MotionGrabber Preview

MotionGrabber Preview

Posted on 18. Jul, 2008 by in After Effects

Enjoy this exclusive sneak-peak at a cool plugin that is coming out in the next few weeks. Grab this tasty tool while it’s still free to download.

MotionGrabber is a plugin developed by Avidion Media in cooperation with my own company – Polygon Studio. It is meant to help you with uncommon motion tracking tasks that are hard or even impossible to handle with AE build in pixel tracker. I welcome you to download this plugin and give it a try.

MotionGrabber 0.0.1 is a early prerelease that was tested only with AE CS3. and for the time being works only on Windows. Good news is that now it works on Mac and Windows. I decided to share this little piece of software with you because I already find it very Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags useful. Please remember that the official release will work on Mac’s as well and be loaded with extra features, therefore it will probably no longer be free.

Generally speaking MotionGrabber expands the spectrum of trackable data. This prerelease is only able to track the alpha channel of a given layer, but the final release is going to have a lot of extra features and hopefully it will be your second most commonly used tracking tool.

Please note!
This prerelease is provided as-is with no official support. You may download and use it for free at your own risk. Polygon Studio, Avidion Media, nor anyone else but you alone can be held responsible for any damage that might caused by this software.

To install the plugin simply copy it into your AE Plug-ins directory. Please let me know what you think. I know I find it useful and I wonder what your opinion might be. Also let me know of any bugs you might find. Thanks in advance. Enjoy!

Download: MotionGrabber PreRelease (Windows)

Download: MotionGrabber PreRelease (Macintosh)

The footage used in this tutorial is a property of Check out the site for some amazing stock footage. Make sure to check out Uberstock’s iStockPhoto profile as well.


48 Responses to “MotionGrabber Preview”

  1. abe

    18. Jul, 2008

    You are up there man, cool stuff cant wait to see the finished product. Thanks for free preview.

  2. Aldie

    18. Jul, 2008

    Thanks again for the free preview Bro!!!! God bless you for this!!!! cheers.

  3. pakistan

    18. Jul, 2008

    Something is not right wit the link, I suppose.

  4. Maltaannon

    18. Jul, 2008

    I’ve noticed. Probably temporarily. They said they are still working on it. But iStockPhoto link works.

  5. Joe Tonsing

    18. Jul, 2008

    Thanks for the tutorial and the plug-ins…
    love live

  6. ömer tatlisoz

    18. Jul, 2008

    thanks maltaannon:)

  7. vianz

    19. Jul, 2008

    I cannot access

  8. Vinnie

    19. Jul, 2008

    You are so awesome, but I guess you know that already ^_^

  9. Jan

    19. Jul, 2008

    Is this plugin also available for mac?

  10. wayne

    19. Jul, 2008

    is there a mac plugin?

  11. Maltaannon

    19. Jul, 2008

    Official release will be available for Mac. This prerelease works only on Windows. It’s all explained in the article. Sorry guys, but I’m just tired of answering question that I already answered in the article long before someone ever asked them in the comments, so READ THE DAMN THING!

  12. Johannes

    20. Jul, 2008

    Hey, very nice to see that your self-written program to show keyboard-input in the upper right corner works well :) Seems like it didnt catch that “Alt-Click” action but nevertheless its pretty cool.

    Btw, new fan from Germany. Haha you caused me to buy that CS3 Production Premium ;) Thanks for all your work and especially this plugin!
    I think its perfect to use if you dont work with real life videos and more with old-fashioned 8/16 bit console graphics, like i’ll do :)

    Waiting for the next vid :D

  13. Joey

    20. Jul, 2008

    Pretty Good, Thank You so much for your Good Job.

  14. Amit (hellanimation)

    20. Jul, 2008

    10x man! another Guinness Solution for our small :) community .
    i used to watch only copilot, since i have been in your site (only a week ago) i cant stop watching whats comes next! man i can do all i dreamed for! F***ing expressions .! :)
    10x again man
    (hope u liked watching my videoClip, the green monster tacking over Tel Aviv)

  15. Nkolev

    21. Jul, 2008

    I was wondering if in the website that these footage were uberstock , are they free there or we can only buy them from istockphoto ?

  16. James Wicks

    21. Jul, 2008

    Dziękują Maltaannon and Avidion Media!

    I am looking forward to seeing the Mac version of Motion Grabber.

    James Wicks
    Zfx Studios
    Florida, USA

  17. Arthur

    22. Jul, 2008

    thanks for the free tutorials,really an amazing resource

  18. Bwe

    23. Jul, 2008

    Great little plugin mate, thanks a ton. Very useful for flash animation inside AE :)

  19. Shavkat

    25. Jul, 2008

    Mr.Maltaannon I’ve a problem about affter effects. I don’t have a “cc effects” when I open simulation. If you know This please help me again please. I need Thouse effects so much. I’m sory for my English Thanks a lot. This is great job good!!! I will wait you Mr.Maltaannon

  20. Maltaannon

    25. Jul, 2008

    CC Effects are on the installation disk.

  21. Brickone

    25. Jul, 2008

    Hey Maltaannon!

    You’ll be happy to know I used this plug in today not once, not twice but 32 times! Very usefull for what I needed to do.


  22. Maltaannon

    25. Jul, 2008

    Hey. Thats great! Hope to see how you used it. If it’s confidential or you’re simply not allowed to show it to the public just drop me an email via the contact form on the contact page. Cheers

  23. blablabla

    03. Aug, 2008

    f***ing noob

  24. Check your mail, puto. I’m trying to reach You for like 3 days now :(

  25. vic

    08. Aug, 2008

    slick stuff. conceptually simple 4 those who even kind of like math. yet much more difficult to create i’m sure. seems very useful. haven’t used yet. but trust me i will. keep up the good work.

  26. ed

    10. Aug, 2008

    hey man I just found your site and i have to say it is just amazing I been looking for a place to get deeper into expressions as you may know there no training AE expressions only but Harry´s from greymachine.
    Dont you have any training dvd on expressions on sale if not
    are you thinking of making one
    that would be really great cause it really hard to learn this topic on one´s own
    please let us know
    i will be waiting for an answer
    thanks in advance

  27. Maltaannon

    10. Aug, 2008

    I am planning a secret something that involves expressions, but I’m not gonna share that secret just yet. But I am working on Making It Look Great DVD. The tutorials will also include some cool expressions.Hope you’ll like them.

  28. Bogdan

    21. Aug, 2008

    thx for all the great work u do and and share with us.

  29. faysal

    27. Aug, 2008

    hi every body
    this is very nive tutorial but i face some broblam, aculy we need cc glugins, any body have than send my id , and tell me one thing how can i download this tutorial?

  30. Delgadeth

    30. Aug, 2008

    How can a get that keyboard-input plugin that are you using?

  31. Maltaannon

    30. Aug, 2008

    you are refering to my KeySnatcher. it will be on sale when it’s ready. more info here:

  32. Joan

    01. Sep, 2008

    Gracias amigo! Thanks for share your mind!! :)

  33. Elena

    03. Sep, 2008

    Thanks for sharing! It’s much appreciated :)

  34. CristalCube

    17. Sep, 2008

    Very useful, spectacular like always, thanks for this share George.

    Greetings. CC³.

  35. patrick siemer

    02. Dec, 2008

    This is a spectacular freebie. thank you!

  36. andrés

    04. Dec, 2008

    Watching the tutorial I noticed an interesting parameter. Getting to know the exact dimensions of a text layer have always been a problem, but this plug in solves it in just one click. I know it’s not the main function that this plug was designed for, but just for that feature its a must.
    Well, congratulations on everything you’ve done. Keep it up.
    And happy “after effectin”.

  37. Arnold

    07. Jan, 2009

    This is truly an awesome I have had great results.

    Just a quick Question?
    Does this increase the render time massively?

  38. Maltaannon

    07. Jan, 2009

    No. Not at all. This is just like “Create Keyframes from Audio” – it just generates keyframes. Nothing more. Does not affect the render in any way.

  39. Menna_Mahmoud

    10. Dec, 2009

    i tried using this cool plug_in and the final render was as expected, but when i tried to re-render the same file again with making no changes it didn’t work.
    any particular reason for that?..

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      10. Dec, 2009

      Hard to tell. The plug generates keyframes, so it doesn’t do anything while it’s on the layer. It might be a different issue.

  40. Alptonay

    01. Jun, 2010

    I know you, your site, your tuts but I knew I’ve missed something.. I have seen that tut just about 10 minutes ago :s This is one of the great tools!.. ;) thank you

  41. damian3k

    26. Aug, 2010

    Realy cool plugin. Thanks!

  42. Jacob Danell

    05. Oct, 2010

    Hi. I put my MotionGrabber plugin in my AE Plugin foldier but AE don’t find the plugin when I start AE… I have cs5. Don’t it work with AE cs5?

  43. Paulo Barrelas

    07. Feb, 2011

    Thanks a lot for releasing this free plugin, at least for now. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with CS5, are you planning on releasing a CS5 compatible version in a near future?


  44. DneprRider

    12. May, 2011

    Not for CS5? Wha? May your babies be born naked!


    31. Jul, 2011

    I installed the pre-released plug-in in AF cs5 but I can not get access to it. I followed avery step on your tut but the Grabber does not show on my effects of pressets at all.
    The way I installed this plug-in was as follow:
    1.- opened AF fille
    2.- Support Files
    3.- I moved the Grabber plug-in to this folder.

    4.- I opened AF , I open a new video
    5.- I tried to access the plug-in but it did not show up under effects, nor on the pressets..

    Please If you can tell me if I have to do anything else, besides buying your full plug-ins.
    Thank you

  46. ai

    30. Dec, 2012

    thank you