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The ultimate solution to your creative and graphics related needs. Professional help with instant feedback for any size project.

Welcome to Maltaannon’s Hotline – the Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags ultimate solution to your creative and graphics related needs. Get professional help with instant audio and video feedback for any size project.

How is works?

  1. Download and Install Skype. (Free internet conferencing software)
  2. Click on the “Call now” button to connect directly to me.
  3. Enjoy expert support for only $1.85 a minute. Instant messaging is free of charge.

Things to know
Maltaannon’s Hotline is a paid professional service. After agreeing to the terms, you will be charged 1.30 EUR (aprox 1.85 USD) per minute of the creative support conversation. You will also receive a live video feed of my computer screen. All project files and work files are available to download free with your call.

Before you are charged

  1. You need Skype 3.0 or above
  2. You need a PayPal account
  3. You need to assign Skype to your PayPal account
  4. You have to agree to be charged for the call

Need more information?
Call toll free to find out how the service works and what I can do for you. Also you should know that you will only be charged for calls. Instant messaging is free of charge.

Technical Info
You will need a computer microphone and a good internet connection.

I’m using After Effects CS3 Professional, so any files I create or modify are saved in that format and cannot be opened by previous versions of After Effects. Of course you can follow the steps on my screen if your version is different.

47 Responses to “Maltaannon’s Hotline”

  1. jonny

    22. Dec, 2007

    I must the say that the way you show me on screen whas unbelievable. Fast easy a realy good way too learn fast. This is Sience Fichtion. Jonny Sweden

  2. Baiju Nair

    25. Dec, 2007

    This site has been one of the most resourceful on the net. Its tutorials have been really informative and it has helped me achieve the kind of satisfaction that I expect from my work. I would like to frequent this site on a permanent basis and would recommend it to anyone out there who is sincerely trying to put in the best amount of effort in their work. Its a site for serious people who want to make the most out of their work. Truly technical!

  3. Baiju Nair

    25. Dec, 2007

    Thanks to Jerzy Drozda for the online video Training ..cheers..’n all the best looking forward to more tips..

  4. LostinMexico

    07. Jan, 2008

    I have been struggling for 40 hours against a deadline trying to get a title effect of dispersion just right. I have spent most of that time doing on line tutorials to produce things that unfortunately looked cheesy or downright bad. I stumbled across Maltaanons Hotline because I used some of his tutorials to solve an earlier problem I had and figured what the heck. 12 minutes my friends. Solved in 12 minutes. I just wasted 10x what the hotline cost me doing things that didn’t work. Not only did I get a live video feed of Maltaannon’s After Effects window as he was explaining the solution to me, I also got a screen capture of the entire thing on video so have that in my files and to sell for millions of dollars to all internet geeks trying to solve the same problem (just kidding Maltaannon). If you have an AE problem and can’t solve it, I recommend this dude, he gets a 10 on a scale of 1-5.

  5. Brett

    23. Jan, 2008

    Jerzy, thanks for all of your help with my projects. Your work speaks for itself. I look forward to creating our next “masterpiece” with you!

  6. FromHolland

    01. Apr, 2008

    Damn That site is awesome!! Could u maybe make a tutorial for something like that?!

  7. LifeType

    15. May, 2008

    can i paypal you 15 bucks to answer 1 question for me .. i have project that looks perfect before i render .. but soon as i render in tiff or png images .. some colors start changing around out of no where ,only on the render’d version .. and its really killing me ,, i know it has somethigh to do with 32bp but just cant figure out how to fix it ..

  8. editor4yourfilm

    01. Jun, 2008

    I have been following Maltaannon’s tutorials for awhile, and today I had the pleasure of using his hotline on a project where a camera does a mysterious “wobble” on a simple lateral sideways-tracking shot. Not only did he personally show me using my own project file that my Null’s x-position keyframe’s Spatial Interpolation was set to Bezier (instead of linear), but he also gave some pretty useful tips for fluid camera movement. Very satisfied with his professionalism and will be coming back again for sure.
    Let us all pray (and support him) so that he can continue sharing with us his valuable knowledge!

  9. Ken

    04. Jun, 2008

    Great stuff ! I am somewhat new to AFX CS3 but I am learning fast because of all your tutorials ! Just wondering if the shape extruder would assist me in creating a basic 3D tube that grows from a flat circle to a long tube or is there something else in CS3 that would do it? I am looking to ramp effect the color as it grows. For some reason I am stuck on this and it seems so basic to all the stuff you have going on. Any assistance would save me from losing my mind – keep up the amazing tuts !

  10. Phsn

    07. Jun, 2008

    Thanks a lot for your great help with my little Twirler Preset! You`re the best and allways think on “Geschirrspülmaschine”´, the never ending german word :D

    Greez from Germany and “sup”^^


  11. Wesley

    07. Jun, 2008

    What can i say about Maltannon that hasn’t been said already? Im just picking up After effects, and i’ve learned everything i know from Jerzy. I recently gave him a call about some commericals that i spent at least 40 hours on but stil didnt look great. In half an hour flat Jerzy step by step walked me through the process of creating an outstanding background and accompanying text. One thing lead to another, and in two three hours i learned more about after effects than i did in my entire life. His help easily saved me at least a day in fusterating troubleshooting. Forget those training DVD’s. If you want the most value for your dollar, this is the way to go. He shows you everything he is doing on his computer. It ws incredibly easy to send files back and forth, and at the end he sent me all of the project files and recording of the session. Nothing out there compares to this. Thanks for the Help!!!!

  12. Aziz

    10. Jun, 2008

    Hy Maltaannon!
    My name is Aziz!
    I like your Tutorials about Expression.
    Sometimes, I have to use some of that!
    But I don’t know more of that!
    Please, more tutorials about Expression!

  13. Daniel

    23. Jun, 2008

    Hy my frend!
    I have a problem with the nativ HD image (M2T) I can’t import in After Effects and I see in your last tutorial “Uses Of The Circle” you use this kind of movie. You can help me to find how it’s possible to import? Thanks for the help!

  14. cason adams

    03. Jul, 2008

    I’m having problems downloading your shape extruder. I keep getting an unsupported filetype or extension prompt. What’s up with that. I have AECS3.


  15. DAve

    07. Jul, 2008

    Kinda off topic I suppose. I was wondering if anyone knows how to change the chime at the end of the render in CS3? I haven’t seen any documentation on CS3. I’m on a PC and I have read a few things about changing it in 7 but nothing in CS3.
    Any knowledge on the subject would greatly be appreciated.


  16. Labeeb

    24. Jul, 2008

    Hi, I like your tutorials. I wanted to ask something about creating fire. I’ve learned creating fire from your fire creating tutorial. But I wanted to know how to create the ring of fire. I tried making a mask on the photo and tried moving it to let time difference detect it. It did detect but for some reason even when I target this to layer exploder, it doesn’t work. Although the hand movement worked properly. Are you going to do more tutorials on creating fire. Or could you please mention how to create fire in the scene when there’s nothing moving or many other things are moving. I’ll be waiting for your next tutorial. Thanx

  17. Jason

    26. Aug, 2008

    I just got off a Skype call with this AE Guru, and let me tell you something. The way you can see his screen and hear him in real time, and talk to him while he is busy is incredible! He then send you the project file and video (screen capture) when done – tutorials on demand! GREAT!!!

    I will be calling again you can be sure of that!

    Thanks again.. love your tutorials and love the fact that you provide a service like calling for advice and tuition.

    Keep it up!

  18. Preston Demko

    05. Sep, 2008

    To everyone who is reading this – this site is one of the most user friendly sites I’ve been to w/ a person named Maltaannon to even help out his supporters w/ a Skype help-line? Are you kidding me, this is a fantastic site on how to use AAE and get better than most other sites. I give the hotline/site/+ everything else you do 5 stars. Thanks for the help on that Particular problem too Malt.

    – Preston Demko (uP.RiSiN)

    PS:::Thanks for the help on the hotline again, keep up w/ the cool content.

  19. Ryan

    07. Sep, 2008

    It’s support like this that feeds our industries and allows for exponential growth. This website and the owner of it are invaluable. I’m honored to show my support through donations, and I hope others feel compelled to do the same.

    -Ryan Cornell

  20. Dominick

    12. Sep, 2008

    I enjoy your work. However I’m working on a project with my boys
    and need to make the lightening in after effect follow a path over the surfus of an alien shield. Have you a tut on this, or do you know of a good one you can point me to. Thanks Dominick.

  21. Maltaannon

    12. Sep, 2008

    you have to be more specyfic. this animation may look in many different ways. contact me on skype, so we can chat.

  22. Stalin

    13. Oct, 2008

    Great work… I’m also starting my own tutorial portal in the near future… I think the world needs a Guru on the Southern Hemisphere. Peace.

  23. sajithhamza

    01. Nov, 2008

    sir iam sajith from india working as a multimedia faculty your tutorials helped me alot in my career .and ineed your support for one work .ineed to create atext from particles .the particle going tosky and brokening and create atext frome that . woud you help me pls sir………….excuse me if my english has any mistake

  24. Maltaannon

    02. Nov, 2008

    sure I’ll help you out. contact me over Skype during week work days. chat or voice. see you.

  25. aztec

    20. Nov, 2008

    does your custom effects works with after effects cs4 ?

    thanks alot.

  26. jasmeet

    16. Dec, 2008


  27. IHan

    21. Dec, 2008

    I just got the help from Skype. Maltaannon solved my problem (which bothered me for weeks) in TWO minutes! Maltaannon is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!
    Thank you for offering us so many brilliant tutorials and creative solutions.

  28. aztro

    26. Dec, 2008

    I had a question about one of your videos how do i contact you

  29. Maltaannon

    27. Dec, 2008

    Theres a Contact page where you can write me an email, or use the Call Now button on the right.

  30. Mike

    11. Jan, 2009

    Maltaanon took the time to break down a piece and deconstruct it for me and explain how things were working.
    If your stuck this guy is the man to speak too!
    Thanks so much for your help.
    Really appreciated!

  31. Alex-ItBad80

    19. Feb, 2009

    On the Making It Loo Great 5 you said that very soon it would open the site The site it offline and shows always this messagge:”come back in a week or so..” . when opent it sure to open this site? sorry for bad english.

  32. Maltaannon

    19. Feb, 2009

    Yes. We are sure to open up this site. But we run into some problems. As usual. Doing stuff like that, especially for free is a bit problematic. But you can be sure that sooner or later it will be there.

  33. Alex-ItBad80

    19. Feb, 2009

    tnx u for u raply…. i wait you great jobs and very compliment for Making It Look Great 5, it really really cool video tuts

  34. Oliver

    21. Feb, 2009

    i cannot watch ur videos somehow…it can see the first few seconds and it all turns black, i can only hear sound…i have the latest flash player

  35. Craig

    23. Feb, 2009

    You still have not replied to those of us having problems with your installer, and it’s making us angry.

    Refund my money or provide an installer that works.

  36. Kopiart

    09. Sep, 2009

    The best 10$ spent in my life. Whole day struggle solved in 15 minutes by Maktaannon! Thanks Buddy.

  37. Danix

    18. Sep, 2009

    hi maltannon… i have a litle question foru you… How many times you dont visit you another site fineCG? i have see only 1 tutorial in 7 month or more… lol… it a joke site?

  38. HarryPix

    21. Sep, 2009

    stay tuned? i am tuned about 7 month but for nothing… i ha ve read the blog on fineCG, and more and more people have get theyr question but you don’t reply… it a not good this

  39. Kei

    22. Sep, 2009

    I do not know exactly how intense HarryPux might have felt since written communication does not have intonation. But I towtally agree with her. When you see a great potential on a site and and you had a taste of what its like and you were not able to get enough, that can be sooooowww frustrating. GRRR!!! MEE TOO I WANT MORE!!! butt i believe i do not have a single right to demand since I am enjoying it for FREE in the first place!!!

  40. giorgy

    03. Nov, 2009

    hey Jerzy… i think all people are tuned on fineCG but it unless.

  41. Drew

    13. Nov, 2009

    thx JD, we were very pleased with all your help which spanned camera selection, encoding techniques, 3rd party tools, and of course major handholding for us noobs in Premier, AE, and who knows what else. Thanks for the screen capture of the session. Money well spent and look forward to more sessions.

  42. mohammad

    09. Dec, 2009

    how are you?
    i love after effect but i cant I do not understand How did you learn expressions What is a book I did not know
    plase help me
    thank you

  43. Chris Swiatczak

    27. Aug, 2010

    Jerzy. You’re awesome.
    Tyle Ci powiem przyjacielu:).
    śledzę Twoją pracę od 5lat.
    Dużo się od Ciebie nauczyłem, znalazłem Cię na

    Teraz sam mam swoją stronę, robię filmy na zamówienie i kontynuuje Twoją działkę, studiując architekturę.

    Montaż – pasja.

    O ile jeszcze pamiętasz how to use polish: ) Cause your english rox a little ;p. Odezwij się! :)

    but itis sure, youre freaky busy:).

  44. khan.mahmood

    15. Jun, 2011

    very cool stuff i every time watch your tutorials and i really
    Enjoy the tutorials but can you make a tutorial on how you create your presets like 3d shape extruder not the simple way of after effects in which software you made these presets and plugins make it plz

  45. Praveen

    27. Jun, 2011

    Hi. I am a beginner with AE. I have a footage of flying eagle of 5 seconds duration. I want to use this footage in trapcode particular and create 100 eagles flying in the sky. But when i use the eagle layer. I get 100 eagle footages with white background. Its like emitting 100 white boxes with an eagle flying inside those boxes. Kindly help me how can i fix it.

  46. brian

    05. Mar, 2012

    cannot ce-shapeextruder to work in CS5! Please help!

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