Loopable background

Loopable background

Posted on 19. Mar, 2007 by in After Effects

When you’re creating background for a DVD project, website, or a TV Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags commercial it’s always good to know how to loop your animation.

Maybe this tutorial isn’t something very unique, but I’ve seen a lot of people asking questions about creating a loopable backgrounds, so here we are. Learn how to use blending modes and very powerful and often unappreciated fractal noise filter. Make a loop out of your background animation and make it look even more exciting by applying textures and lights to create a final look.

Download: Tutorial project file (After Effects CS2)

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24 Responses to “Loopable background”

  1. 60WE

    20. Mar, 2007

    Great and helpful tutorials! I’ve found the link to your site on CGTalk.
    Keep it up!
    All the best.

  2. Kopiart

    30. Mar, 2007

    The most interesting tutorial so far on this page.

  3. LaMisèreEnOr

    02. Sep, 2007

    Thanks a lot,

    really helped me for my dvd-menues.
    great site, thx, keep it up

  4. Malcolm DeSoto

    03. Sep, 2007

    Hey, found your site through Creativecow. This tutorial was great! The second I saw your homepage, I was wondering how I could create a similar effect. Thanks for sharing!

    Malcolm man

  5. ahmed

    22. Sep, 2007

    perfect! There is always something to learn…

  6. Michael Hardie

    08. Nov, 2007

    very nice! was following along but then I got all these messages from AE about it having crashed… haha

    but it’s cool how i found this cause in class yestarday afternoon we wer looking at DVD menus and I gotta create a website for my college course aswell so you have majorly helped me out here dude!

  7. Nino

    20. Nov, 2007

    You are the man.. no really… the man. Thanks so much for sharing what you know, its a huge boost and alleviates frustrations you run into when you have an effect in mind, but can’t get it on screen.

  8. Isha

    21. Nov, 2007

    That was nice. Thank you for sharing that creative, simple yet awesome tutorial.

  9. Nikhil Arora

    03. Jan, 2008

    That was a great help, U made it so easy..
    but i have one problem…i don’t have few effects, like u used bezier warp…from where i can get extra plugin’s…
    thanks a ton…
    waiting for tutorials and tips….

  10. Maltaannon

    03. Jan, 2008

    Thank you. Those are standard plugins. If you don’t have them than maybe they come only in Professional version of After Effects.

  11. shin

    18. Jan, 2008

    very nice tutorial cool maltaannon~~~ Thank you

  12. Wei

    23. Jan, 2008

    Very very nice…Thank you so much for the tutorials!
    Very creative and original. I look forward to more of your works. Keep it up.

  13. doufu

    08. Feb, 2008

    so nice guy maltaannon for sharing the Useful free tutorial!best wishes from china for u

  14. Eddie

    31. Mar, 2008

    Maltaannon, Thank you! I have been searching for a loopable tutorial. I’ve just entered the world of video creating, editing, and fx and your site will definitely accelerate my learning. Excuse my ignorance, how can I create those same Jpgs in Photoshop as 720×480?

    Again, thanx. Blessings on you and yours,

    Rhode Island, U.S.A.

  15. Enrique

    07. Apr, 2008

    Neat effect but over my head. I wish you’d have a tut with more detail on how/why you split that track to make a smoothly looping movie. Also, I’m a little weak on the comps within comps stuff. I will definitely PayPal you, friend.

  16. tata

    07. Apr, 2008

    where is the link to Video ???

  17. Fred B.

    08. May, 2008

    Very simple, but very effective. I’m starting to like the fractal noise effect :D

  18. Carlos C.

    23. May, 2008

    The Best of the Best! I admire people with so much talent thank you!

  19. Berlin

    04. Jul, 2008

    Any one knows how to loop a audio file…?

  20. Maltaannon

    04. Jul, 2008

    Sure. I do, but it’s hard to explain without hearing the audio. Call me up on skype or simply use text messages on skype. We’ll figure something out.

  21. JK

    16. Jul, 2008

    Hi;is these tutorial free to watch….? I have trouble to watch tutorials..what i have to do??????

  22. ivan

    13. Aug, 2008

    i saw your link at creative cow
    you are totally awesome
    thanks for posting this one, i am the still beginner, i hope i can master on AE like you did

  23. Radhika

    22. Dec, 2008

    very nice tutorial;
    thanks Maltaanon

  24. Mike

    25. Oct, 2011

    nice work… im not christian but your like the jesus of the after effects… xD