Extract filter – the right way

Extract filter – the right way

Posted on 04. Apr, 2007 by in Photoshop

This tutorial is for those who stopped using Extract filter because it didn’t give you good results. Watch this and learn how to get the most of it.

Most of you probably tried using Extract filter when it first Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags showed up in Photoshop. Some of you probably noticed a big potential that this filter has and you’re already using this filter in the way this tutorial demonstrates. The rest of you probably stopped using it, because the results was far from perfect and you’re still using standard selection tools for creating masks.

If you’re one of those who don’t use Extract filter, then this tutorial is a must-see. Learn how to take advantage of the results Extract filter provides to create masks fast and easy.

Photos used in this tutorial come from sxc.hu. By the time they were downloaded, they were licensed as royalty free, and were free to use in any way you like (standard restrictions). Just to make sure, go to sxc.hu right now, or just click here to read the Standard restriction agreement.

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8 Responses to “Extract filter – the right way”

  1. Clair Staples

    03. May, 2007

    Very nice Tututorial I wish i had seen this before a recent photo job it sure would have helped to cut the time it took to produce the photos. I liked the humor of your presentation.
    Dziękują bardzo

  2. Salival

    10. Nov, 2007

    Nice tutorial.
    – BTW Most small imperfections on a (any) layermask can be removed by adding a (small) gaussian blur to it and then adjust it with levels. This way you can easily grow or shrink a mask and, in this case, get rid of the noise generated by the extract filter. Only downside is that you will also lose the small details you might want to keep.

  3. Ted Cullen

    17. Mar, 2008

    Most times I use calculations to extract an image. Then clean it up from there.
    And in EXTRACT filter I also use the clean-up tools, then apply remove black (or) white matte

  4. nelly.Colombia

    23. Apr, 2008

    all the tutorials are in aep compression, i dont even know that. how can i see them?
    please write to my mail, thanks! hugs from colombia

  5. Shavkat

    26. Jul, 2008

    nice tutorial good job =o

  6. Armir73

    24. Sep, 2008

    I was in this case, that was not as good as expected
    Your tut solve the problem in my case


  7. Yo

    14. Sep, 2009

    Quite stupid tutorial

  8. psiloman3

    07. Sep, 2010

    Genius.. excellent tutorial!!