Maltaannon 2.0 is now online!

Posted on 24. Jun, 2009 by in Blog

It was a long journey for both me and you my dear friends, but we are finally here – Maltaannon 2.0 is now online. If you look through the blog entries you’ll see that I’ve mentioned the new site quite often. Unfortunatelly I had so many things to do in the meantime that it took over a year to get here, but thanks to your support and feedback I finally found the strength to do it.

Now the site is ready to handle all the great Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags things I have prepared for you. Presets, downloads, products, training dvds, and lots and lots of new tutorials and experiments. There are still some things to be done, but the new engine and the new look is ready, so I thought to launch the site anyway.

I’d like to thank all of you who stayed loyal to this site, kept pushing me and helping me out. Thanks to you this site is still running and is now on a right track to become even a better motion graphics resource – hopefully the one you’ll like most.

So… Thank you all. Stay tuned. A lot of great stuff is coming very very soon.
Happy AfterEffecting!

21 Responses to “Maltaannon 2.0 is now online!”

  1. John Dickinson

    24. Jun, 2009

    Welcome back Jerzy. Congratulations on the new site.

  2. Mike

    24. Jun, 2009

    Love the new layout! Can’t wait for some new tutorials from you!

  3. Tom Hauville

    24. Jun, 2009

    Welcome back :) The net has felt just a tiny bit empty until now ;p

  4. astaimeilumeu

    24. Jun, 2009

    Welcome back and let the madness begin :)

  5. Ei_b3low

    24. Jun, 2009

    wow,this site already done..
    nice site..

  6. Chaaban

    24. Jun, 2009

    aha, a white and black theme,i really like it,waitinng your new tutorials

  7. Ricky

    24. Jun, 2009

    amazing! :) I love the new layout mate! Good luck!

  8. Tom Woodhouse

    24. Jun, 2009

    Looks great Jerzy, congratulations

  9. UmairVFX

    24. Jun, 2009

    Hey Hey very coolll budddy soo awesome love to see the new mind blowing layout with very organized stuff really pretty much cool and better than the previous one awesome…

    New please bring some cool smile on our faces by posting a brand new tutorial on maltannoon 2.0 :p

  10. Vinnie

    24. Jun, 2009

    Looks wonderful Jerzy, great job dude!!

  11. Artifex

    24. Jun, 2009

    Finally ;-)

  12. James Wicks

    24. Jun, 2009

    Welcome back!!!
    Looking forward to new tuts on the new 2.0.


  13. Sebastian

    24. Jun, 2009


  14. Rafael Guerra

    24. Jun, 2009

    New site is awesome. Good job choosing the template!

  15. illd

    24. Jun, 2009

    Hy Maltaannon, good to hear from you. Your new side is really looking slick ;). Im going to explore all the new features now…

    Best wishes from Germany!

  16. emilio

    26. Jun, 2009

    Great layout!

  17. Kai

    26. Jun, 2009

    man, the new site looks great!

  18. PhSn

    28. Jun, 2009

    Nice website dude^^

  19. flashplayer

    06. Jul, 2009


  20. Andre Friedman

    16. Aug, 2009

    As long as I’m concerned you Andrew and Aharon are the best buddies online,I owe you guys so much of professional habbits to you.So..Keep on working,as all of us do and mostly – Have Fun!

  21. Dextrmania

    18. Aug, 2009

    Man i would have blended you along with andrew and Aahron…just to get a small “Industrial Lights and Magic”!!!