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In the LIVE! sessions I started to do some time ago I used to put a live feed from my camera onto the screen along with my desktop. I always thought Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags that doing so would also increase the “friendly” factor of my tutorials, but I never got around to do it. Until now.

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Since more and more people were asking me how I was putting my face onto my desktop and broadcast that I thought it would be really cool, if I had a webcam panel for my After Effects. I used a different technique for my LIVE broadcasts, however I finally got around to do a proper panel, so now I can even do regular tutorials with my lovely face in them.
I provide the Webcam Panel as a free download for all you tutorial guys out there. If you want to use it please remember to shut down all other webcam applications that might be “linked” to your default camera. Also – you will need to go into the Flash Player Settings (accessible by right clicking on any flash content and choosing “Settings”) and set the Global Settings for the “local” website to “always allow”. Once that is done simply extract the contents of the ZIP file into the “Scripts/ScriptUI Panels” directory. Enjoy.

Download: malty_Webcam (After Effects CS4)

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11 Responses to “Webcam Panel”

  1. Leonard

    02. Aug, 2011

    Very impressive.

  2. jasper king

    02. Aug, 2011

    youre greatly great sir jerzy!! [from philippines] =j

  3. Markus

    02. Aug, 2011


    It has been a long time you were here.
    Glad you are back.

    That script would be great, but on my mac it does not work. Only a white rectangle. And I cannot go into the flash-settings.
    To bad. That would be very funny…

  4. Brucezhong

    02. Aug, 2011

    Cool Stuff! thanks for share

  5. Hari

    02. Aug, 2011


  6. Kubrixbeard

    02. Aug, 2011

    Thanks Jerzy, hope to see some tuts soon. I’m sure that by this stage you’ve probably written an expression that composites an entire cg/live action movie on one layer!

  7. AV Rishi

    03. Aug, 2011

    Thanks dear

  8. Dennis

    11. Jan, 2012

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    I will definitely come back to catch up with this webpage again. Neat Article

  9. Evelien

    11. Jan, 2012

    Hey, I thought that really useful.
    I will definitely come back to catch up with this webpage again. Neat Article

  10. jose

    12. Mar, 2013

    malty_Webcam for after effects?? plugins?

    programa> Adobe> Adobe After Effects CS6> Support Files> Plug-ins or Presets? yes or no?

  11. jose

    12. Mar, 2013

    malty_Webcam for cs6???