmed

    16. Apr, 2008

    Great job

    thank u

  21. flatoshop

    16. Apr, 2008

    Great tutorial dude, i saw kramers vines tutorial but i don’t have 3d max, so i was unable to to that effect, i’m pretty sure that 3d max or any other 3d application gives better results, but this is pretty useful, and, its always good to see a good trapcode particular tutorial. I dont like the after effects particular system at all. i always use particular.

    and i dont think theres need a battle between u and kramer, u both are great, and u have different style

    what i do to link the particular with a path is only link the position [x,y] and [z] with a animated 3d null object, but i don’t undestern why you use the time() expression, you need to use that if u link the particular emitter to a light?
    is it better to link to a light that link to a null object?

    and one last comment, particulars cant be bigger than 200 pxs right? what happen on a camera close up? things go blurry?

    OK thats all, thanx for your great tutorial, an greeting from Mexico, continue with your great tutorials!

  22. Maltaannon

    16. Apr, 2008

    Me and Andrew Kramer are friends, or at least I think we are. We haven’t meet yet, but we do talk from time to time, exchange ideas and such. I also think that any kind of battle is pointless since (like you’ve noticed) we have completely different style and we simply do different kinds of tutorials, although taking custody over Sam is pretty tempting.

    I believe that if you want to bind particles to a path you have to use the Light. PArticular was designed that way. But of course instead of using Motion path you can just animate the position of the emitter. It gives the same results in specyfic cases.

    Particles can be bigger than 200×200. Particular will then display the warning but it will still work. The idea behind particles is that they are small, theres a lot of them, and they don’t have much detail in them, but if you want to use bigger particles you can. The only downside of it is the render time.

    Hope that answers your questions.
    Thank you for nice comments guys!

  23. noname

    17. Apr, 2008


  24. Maltaannon

    17. Apr, 2008

    Don’t be so hard on yourself.

  25. iori

    17. Apr, 2008

    Why not delete noname’s reply?
    He doesn’t even show a little respect to you!
    I’ve watched your tutorials Maltaannon, it’s excellent!
    Though may not be that practical in this particular situation,it still leave us more to think over and explore.

    Also I think you could make more tutorials so that we can be inspired, thanks!

  26. fReezEr.

    18. Apr, 2008

    The best Tutorial after CE ShapeExtruder i think(a lot of many techniques,tips & tricks), so my friend go forward and only forward and you all will be better better and more better ;)

    Andrew Hlus – MUST BE BETTER :)

  27. UmairVFX

    18. Apr, 2008

    Wow nice dude…!

    Sir Malttaanon… could i suggest you one think….?

    actually my suggestion is why you not try you launch any VFX Challenge here like any vfx video same as CGtalk where you can see a forum named mini Challenge or Challenge…. hope you will consider about it…??

    waiting for your response… ;)

    check this out guys and Sir Malttaannon ;) my new try with after effects and 3d studio max …

    please comments there…


  28. nomair

    18. Apr, 2008

    it’s very good thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks

  29. Paul

    20. Apr, 2008

    I thought you forgot that you have a website! Thank you for coming back…

    greets from Israel

  30. Maltaannon

    20. Apr, 2008

    It’s nice to be back.

  31. Brian Berneker

    21. Apr, 2008

    I’m surprised that an expressions junkie like the great Maltaanon didn’t create an expression to lock the vine highlight rotation steady to the comp! Otherwise great groundbreaking tutorial Jerz! I’m sure Kramer will be humbled :)


  32. Maltaannon

    21. Apr, 2008

    Binding the light direction on the Bevel & Emboss layer style would require changing the particle rotation on the particle emitter to the rotation inside the custom particle precomp, and that produces less quality results. Besides, it’s hard to know how the Speed Rotation within the Particular is calculated. It could be measured I guess, but what can I say… I got lazy.

    Above that – I already don’t like you dude. You seem to be thinking like me, and if theres two of me, that means I’m not special. Of course theres George, but that’s a different story ;)

  33. Urt

    22. Apr, 2008

    Great tutorial man! I learn a lot from your tuts, especiallt technical stuff. Great source for becoming confident with AE and its many tools. Looking forward to that circle tut you mentioned!

  34. mike

    22. Apr, 2008

    thanks 4 46 min!! wow

  35. Karim Dehbi

    23. Apr, 2008

    dobry den!

    i am only a student and i don’t have possibilites to pay with paypal coz u need a credit card ( u can’t have one if u don’t have steady income)

    anyway wanted to say great job
    i just discovered your site today (before i only knew video co pilot)

    good to know there is an AE god on this side of the world (europe)

    i like the way you think!
    im a belgian student doing internship in czech republic
    i visited poland 3 weeks ago (krakau it was nice!)

    have a nice day and plz keep it up
    poor students and aspiring aftereffect artists (a³) need YOU

  36. Wesley Ob

    23. Apr, 2008

    Karim Dehibi said it well. Students like us need a way to learn AE…Im incredibly grateful for all of the tutorials.

  37. Maltaannon

    23. Apr, 2008

    Your comments give me a good reason to continue guys! Don’t stop, and I won’t stop either. By the way… If any of you is going to be in Poland (Warsaw) just give me a call. Maybe we’ll meet and have a beer. Cheers!

  38. Mazzimiliano

    24. Apr, 2008

    Thanks for coming back!
    Keep it up!

  39. illd

    29. Apr, 2008

    Unbelievable Masterpiece!

    One note:@ 34:31 Video always breaks down, maybee becaus im using the opera Browser. Im a trying it again with firefox, cant wait to see the finish!

  40. Maltaannon

    29. Apr, 2008

    thanks for the kind works. I really don’t know why the video doesn’t work for you. I checked it and it works for me, and no one else complained about it. I think the problem might be somewhere on your side. Anyway… you can always download the project file and see it all in full glory. Enjoy.

  41. Habehsa

    01. May, 2008

    You are the best of the best man 10Q so much for those tutorials. we love you Addis Ababa,Ethiopians

  42. Habehsa

    04. May, 2008

    What can i say you are The best not only that Best of the best!

  43. Maltaannon

    04. May, 2008

    Just wait till you see the next one.

  44. olek

    04. May, 2008

    “Polak potrafi”

    Pozdrowienia z Niemiec

  45. Bob

    05. May, 2008

    Great job Maltaannon!!!, you owned Andrew Kramer HAHAHAH !

    Its 100 times better, without using any 3D programs ;)

  46. harry

    06. May, 2008

    this the gOOd one I pay u ********

  47. AngryMan

    07. May, 2008

    Well you managed to take few of the Andrew’s coolest tutorials/ideas, recycle and spit out your own “genuine” 2in1 tutorial and get away with it while bashing Kramer…
    You could’ve at least point out that you used everything form Andrew Kramer, and then added some small things like Bevel & Emboss… And I don’t care that you two “talk” from time to time if he used/based something on your tutorials he would’ve given you a full credit for your work/idea. I just hate to see that you fool/mislead people into thinking that you’re better than Kramer with this cheap knock-off! 18/31/32/61

  48. Maltaannon

    07. May, 2008

    Well… that’s not really my point. Andrew knows about this tutorial and I always talk with him before posting something that is somehow relevant to his work to get his agreement. Besides I pointed out in this tutorial that I would also do it in 3D max or any other 3D app, and I also said that it is a good and probably best approach to this certain situation. I just wanted to show you guys that it is also possible to do in AE to some extend. The results are not as slick and you simply can’t do some things in AE – thats it’s nature – to be a 2.5D app, but I believe that creative people can get some out of this tutorial anyway, and that was the point of making it. To bad you can’t see that.

  49. Amit Zinman

    07. May, 2008

    Hey, I’m looking for a good sound loop to accompany the vine growth. Any ideas?

  50. Maltaannon

    07. May, 2008,, I don’t really know. I’m usually doing my own stuff.

  51. Joon

    12. May, 2008

    Hey Maltannon
    Thanks for great tutorial.
    My question is what different does it make if i use null objects and link the positions of emitter to the null than just doing it with light(motion path)? Is there any difference? I just want to know if animating the emitter by using motion path is any different than doing it by using a null so i know which to use in which scenario.

  52. LifesShort

    14. May, 2008

    its funny how i watch every tutorial you and andrew ever made and i still get a diff idea from each of them .. ive never used yours or any one elses tutorials for anything they were doing . but id catch one little thing i never knew and it sparked something so different ..ideas sparked just from watching your tuts have sent me into so many diff directions .. thanks so much bro .. i reallly appreciate it

  53. Maltaannon

    14. May, 2008

    Thank you. Thank you so much. I know exactly what you mean, and what you’ve mentioned is a real purpose of my tutorials. It’s all about the sparks.

  54. bogdan bucur

    14. May, 2008


  55. kris

    18. May, 2008

    very nice maltoon. You really solve it, you took the challenge. Your the man!

  56. Patrick

    19. May, 2008

    :D when i first see the name of tutorial, i realy think this was amazing…

    but this the old song about particles, ш was disappointed..

    I thought this is a new revolutionary way :D but this only particles

    but you as before at a height, respect….


  57. Maltaannon

    19. May, 2008

    Well… yeah. You cant really do anything in 3D in AE so far. I know for some people this usage of particles is obvious, for most it’s new, since particles are always categorized as things to do snow, rain, smoke and such, so I figured I’d show a few different approaches like this one.

  58. Nitin Chand

    22. May, 2008

    WOW..maltaanon…I m reallly so happy for wht U do for US in free..I m curious abt wht are you doing these days or wht r ur recent prjects and which company u belong to? do u own ur motion graphics or VFX company???? plz ans my question if that’s not that private…!!!!!!!!!I m AE slave and work for many MUSIC VIDEOS, VFX and Motion graphics, Obviously Inspired by u and kramer too,I simply ENJOY AE, watch out my stuffs:

  59. Maltaannon

    22. May, 2008

    All the answers are in the About section.

  60. LA

    24. May, 2008

    WOW! Now that was something! One of the best and most useful tutorials of my life! thank you verrrrry much!!!!

  61. Zorba

    26. May, 2008

    Oh my god
    u are fantastic

  62. Samuel

    02. Jun, 2008

    How to get the effects in the after effets?

  63. Maltaannon

    02. Jun, 2008


  64. thepeterchen

    11. Jun, 2008

    i really like watching your stuff, man! some good ideas. keep it up

  65. Ricahrd Castro

    21. Jun, 2008

    Hi maltaannon. I’m new in after effcts so it’s kinda hard for me to follow your tutorial, especially this one. I’d really like to do this vines but i can’t use the MOTION PATH technique that you said. It does not appear in my TrapcodeParticular fx. Hope you can teach me or somehow tell me what to do, or some ideas. THanks a lot. By the way, you and Kramer are my teachers in AE, thank for both of you.greetings from Philippines. (wait for your reply)

  66. Maltaannon

    21. Jun, 2008

    If you don’t have motion path in your particular than you are probably using an older version of the plugin. I think motion paths were introduced in version 1.5

  67. Richard Castro

    23. Jun, 2008

    You’re amazingly right! how d’you know it?
    I’m using vr 1.1 or 1.0.1 I think… I’ll just buy the new version or maybe update to a new version if possible. Thanks men… you help a lot of people by sharing everything little thing you know in AE. Keep up the great works you’ve got and JAH bless you always..

  68. keshoo

    23. Jun, 2008

    Great job

  69. Pulpo

    07. Jul, 2008

    Hello, this is my first post in your site. I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge with all the people around the world. Thanks very much.

  70. akz

    16. Jul, 2008

    where do u download the extras?

  71. akz

    16. Jul, 2008

    soz for double post but…

    where u get the pluginz?

  72. Santiago

    18. Jul, 2008

    Hey man i tried to import a Z-Depth .PNG image sequence to AE, but it keeps showing an error, any way i can solve this?

  73. Maltaannon

    18. Jul, 2008

    Give me more details. What kind of error, when does the error show up? How did you generate the zdepth sequense… everything you can give me will be useful. I never came across an error that might be similar to what you’re describing, and I’ve been working with zdepth quite a lot.

  74. JJ

    21. Jul, 2008

    GOOD ONE!!!!!

  75. Mark

    30. Jul, 2008

    For some reason my particular doesn’t have a motion path option under Air. Anyone know why or where it should be? Did I miss an upgrade?

  76. Maltaannon

    30. Jul, 2008

    I answered this questions already few comments back: If you don’t have motion path in your particular than you are probably using an older version of the plugin. I think motion paths were introduced in version 1.5

  77. k

    31. Jul, 2008

    hey can you provie us file for ae7?

  78. Slickluv

    16. Aug, 2008

    dude you’re good and so is Andrew,so cook the beef and serve it to us as more tutorial. 4rm Nigeria

  79. CristalCube

    22. Aug, 2008

    Like always, really cool tutorial.
    Thanks George for share it.

    Greetings. CC³.

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  81. name

    01. Sep, 2008

    Good day!,

  82. cj

    07. Sep, 2008

    ae has the best community. and this is part of the reason

  83. SAMI

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  84. SAMI

    22. Sep, 2008

    I GOT QUESTION ABOUT THE WATER CAN YOU MAKE A TUTOR ABOUT THIS WATER INSIDE THE ROOM with different objective inside of vines can you make somethinh like snake i know is dumm question but i am seeing this amazing room with a lot of water so instead of vine like andrew kramer stuff is possible creating something else just though…. thanks

  85. teddy M

    11. Oct, 2008

    it’s great!
    even i was an amateur editor but this make me really excited. thanks anyway

  86. muna khan

    24. Oct, 2008

    thanks you very in little state orissa i will known as best graphics designer.but behind my success all the credits goes to you.

  87. Maltaannon

    24. Oct, 2008

    Thank you. That’s a nice thing to say. Thank you all guys. You are very supportive. Stay tuned. More stuff coming your way pretty soon.

  88. Harsh

    31. Oct, 2008

    when i am loading it it says that it doesn’t ave two components

  89. primo

    14. Dec, 2008

    Jerzy, a może pomyślisz, aby ten tutorial wykonać również w polskiej wersji językowej? Można się z niego tyle nauczyć, co z pozostałych wszystkich razem wziętych :)

    Po obejrzeniu tego tutka aż chce się powiedzieć: Polacy nie gęsi, swojego Kramera mają :)

  90. arun

    04. Jan, 2009

    great job guys……. carry on the good work……

  91. prasad

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  92. Jonathan Salinas

    18. Feb, 2009

    let me just tell you that you are the man!
    thanks for awesome tutorials!
    I always learn a lot from you

  93. Alex-ItBad80

    19. Feb, 2009

    On the Making It Loo Great 5 you said that very soon it would open the site The site it offline and shows always this messagge:”come back in a week or so..” . when opent it sure to open this site? sorry for bad english.

  94. Leander

    19. Feb, 2009

    When I link particular to the motion path it does not show the curves (just hard angles) even though you can see them in the motion path…any idea why?

  95. Maltaannon

    19. Feb, 2009

    I don’t think I fully understand what your question is about.

  96. olki

    24. Feb, 2009

    it’s andrew kramer’s original tutorial…why didnt you even mantioned it

  97. Leander

    27. Feb, 2009

    hmm would be better explained with a screengrab I guess, but I’ll try. My “vines” do not go up and down with smooth curves, since the particles don’t follow the smooth lines of the path, but make hard corners..I’d like to have a smooth vine…does that make it clearer?

  98. Maltaannon

    28. Feb, 2009

    Yes. I think I did explain it in the tutorial. Check the duration between your keyframes that create the path. It has to be quite big to have a smooth curve.

    If you want your vines to grow fast you need to precompose them and then timeremap, or even better – render them out, and then timeremap.

    Hope that helps.

  99. proenza

    25. Jul, 2009

    the thing here is that in 3ds max the job can be done in ten minutes, in after effects, even if you know the steps you take much more time…

  100. Lee

    25. Aug, 2009

    Man, this tutorial is awesom! seriously, AE God lol…well, i’ve got another question tho, what if i would to have 6 vines and all of them going different direction? i cant seem to make it work, i tried changing

    light=thisComp.layer(“Motion Path 1”)


    light=thisComp.layer(“Motion Path 2”)

    and still it didnt work, then i even tried making a new solid and a new effect with a new “shape” Still it didnt work, it keeps sticking to Motion Path 1. Please help!

    Im trying to have the vine effect of a tree growing and sprouting into a few branches where it splits off to its own path.

    Please help :(

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      26. Aug, 2009

      I plan an upgraded version of this tutorual sometime soon. For y=now you need to create a new light, and a duplicate of the particle layer, and pick a new light as the motion path from what I can remember, but I might be wrong. I don’t have AE here where I am at the moment.

      • Lee

        26. Aug, 2009

        Yes i’ve tried creating an extra light(Motion Path 2) + stencil(shape) + particle layer and pointed it to Motion Path 2, but its still not working, it did create a new line of particle but that new line keeps following Motion Path 1 for some weird reason.

        Well, Thanks for getting back to me and i shall wait for your new tutorial!…

        You’re the man!

      • Pat

        20. Sep, 2009

        Thank you for sharing your brilliance. When you “upgrade…this tutorial” can you include your thoughts on doing it without the expensive plug-ins? I’ve tried using particle world to generate vines that grow into letters and spell a word in 3d – probably too ambitious for a NOOB and hobiest… In my animation the vines look very flat / 2d and show pixels so it winds up looking more like a childs drawing than a 3d set of growing vines. I would love to hear how you might tackle this…

  101. c.sosa

    05. Dec, 2009

    My God, I never thought somebody will take something made in 3Ds max and make it in After Effects!! Nice one!!!

  102. theep

    11. Dec, 2009

    Im so lucky to find U. just yesterday it was, I found. U r really amazing too.(I thought it is only ‘Andrew Kramer’ until day B4 yesterday)


  103. ar2

    04. Jan, 2010

    DZIĘKI! nie wiem czy tu wypada pisać po polsku (najwyżej usuniesz) lecz nie mogę się powstrzymać – rozpiera mnie duma narodowa w tej chwili ;)

    DZIĘKI, super tut!!!!! wręcz genialny

    bardzo mi pomogłeś! żałuje że nie znalazłem tego wcześniej…oszczędziło by mi męczarni z 3d stroke-iem jak jeszcze robiłem dla mtv

    – zabawne ze mieszkamy w tym samy mieście a znalazłem cie przez motionworks. z Australli

    zostawiam maila… jak będziesz kiedyś w okolicach Portu Praskiego to zapraszam, w trudach buduje tu studio.

    jeszcze raz szacun!

  104. danty

    22. Feb, 2010

    hi how are you your a god in my eyes and i have been taught by you and Andrew and Aharon and eran stern you name many of them
    so i have one problem i want to learn and be professional in expressions and i dont know how to start the basics i had what i had from the ppl i told you before please guide me

  105. Nirmal

    23. Apr, 2010

    nice, nice. good job thank u

  106. vembiz

    03. May, 2010

    good job :)

  107. petar

    30. May, 2010

    Hey man, u are doing great job here … don’t mind the pricks with insisting comments on some kind of battle between u and Andrew …. u are both great teachers … and what is best of all … u are giving us pure gold and it’s for free … tnx for that. keep rocking.

  108. West

    10. Jun, 2010

    I agree with everyone here that this tut is awesome! I tried to design a creepy logo for my mini project with these effects for a website but it turned out all wrong. Haha. I think I used the wrong subject matter. Finally, I decided to use the professional services of an online logo design site instead ( and got the design I wanted at an affordable price and fast too, within 24 hours. I did provide this link for reference and inspiration to my designer as I wanted the color/look of your design. Thanks for posting this, by the way!

  109. Ya mum

    06. Jul, 2010

    You will never be better than Andrew Kramer!!!!!!!

  110. idiot

    09. Aug, 2010

    lol… thise tutorials came from videocopilot ….

  111. David O'Brien

    21. Aug, 2010

    Hi – I’m having a problem achieving this effect using Particular 2.0. Since a “Custom” particle is no more, I believe Textured Polygon would be the replacement? But I cannot get the particles to orient in the correct direction.

    Thank you!

    • Fil

      26. Oct, 2010

      I’m having the same problem. Anyone solved this?

  112. Tate

    24. Oct, 2010

    What if I don’t want the vines to be smooth circle shapes the whole path. What if I want there to be slight buldges in the vine along the path (like segmenting the vine)? Any ideas about manipulating the particles?

  113. Richard

    06. Nov, 2010

    Oh i knew we could do this with Particular… I like the way you think!!!!!!!! When it comes to things like vines , dont spot other softwares.. You can do it with AE..I’m very new to AE , but i thought of this as much!!!!! I even thought of doing it with just AE with particular before i saw this tutorial ..I like Andrew Kremer , but i think you are also awesome and your tutorials are not much but you do intensive one.. Like the Screeny one!!! i wanted to do that a long time ago , i swear!!! You also explained the particular well than andrew!!! He is good though , but like u said , u have different styles. Thanks a lot man .. I love this!!!! Will get on this site always !!!!

  114. Richard

    06. Nov, 2010

    after watching your demo reel , i think you are better than andrew 90%. I thought u didnt even know how to use a 3d software !!! but obviously you do but u believed in aftereffect … You’re awesome , i swear!!! i want to work for you !!!!!!

  115. Joseph Rakereng

    18. Dec, 2010

    Have a little confusion between two Gods Maaltanon and Kramer.You guys are very creative and genious.Love you lots Maaltanon.All the best sir.
    From Botswana.Southern Africa

  116. Josh

    29. Dec, 2010

    Hey Genious-M!
    Love your tutorials! I can watch them over and over again, and pick out something new and awesome each time. You’re quite right, its not about generating the perfect effect, its about sparking those little new ideas that we can take and throw in different directions. I’ve learned more from your and Andrew’s tutorials in the last 6 months than I would learn in 4 years of classes. :)

  117. Pawel Truman

    07. Jan, 2011

    Piknie :)

  118. jahir ahmed

    07. Apr, 2011

    Maltaannon actually u r great & u r job.

  119. Umar

    14. Oct, 2011

    It is 2011, 4th Quarter, and your posts and training tutorials are still inspiring Maltaannon even they are originally old. Hopefully you well get me right. I am waiting for your new things, including a new website. I know you are unique and I am following other artist in AE and know by now that you have inspired them and helped them, too.

    Wish you all the best and hope to see your new era.

  120. wokao

    09. Nov, 2011


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    13. Jan, 2012

    Thanks for the write up! This is really some great stuff here! Wishing for a following post for the similar subject.

  123. Joshua

    07. Apr, 2012

    is this compatible to ae cs4

  124. Name (required)

    17. May, 2012

    hi thanks for the tutorials, it’s great. i seem to be having problem with linking the particle type to the shape, i’ve tried everything. any chance oh helpign me out. On AE CS5.5


  125. Zafar Sahel

    26. Dec, 2012

    woooooooooooooooow dude it is Amazing
    i like it