Adobe After Effects CS4

Posted on 24. Oct, 2008 by in Blog

My friend John Dickinson at just Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags started up a series of short insightful tutorials on new exciting features of After Effects CS4. I encourage you all to look into it. It’s more than just a plain overview.


7 Responses to “Adobe After Effects CS4”

  1. Shkaa887

    25. Oct, 2008

    I was thinking about upgrading to CS4….but I decide against it….I am happy with 7.o Pro ;)

  2. Maltaannon

    25. Oct, 2008

    In my opinion you need at least CS3.

  3. Bobalong

    26. Oct, 2008

    I think this upgrade is just too soon after acquiring the cs3 suite, this year at uni im not upgrading to cs4, also lots of bugs are always in the first releases.

  4. Thomas

    27. Oct, 2008

    agree. ther´ll be lots of users – especially colleagues from my production environment – who will not upgrade to AE CS4.
    there has happened a lot of to the other part of creation suite apps but not really “much” to after effects. i think it´s just because of huge loads of money if they sell their aps as a bundle, Adobe is smart, but not smart enough.

    as far as you work on a mac in relation to memory usage – changed = nothing. yes maybea a huge change: they´ve dropped PPC support…

    my two beer.

    btw. where is my benefit of having 3D ability in PS? am i now able to create full 3D Text for example?

    maltaannon is still my hero because he really solved the biggest mistery in history of After Effects.

  5. Michael

    09. Nov, 2008

    Witam, Twoje tutki są genialne :) ale mam pytanie czy mozesz przygotować jakiś ale pod kątem Motion graphics? :) zainteresowała mnie ta dziedzina ale nie bardzo wiem od czego zacząć:) Pozdrawiam MM.

  6. John Peterson

    31. Mar, 2011

    Anyone have a fix for installing AE CS4 on an Athlon 3200?
    AE reports it as a powerpc and won’t install.

  7. Григорий

    29. Nov, 2011

    Где можно скачать adobe after effects cs4