Updates on Making It Look Great 5

Posted on 18. Sep, 2008 by in Blog

We are working hard on Making It Look Great 5 and that’s the reason I wasn’t providing much new content lately. So in exchange I thought I’ll let you in on a little status update with MILG5. We are already halfway through. If everything goes well we should be releasing it in no more than 6 weeks. Unfortunately I became very sick and sometimes I have to give my plans up, go to the doctor and lay in bed for a few days. But I’m not giving up, oh no.

There is also a good side to all of this. Being forced to postpone the Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags work on the tutorials gave me more time to think about what is interesting and what should the tutorials be about, and I assure you… the things me and John came up with are really going to blow your mind. With that said I’m hoping that MILG5 will start a new breed of MILG training series. Even if it doesn’t I’m sure it will still be one of a kind. Not only we’ll be presenting to you at least 10 unique tutorials, not only you will again see how to make your work look great, but you’ll also learn how to make it work great. You know me – I hate keyframes. I’ve focused on making great looking graphics in the simplest possible way while making them as flexible and reusable as possible. Above that I’ll be giving away some of my upcoming products that are not yet available for purchase, so if you buy MILG5 you’ll be one of the chosen ones to receive some free products along with it.

Since there are at least five more tutorials to do here’s your chance: tell us what you want to see. Please remember that MILG is about motion graphics, not vfx, so keep that in mind when suggesting tutorials. Your requests should also not relate to any Zaxwerks products. We’ve done that a lot already. Instead you may request tutorials on any build-in plugins, expressions, workflow tips, and Trapcode plugins.

Happy AfterEffecting!

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9 Responses to “Updates on Making It Look Great 5”

  1. UmairVFX

    18. Sep, 2008

    hey what it cost will be ;)
    in $?

  2. UmairVFX

    18. Sep, 2008

    george is this possible if i post you some Motion Graphics work studios links… i am ensuring you that will be pure motion works….????

  3. illd

    18. Sep, 2008

    Stay strong and keep it up :)

  4. Janus

    18. Sep, 2008

    Sounds good Maltaannon, don’t really have any specific “requests” at the moment, but I know you’re going to figure it out. Peace

  5. Shkaa887

    19. Sep, 2008

    A rough guide for all the Trapcode plug-ins because I have loads of their plug-ins and i don’t know what half of them do !!

    Thanks for all your help ;)


  6. Bob

    23. Sep, 2008

    i’m looking forward to it ^^

  7. Karim Dehbi

    26. Sep, 2008

    are Making it look great 1-4 also made by your hand and if so where can these be found/bought?

  8. Maltaannon

    26. Sep, 2008

    They are made by various artists and you can find all previous edition on http://makingitlookgreat.com/ Enjoy!

  9. Andrew

    28. Oct, 2008

    How about breaking down motion graphics used in ads, especially like car ads, music videos that use motion graphics, so we can see how the production process would work, kind of like andrew kramer’s meteor tutorial(which is vfx) but for motion graphics?