Chopper sound

Chopper sound

Posted on 04. Jul, 2008 by in Audition

I wanted to record something different from what Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags I usually publish, so I recorded this short and totally useless tutorial. Enjoy!

You will probably never have to do this kind of thing on your own, but I decided to record this tutorial anyway… just to break the pattern of doing AE tutorials. After all… this site was suposed to host all Adobe Production Premium tutorials, right?

Anyway I hope you’ll like it. You will learn the fundamental difference between noise types, see how some of the effects work and learn the basics of the Multitrack view. Enjoy!

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12 Responses to “Chopper sound”

  1. UmairVFX

    05. Jul, 2008


    i wanna fly in Helicopter :)

    Thanks DUDE :)

  2. Brian

    05. Jul, 2008

    That was cool and lots of fun but I was pretty bummed out when you didn’t put it together with the video at the end! I was getting all excited and anticipating that final moment but you denied us! Still, your tutorials are always great to watch, and I appreciate them.

  3. ömer tatlisoz

    05. Jul, 2008

    very goog..:)

  4. illd

    05. Jul, 2008

    Hey Maltaannon,
    Very nice how you explained and used the effects.

    Originally i come from audioediting, but to be honet, I would have tried to use a chopper preset or an already edited soundfile to emulate the sound.

    Can you tell us how long you took to find out how to create the a chopper sound?

  5. Maltaannon

    05. Jul, 2008

    Yes. There was a chopper preset, but what is a tutorial if all ones do is applying presets? Besides, building it this way is more flexible. I could easily make the length of the sound exactly the way I needed, and create “outside” and “inside” version of the same sound to match each shoot simply by applying some equalization. It wasn’t long to figure out how to build it once I found the Doppler Shifter.

  6. illd

    06. Jul, 2008

    Dont get me wrong,
    I didnt want to critisize you, i am happy you made this tutorial.
    It showed me that I became a lazy guy :)

    Keep on rolling!

  7. Muaz

    06. Jul, 2008

    Hey Maltannon! Gr8 work nd keep it cmin…regards frm Pakistan!

  8. COPIC

    08. Jul, 2008

    Hi Maltannon,

    just dropped by and i impressed by all your great tutorials.
    One thing disturbes me… you need a better microphone. It sounds a bit sqeezy and far away. Meant as constructive crit. :)

    Keep up your great work and thanks a lot!!

  9. Patrick Algermissen

    11. Jul, 2008

    Hi Maltannon,

    Thanks for all the great tutorials. They are entertaining in-and-of themselves, and always carry great insights, and techniques that are useful in more ways than the ones presented. This tutorial, in particular, has helped me to catch a glimpse of the power that is lurking in a program I own but know very little about. Now, I have some great ideas I can’t wait to try out in Audition!

    Thanks for everything!

  10. unHuman

    14. Aug, 2008

    cool beans

  11. CristalCube

    17. Sep, 2008

    Great tutorial George, thanks for teaching us all this cool stuff.

    Greetings. CC³.

  12. Maciej Lach

    05. Nov, 2008

    Jerzy, czesc z Kanady :)

    You rock and are an inspiration! Keep up the good work… I’ll be linking to your site once my is live