How to use this site

To view the tutorials you need the latest version of Abobe Flash Player installed. Click here to get it.

After entering the website you’ll see the latest tutorials. Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags Notice the Previous/Next Tutorials at the top and at the bottom of the list. Use those to browse through the tutorials. If you’re looking for a specific tutorial try using the Search form to the right.

Each tutorial contains a brief introduction on the main site. After clicking on the title or on the thumbnail from the tutorial list you’ll get even more details on the tutorial you’ve chosen. You’ll also get reference links and a link to the project file. To view the tutorial itself simply click on the thumbnail image from the tutorial details.

When viewing the video, you can resize the viewing area so it suits your screen resolution.

Feel free to leave a comment. I’d really like to know what you think so I’m counting on your feedback. There might be a slight delay before your comment appears, because the registration is not required and the comments are scanned to filter out spam bots.

You can also browse tutorials by category. Click on the category that interests you most and browse through the list just like you’d do on the main site.

Most downloadable files are compressed using zip method. After downloading you’ll need to unpack the content of the file to a new folder. I recommend using 7zip file archiver.

You can download the video tutorial as well. Just open up the tutorial and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll find a link to the video.flv file. To view this file you’ll need any Flash Video Player. You can get one here.

All the project files are made using Adobe After Effects 7 Professional or above. However most tutorials may also be done in previous versions of After Effects.

Recording tutorials, creating presets, and keeping this site alive takes my entire free time. So I thought: What kind of a friend would I be, if I wouldn’t give you a chance to make it up to me?

Since my decision was to keep this site free and not to flood you guys with nasty ads, I thought that maybe you could help me out by making a small donation every once in a while. To help you with this I’ve provided a Paypal Donation button. You can find it just under the search bar.

I’m counting on you. Take care, and stay tuned.

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