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Since I’m working on Making It Look Great 5 DVD I don’t want to miss any opportunity to make things look their best. I’ve watched previeus editions of this series and most of them where recorded on Mac using some build-in software. The most cute feature was a visual representation of keys that were being pressed during the recording. I wanted that for myself.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any software for Windows that Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags would do what I desired. Everything that I found was made for Mac. I liked KeyCastr the most. I believe that I even seen one software for Windows that meets this functionality, but it was worse than ugly. After an hour of googling I decided to make my own, and so I did. Here’s a little preview video of what it is at the moment.

There are some small bugs to fix, but hopefully it won’t take long before I publish this wonderful little app for us Windows users.


28 Responses to “KeySnatcher”

  1. UmairVFX

    11. Jul, 2008

    This is FINE buddy :)

    i need this can you give me?


  2. Maltaannon

    11. Jul, 2008

    Sure. As soon as I’m finished.

  3. UmairVFX

    11. Jul, 2008

    Ohh man you are really best buddy i really want this this is pretty better than the others dvd

    like MILG 2

  4. Les

    11. Jul, 2008

    Very cool! Looking forward to the release.

  5. VFX--Anomaly

    12. Jul, 2008

    Wow you are a Machine, Do you ever run low on Batteries?

    :) This is Awesome George, can I have it now?
    I need it NOW! :P

  6. Chatton

    13. Jul, 2008

    wow awersome!
    how did you code this? is this some kind of flash or air application?

  7. Maltaannon

    13. Jul, 2008

    It’s a hybrid based on client-server architecture. I’ll explain how it works in a separate post when I’m done, which shouldn’t be long, since I need this tool to start recording tutorials for Making It Look Great 5

  8. VFX--Anomaly

    13. Jul, 2008

    What are you using to record the video Tutorials George?
    Camtasia or something else?

  9. Janus

    14. Jul, 2008

    Looking forward to it :)


  10. Simon Bonner

    15. Jul, 2008

    This is seriously great! Thanks for this, Malt’. Looking forward to the release.

  11. Delgadeth

    16. Jul, 2008

    This app will be usseful for me, for my classes of AE and PR.
    Looking forward to the release.

  12. iori

    23. Jul, 2008

    oh my god
    u r such a genius!

  13. Clint

    16. Aug, 2008

    Jerzy, what language did you program this in?

  14. Maltaannon

    19. Aug, 2008

    It’s a hybrid in a client-server architecture build on top of Vb6 and Air platforms.

  15. Fadliev

    23. Aug, 2008

    It’s a great helper program, I’ve been looking for such a program as well; but couldn’t find anything. thanks so much. What is gonna be the price of it, Jerzy? I have a suggestion: if you can, make an option which is gonna force the letter indicator to be near the curser and travel along with the curser. the viewers always follow the curser…

  16. Pierre

    15. Nov, 2008

    Great didactic issue! Love this.
    Well done Mr. Maltaannon :)

  17. Loay

    08. Mar, 2009

    can you tell me what do you can’t do…….?
    Very very good man
    Waiting for it

  18. Stoyan

    21. Jul, 2009

    If I was to see this few months ago, I’d recommend ShowOff, which, with a little bit of tweaking can almost get you to that Mac software look. However, I can see you got it working and it’s WAY better than what you can do with the AHK script. Are you going to release it officially? :|

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      21. Jul, 2009

      That’s the plan. Hard to say when. There are major changes to be made in order for it to work on other machines, not to mention adding cool features. Everything in it’s own time. I guess now (that I have been more active with the site) when I say “soon” it really means “soon”, so… KeySnatcher – coming soon :)

  19. Stoyan

    21. Jul, 2009

    Thanks for the quick reply! I’m really looking forward to it. Maybe it’s not really the right place to say that, but keep those great tutorials up man! I always thought, when it comes to AE, I can pretty much do anything or figure it out in the process of creating it. However, going through the blog and the tutorials page, I realized how wrong I was. That’s why popped up in my daily-check list. Again, great work!

  20. xxnu

    24. Aug, 2009

    JD, love the tutorials – any progress on keysnatch?

  21. Drake

    20. Sep, 2009

    Hey is the plugin ready ? :D I know I’m bugging you but I cant wait !!!

  22. erikals

    11. Mar, 2010


    any new news? :)

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      12. Mar, 2010

      As a matter of fact – yes. There will be a public release available in a few months. It’s just that NAB 2010 is very close and I’m quite busy getting ready for the presentations. After NAB I should go back to working on the public release. However – if you need the tool now drop me an email and we’ll work something out.

  23. erikals

    13. Mar, 2010

    superb! :D

    i can wait, no rush at the momento! :)

    great stuff! :)

  24. Hodja

    05. Jan, 2011

    Man i could really use this :(

  25. Heartman

    29. Mar, 2013


    Is it possible to have your source code if you stopped to developpe this usefull application?
    I would like to translate it in French.