Layer Styles as presets

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My friend asked me today is it possible to save Layer Styles as presets. Since I don’t work with Layer Styles much I didn’t know the answer, but I was surprised by the question. One could expect that it would be possible, just Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags like with any other effects applied to the layer. Unfortunately it wasn’t so.

I tried it out on my own. I created a Solid and applied some Layer Styles to it. Dragging the Layer Styles from the timeline to the Effects & Presets palette didn’t work. So I tried dragging it along with some dummy Slider I’ve put on the Effects Palette. I added the Slider to a layer and then in the Timeline selected the Slider and the Layer Styles. That allowed me to drag the content to the Effects & Presets palette. And guess what… it worked.

But I thought that adding an additional Slider just to save the preset is kind of stupid, so I tried old-school solution: Animation menu > Save Animation Preset… and guess what… It also worked without adding or selecting any additional Sliders.

So there you go. If you want to save your Layer Styles as presets simply select the Layer Styles in your Timeline and go to: Animation > Save Animation Preset.
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Hope that helps. Happy AfterEffecting.

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5 Responses to “Layer Styles as presets”

  1. fReezEr.

    03. Mar, 2009

    Great & very usefully solution George ;) !!!

  2. illd

    06. Mar, 2009

    Killer Tip! Thank you.

  3. Kolenik

    04. Mar, 2010

    Really killer tip! Thank you!

  4. Atlanta Video Production

    10. Nov, 2010

    Awesome tip! I miss you, come back!

  5. francoe

    28. Apr, 2011

    So, the tip is: if not working, try the propper way.
    Use to be a good solution in all conditions.