Spot Focus

Spot Focus

Posted on 22. Jul, 2009 by in After Effects

Recreate the Edge Softness filter as seen in Red Giant Software’s Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags amazing plugin – Magic Bullet Looks. Animate your focus area, change it’s width and softness, and save it as a preset for later use. Quick and easy.

Some time ago I wrote a note on my Facebook Fan Page about upcoming tutorials. I’m happy to announce that the day has come – the tutorials are recorded and all will be released soon. This is the third out of four tutorials that will be focused on recreating some of my favorite filters from a great color correction tool – Magic Bullet Looks.

In this very short tutorial you will see how to take the technique from the [intlink id=”1127″ type=”post”]previous tutorial[/intlink]¬†and modify it to create a circular spot focus instead of a linear swing tilt. Make sure to check out the [intlink id=”137″ type=”post”]Uses of the Circle[/intlink]¬†tutorial. This technique comes directly from there. Enjoy!

Download: Spot Focus Preset (After Effects CS3)

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26 Responses to “Spot Focus”

  1. PhSn

    22. Jul, 2009

    nice tut dude ;)

  2. Eran Stern

    22. Jul, 2009

    worthy one – just for the clamp expression alone :)

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      22. Jul, 2009

      You should check out the preset. Even more expressions in there. Just thought to make it more universal.

    • Peter

      24. Jul, 2009

      Maltaannon you have a really big fan base, and I can also see the great Eran Stern and I read Aharon Rabinowitz also talking about your accomplishments. Great Job. Keep it up

  3. Andrewe

    22. Jul, 2009

    Ha! You did use the circle effect :P

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      22. Jul, 2009

      Yyyyyyyes Sir I did. Now try to figure out how I’ll do the Shutter Streak.

      • Andrew

        23. Jul, 2009

        Let’s see… fast blur (vertical only, lots and lots of it, + repeat edge pixels), and the same light sweep as last time. :) That should do it

        • Jerzy Drozda Jr

          23. Jul, 2009

          Try it and let me know on facebook fan page. You can even upload your results there.

  4. Tommy

    23. Jul, 2009

    great tut. thnx! something i will use pretty often…

  5. Anthony

    24. Jul, 2009

    This is really cool!

  6. VinhSon

    26. Jul, 2009

    Excuse me, great video tutorial, I’ve been looking for ages for something like this, may I ask what screen recorder you are using? Email me if you can :)

    Thanks, keep up the great work!

  7. Manuel

    31. Jul, 2009

    Thanks a lot Jerzy, this looks great and ain’t that difficult to accomplish, I’ll post in your facebook page my results! Greetings from Argentina!

  8. spyvspy aeon

    18. Aug, 2009

    Really great, loved the simplicity, thanks a lot for sharing.

  9. archa

    25. Sep, 2009

    i didnt see the project file with stuff. There’s not here, is it?

  10. gantico

    07. Oct, 2009

    Hi Maltaannon,
    your tutorial shows (in a very smart and inspiring way) how to get a quick effect with a very fast rendering, but the result could be even more interesting using Lens Blur.

    Fast blur faded in this way has a kind of “soft focus” collateral effect, because the blurred part of the image is progressively fading in opacity but not in the radius of blurriness.

    To simulate a real lens behavior, giving a more realistic depth of field, Lens Blur filter is really amazing. It doesn’t fade opacity but it reduces progressively (you just need to create a proper map) the radius of the blurriness.
    Unfortunately it’s quite processor intensive…

    You might consider to create a follow-up tutorial with Lens Blur option. I’m sure that if you do it, you will invent another of your cool tips&tricks (don’t tell me that you can do it with just one layer, without a separate depth of field map layer!!!)

    Keep on rocking with your site!!!

    Cheers from Italy.

    • Klas

      29. Nov, 2009

      Great tutorial, very uesful.

      Yeah using the LensBlur created really nice results aswell, but was render heavy. Thanks for the tip.

  11. ali

    22. Dec, 2009

    thx man for sharing

  12. vindey

    28. Dec, 2009

    i like it!
    the lenburs created a nice work!

  13. sarah

    24. Jun, 2010

    Thanks, this was extremely helpful. Especially since it was so simple for a newbie like myself.

  14. Michael

    22. Jan, 2011

    Excellent tutorial. I was trying to just animate the “edge softness” in Magic Bullet Looks, but I guess I am unable to. Then I came to this tutorial and was pretty amazed with this result of almost the same thing. The only problem is that I need to work with all 32bit effects…Is there a way to achieve this same effect using 32bit effect…?

  15. Mahmood

    15. Feb, 2011

    hi maltaannon thanks from your useful tutorials I always see your video tutorials on your site. I have a problem with motion tracking and Expressions please help me and make a video tutorial on my problems thanks………

  16. Tulio

    31. Mar, 2011

    Just what I was looking for, thanks.

  17. Alexandros

    22. May, 2011

    Very good effects!! Thanks!!

  18. A

    27. May, 2011

    Thanks sir!

  19. modraideja

    17. Oct, 2011

    wow, great plugin!

  20. Guy

    14. Mar, 2012

    Hi! Great tutorial.

    The Yahoo store MBL link is broken, though