Oily Stratum: Improving the bubble

Oily Stratum: Improving the bubble

Posted on 08. Mar, 2007 by in After Effects

Dynamic scaling, controlled randomness and animating by audio Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags keyframes. All is here! Make sure to check this one out.

The focus of this tutorial is how to take your animation to the next level by adding dynamic behaviours to the bubbles. Find out how to take control over random movement generated by the wiggle expression, and how to drive the animation using audio clips.

Inspiration for this project: Levitated.net Oliy Stratum

Download: Complete OilyStratum project (After Effects CS2)

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9 Responses to “Oily Stratum: Improving the bubble”

  1. Nicholas Krauss

    08. Mar, 2007

    I saw all this tutorials and I`m very satisfied. I hope that next will appear ASAP

  2. Dzik

    10. Mar, 2007

    Very interesting, I wait onto next part. ;]

  3. ikuzui

    03. Dec, 2007

    Thanks very good!

  4. doufu

    08. Feb, 2008

    thank you maltaannon!great free tutorials thanks a lot! from the people’s republic of china

  5. Chris Standley

    20. Nov, 2008

    More incredible work. Your use of expressions and parenting is inspiring.

  6. Anders Hattne

    25. Jan, 2009

    This Project is beautiful!! Starting to use some new .. expressions is good for that confidence, I’m more willing to look at more advanced expressions now!
    Thanks a lot!!

  7. Meks

    27. Sep, 2009

    I didn’t watch the tutorial yet but i really got confused about the pic used to illustrate this tutorial.

    It looks like the Jared Tabrel Flash Experiment liquid done 5 to 6 years ago!

    Actually Jared Tabrel footPrint is undeniable : check for your self : http://www.levitated.net

    of course this is about AE and not Flash

    and I’m not saying there is plagia in here…

    just pointing out the sobriety of Jared Open Source Work

    Thank you for tutorials that are for sure, helping out newbies get more self confident while attending Ae sessions ;)

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      27. Sep, 2009

      Maybe you should watch the tutorial first before posting a comment? Or at least read the description of the tutorial.

  8. Chand

    17. Dec, 2009

    @Meks. Sorry dude, always think before speak or at least remain your eyes open. You can also don’t deny from maltaannon work. It is indispensable and its hard to find such neat tutorials about AE on net.