Loops and Beats

Loops and Beats

Posted on 05. Jul, 2008 by in Audition

Whether you’re doing flash or video one day you’re going to need some sound loops, so learn a few tricks on how to make your own sound loops.

Sound loops are one of those things that we might find ourselves missing in our media library therefore making our job much harder. Finding good loops Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags is not an easy task. Above that the worse case scenario is when you have to take one part of your audio track and loop it several times to extend the overall length of the track.

Watch this tutorial to learn a few tricks on identyfiing loopable parts of your sound track, extracting them and finally turning them into nice loops that you can use to extend your audio track or use as a background ambient sound in your flash, video, or any other multimedia projects. Enjoy.

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17 Responses to “Loops and Beats”

  1. UmairVFX

    05. Jul, 2008



  2. PhSn

    06. Jul, 2008

    Great tut, jez^^ Just enhanced my intro music of my upcoming website’s tutorials to fit to the video animation i wanted. pretty useful! Greez

  3. Domas

    06. Jul, 2008

    Hehehe, it’s funny to see your mistakes sometimes :D But it’s good that you can figure out fast what’s going wrong :)

  4. Vinnie

    06. Jul, 2008

    Awesome tutorial once again Jerzy! You are aces!

  5. Muaz

    06. Jul, 2008

    Keep up it bro!

  6. ├Âmer tatlisoz

    07. Jul, 2008

    roadrunner maltaannon :)

  7. KillerRobotNinja

    15. Jul, 2008

    I like that you’re branching out into other software. This is super helpful for motion graphics designers and indy film makers, thanks man!!

    Hey, how come the Production Premium comes with Soundbooth now? Soundbooth seems pretty useless next to Audition.

  8. Maltaannon

    15. Jul, 2008

    Thats true. I think its targeted to video not audio artists, and soundbooht is all every joe avarage videographer needs.

  9. KillerInstinct

    18. Jul, 2008

    How do i watch the tutorial?

  10. moses

    03. Aug, 2008

    Great tut as always, grats!

  11. Me

    12. Aug, 2008

    Thanks! I really need some sound tutorials.

  12. Geowulf

    05. Nov, 2008

    Soundbooth cs3 doesn’t have multitrack.. It is very frustrating

  13. stefano

    12. Nov, 2008

    where to get this tutorial ??? thx

  14. manish

    19. Dec, 2008

    plz send me all tutorial of sound editing

  15. manish

    19. Dec, 2008

    where to get this tutorial ??? thx

  16. Richard WILSON

    26. Jan, 2009

    For MultiTrack use Sony Acid PRO

  17. ahmad30

    01. Nov, 2009

    hi all,
    1st thanks for the tutorial,2nd i cannot see the tutorial :),when i click on (click here to watch this tutorial) a black screen start then nothing happen.

    any suggestions.