Shutter Streak

Shutter Streak

Posted on 27. Jul, 2009 by in After Effects

Add a classy film look to your footage by creating a Shutter Streak effect as seen in Red Giant Software’s amazing plugin – Magic Bullet Looks. Switch given features of the streak on and off for quick and easy adjustments.

Some time ago I wrote a note on my Facebook Fan Page about upcoming tutorials. I’m happy to announce that the day has come – the tutorials are recorded and all will be released soon. This is the forth and the last tutorial (at least from the ones I announced so far) that will be focused on recreating some of my favorite filters from a great color correction tool – Magic Bullet Looks.

It’s really hard to say how Shutter Streak works, so what I did Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags is I applied it to a couple of different images in Magic Bullet Looks and tried to analyse it to really capture the essence. Then I did my best to recreate the effect using standard plugins that come with After Effects. I hope this tutorial will not only show you how to create a great looking light streak, but also that it will broaden your understanding of some very simple yet powerful filters. Enjoy!

Download: Shutter Streak preset (After Effects CS3)

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34 Responses to “Shutter Streak”

  1. PhSn

    27. Jul, 2009

    Nice One! Start making some more advanced tutorials again ;) This one is a step in the right direction :D
    But still very nice technique, and easy to use, by just applying the preset.


  2. Andrew

    27. Jul, 2009

    Well… this ended up being a lot simpler than I thought it would be.

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      27. Jul, 2009

      Well… that’s my goal in every tutorial. Complex stuff in simplest possible way. Hope I made this one a must-see.

  3. Melkoret

    27. Jul, 2009

    Your the man, dawg!

  4. John Dickinson

    27. Jul, 2009

    Hi George, I appreciate all your tutorials, both simple and more advanced. Perhaps make the simple tutorials free and charge a fee for the advanced ones. ;)

  5. basst85

    28. Jul, 2009

    Nice and simple effect. Thanks for sharing!

  6. David W.

    29. Jul, 2009

    Very nice and simple. I love how you experiment in the middle of a tutorial! :)

  7. luis T.A

    29. Jul, 2009

    Hey!! tank’s for you handhelp congratulation and tank’s again BYE

  8. Craig Hellen

    30. Jul, 2009

    Ok this one will be used by me on a little indie music vid. will add that stylization that i really needed, many thanks for another excellent tutorial!

  9. KJ

    14. Aug, 2009

    I applied the preset to some footage. It works but cuts off the top half of my image?

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      14. Aug, 2009

      Try turning off the expressions for the transform parameters and just tweak them manually.

  10. paluka

    16. Aug, 2009

    I love tutorials that stop and have to tweek themselves during the tutorial. It shows that the effect has to be worked upon for perfection. I appreciate the tutorial. Thanks a lot!!

  11. ottar

    22. Aug, 2009

    I’m sorry, but after having seen quite a few After Effects tutorials, I found this one to be pretty bad, for a couple of reasons:

    – Properly explain what it is you’re going to produce, in the beginning of the tutorial. You don’t actually seem to know what shutter streaks are, which is troublesome to say the least

    – If you’re not going to use something, don’t put it in

    – You mumble, and make mistakes – if you make mistakes, record the tutorial again, or simply edit it afterwards to make it run smoother

    – You use a whole bunch of effects instead of trying to accomplish the same end results with less processing. If I was to use all of these effects at the same time often, my renders would be really slow. You have to think about these things when you just pile one thing on top of the next.

    – You don’t seem to know how the effects work, as it looks like you’re surprised quite a few times during the tutorial – often by really basic things, such as layering

    All in all, keep it up, and I love that people put out tutorials like this, but it has to be of higher quality.

    • Joe Clay

      18. Sep, 2009

      There’s nothing wrong with this presentation. It’s real and unscripted. If you’re not surprised by AE every once in a while, you’re not using it like you should be—especially when using that many effects on one layer.

      There’s no reason for him to re-record and do it over. That’s a waste of time.

      This won’t slow down a fast computer. Maybe it’s time for you to upgrade? :)

      As for explaining the cause of shutter streaks and use of the effect, you have a valid point.

    • Josua Fischer

      18. Nov, 2009

      I like it when ppl make mistakes in tutorials and try to solve them. it really makes you think yourself of how to solve it, and ultimately problem solving is what makes you better not button pushing.

    • ElinG

      04. Dec, 2009

      Yes, and maybe you brush your teeth and comb your hair before you post… and for god’s sake sit up straight man!

      • ElinG

        04. Dec, 2009

        …oh and while im on it, really how f%&king unresourceful(sic) can you be? if u dont know what shutter streaks are then just do what everyone does: google

  12. A.S.

    15. Sep, 2009

    I actually appreciate you making mistakes and showing it, because I make mistakes as well, but at the same time it shows me what happens when mistakes are done, and I have to say that at least 15% of my mistakes become happy mistakes, that I use for other effects later down the line.

  13. franco

    18. Sep, 2009

    I agree with Ottar, you are improvising over a really basic stuff.
    Pile up several fx without an economical criteria is not an option.
    And AS, there are not happy mistakes, is a fast blur!

  14. Antonio

    02. Oct, 2009

    Hey George, do I need to put the FFX file on a specific folder in the presets or just put it there and that’s it, sorry for the stupid and newbie question.

  15. natan072

    14. Oct, 2009

    jak to dobrze ze mamy takich zdolnych;d polaków

  16. by_agentsmith

    26. Dec, 2009

    Jerzy Drozda Jr , keep the good, I m new to this board, I catched your previous tutorials on Creative Cow, and that were all COOL! God bless you for providing these knowledge to US.

    And Shame on you John Dickinson for writing that comment on this page. Jerzy Drozda Jr is doing such a great work for this community and you want to make him a BILL GATES “cooperate” mentality . Shame on you.

  17. vindey

    28. Dec, 2009

    very nice!

  18. oh

    19. May, 2010

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  19. Thanks for this tutorial very useful!

  20. steven

    20. Jul, 2010

    If i don’e have a Magic Bullet Looks can i use the preset?

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      25. Jul, 2010

      Yes. That was the point of this tutorial :)

      • steven

        07. Aug, 2010

        thank you

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  22. FreeAEtemplates

    03. May, 2011

    Even though this is an old tutorial, the technique is still great to bookmark. I really enjoyed watching it again.

  23. Ola

    09. Oct, 2011

    will this cs3 presets work on cs5.5

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