What CustomEffects are

We all use presets. They are very powerful and handy to use, but sometimes, when there are many expression controls involved it starts to get Tea Cups With Lids Amber Rings Wholesale Tea Trays Toddler Sleeping Bags very messy. And that’s where CustomEffects come in.

CustomEffects are standard presets but they look like and behave as standard plugins. After Effects needs to know the definition of presets in order to interpret them correctly. Some time ago I started to publish my heavily expression–based presets as CustomEffects.

Before you install any CustomEffect make sure you have administrator privileges and that the file PresetEffects.xml Read-Only flag is set to off.

Default location of the PresetEffects.xml file on Windows:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS3\Support Files\PresetEffects.xml

Default location of the PresetEffects.xml file on MAc:
/Applications/Adobe After Effects CS3/ (Show Package Contents) /Resources/PresetEffects.xml

Note for Windows users
If you run into any problems try Right-clicking on the application and choosing “Run as administrator” option, even if you are logged it as Administrator. For some strange reasons there are systems with strange settings that don’t like Adobe Air applications.

[airbadge]CustomEffects Installer,http://www.maltaannon.com/air.apps/com.polygonstudio.customeffects.ceInstaller/ceInstaller.air,1.1.7 RC,none[/airbadge]Please note that this software requires Adobe AIR Runtime libraries. Click here to download.

CustomEffects Installer has an auto-update feature. Each time you run the application it will check if there is a new version available. If so it will download it and run the update process automatically. This will cause the current instance of the application to close and reopen after the installation is complete.

I have already built a CustomEffect Deployer that creates polyCE files but it is still in beta, therefore it’s not available for download… yet. I hope that polyCE files will become a standard way of sharing expression–based presets. I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions about them.

254 Responses to “What CustomEffects are”

  1. Umair

    07. Nov, 2007

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! i am the first one…. awesome buddy awesome

  2. Jim W

    07. Nov, 2007

    M, I don’t see the Mac version. Is it a secret?

  3. Maltaannon

    07. Nov, 2007

    It’s all explained on this site. There is no special Mac version, theres only special Win version that one may choose not to use. All you have to do is to “find the PresetEffects.xml and paste the content of my XML provided in the ZIP file along with the FFX at the end of the file – just above its last line.”

    • Varun P

      16. May, 2011

      Hi Maltaannon!

      Thanks for downloading the 3D Shape Extruder for After Effects! I have After Effects CS5 so I’m trying to install 3D Shape Extruder in Custom Effect Installer dialog box but unable to work after installed After Effects (AE) in Windows folder. I think it might not be compatible with CS5? Then I open AE’s plugins but nothing! So please help me how to fix it up.


  4. Aaron

    08. Nov, 2007

    umm u say Mac version on both sets of instructions yet i see no mac version….

  5. Maltaannon

    08. Nov, 2007

    Theres no Mac version. Just use the FFX file and paste the content of the XML file into PresetEffects.xml like explained above. Its all in the same ZIP file that you download from tutorial page.

    • Bento

      20. Oct, 2009

      Can´t find the XML file you talk about! :( … In Zipfile I found a FFX file and a POLYCE file. What can I do with them?

      Otherwise… you work seems to be outstanding, I can´t wait to test your preset by myself! Nice job, and a good mesure of altruism.

      Congratulation! (If one day you come here in Brazil, let me know !!)

      • Jerzy Drozda Jr

        31. Oct, 2009

        Forgive me, but I’m sooo tired of answering the same question over and over. It’s all in the video. The ZIP you downloaded contains only the two files: FFX and POLYCE. You need CustomEffects Installer Application to get this running. You can download it from this page. Please watch the video again, and everything will be clear. I’m working on a new way of distributing the CustomEffects. Hope this helps.

  6. Tudor

    08. Nov, 2007

    I can’t find the Zip file on the tutorial page either.

  7. Jim W

    08. Nov, 2007

    Gotcha. Thnx.

  8. Jim W

    08. Nov, 2007

    Well, all of the “custom effects” links above just reload the page. From where can the mentioned files be acquired? I saw some files listed on CCow but are they the most recent? I didn’t see any ColorCorrection preset within.


  9. Jim W

    08. Nov, 2007

    NM. Found the link at the bottom of the page. Hard to find – didn’t think it was more useful than tapping the RSS though. FYI, the link from the AE/Home pages goes directly to the video.

    Thanks again,


  10. Saumin

    18. Nov, 2007

    hi there i have downloaded zip file which has a pscei.exe which needs the presets to install…i dont seem to find the presets at all in this site….can u give me a link

  11. Maltaannon

    18. Nov, 2007

    Presets and other project files are available under each tutorial details. Click on the tutorial Title (not on the thumbnail) to read the details and get the files you need. If you are confused about this please read this: http://maltaannon.com/how-tos/

  12. A.S.

    27. Nov, 2007

    Just wanted to say…you’re a genius. I definitely wanna grow up to be like you. I love your tutorials. I see all these remarks, and yet no one has said how wonderful your work is. Keep up the FANTASTIC job.
    And people… common- on this page, I see no praise. Can you actually stop for a minute and thank the man for his knowledge? I mean it seems like you all are using the database and not thanking him.

  13. Maltaannon

    27. Nov, 2007

    Thank you my friend. I really appreciate it. It means a lot to me. Thanks again.

  14. 25Frame

    02. Dec, 2007

    again and again

  15. GEO

    05. Dec, 2007

    Will the presets work with AE 7 PRO?

  16. Maltaannon

    05. Dec, 2007

    Yes, they should. After Effects sees them as regular presets, so if any preset made in CS3 works with AE7, than these CustomEffects will work as well, as long they don’t use any CS3 features (like CE PixelSampler).

  17. Ryszard

    09. Dec, 2007

    Witam, niestety preset jak i projekt nie działa w AE7 Pro. :( Otrzymuję komunikat, że projekt oraz preset zostały utworzone w nowszej wersji AE. Czy mógłbyś przygotować wersje swych CE dla AE7? Z góry dziękuję i pozdrawiam.

  18. Maltaannon

    09. Dec, 2007

    Project files from CS3 won’t work in CS2, but the presets should. As far as they don’t use any special CS3 features. Try CE ColorCorrector. It should work in CS2 even though it was build with CS3.

  19. Jimmy

    12. Dec, 2007

    I’m totally into you :) Looking fantastic!!! I can’t wait to try out some of your stuff.. wooooooooooww!

  20. peter

    21. Dec, 2007

    Great work, learning a lot here!
    As soon as I use something yours on a commercial base, I’ll stop by at the PayPal-logo.
    (We all should, so this guy can dedicate his life to making ours easier…)

  21. Maltaannon

    21. Dec, 2007

    That’s my goal. I’m glad someone understands it. Thanks my friend!

  22. Danny

    22. Dec, 2007

    Hi , I just started with AE and your tutorials are great , I think no book can match to what you are doing for us .

    Fine holidays and thank you for everything . Belgium

  23. John

    27. Dec, 2007

    As a beginner to AE i thank you for helping me! This is a very sweet plugin

  24. Robert Brown

    28. Dec, 2007

    First of all, I would like to say you are a master. I work for a cable company in alabama and I have just started using after effects to create a better commercial for our clients. I was having trouble with dropshadows until one of your recent tutorials. I have successfully learned it. I didn’t want to just download your presets, Because I wanted to learn how to do it, instead of just taking it. so I watched it over and over. But, I wanted to know if you can create it the same way for a stroke and if possible can you possibly do a tutorial on the stroke alone, as for as creating it and importing it into after effects. Other than that your tutorials ROCK! Thanks you for the help. Robert

  25. lea

    09. Jan, 2008

    im looking for this plugin for MAC system.
    does it exist?

  26. Moi,Carole

    14. Jan, 2008

    Hi there,

    I think your toutorial and this preset is very helpful and awesome, nevertheless after going thruogh the specified steps mentioned above, when i start up After Effects, and apply 3D Shape Extruder, it doesn’t take effect and there is a warning as follows,

    After Effects Warning: Undefined value used in expression. Could be an out of range arrary subscript? Expression disable

    Would you please help me solving this problem? Very appreciated.

  27. Maltaannon

    14. Jan, 2008

    I wish I could. I have no idea what is causing the problem. Some other people had encountered it as well, but it seems, that when one is doing everything as explained the problem does not occur. Please make sure you have the right version of After Effects, that the CustomEffect is properly installed, and that you’re using it properly.

  28. jamsven

    13. Feb, 2008

    Really nice !

    But how do you build these presets ?
    I don´t understand how to build all these sliders … into just one layer FX?
    Even If i watch your ffx file, i don´t find a way how to set ranges or multivector attributes.

    It would be really nice to see a tutorial about makin cool presets :)
    Or get some Infos about that stuff

    thanks !

  29. Maltaannon

    13. Feb, 2008

    Oh yes this tutorial is coming soon along with an tool for building CustomEffects for both Mac and PC. Stay tuned. Cheers

  30. Brian McGovern

    19. Feb, 2008

    OK…I’ve read all the entries and still can’t find the MAC CustomEffects ffx files. I understand your Mac install directions, but can’t find the CustomEffects mac version.


  31. Maltaannon

    19. Feb, 2008

    It’s included in the regular zip file. You should find polyCE file (for windows) and XML and FFX that are meant for manual installations for Mac. You’d be glad to hear that I’m developing new installation software what will work on both – Mac and PC. Stay tuned!

  32. Brian McGovern

    21. Feb, 2008

    The only files in my download are a pscei.exe, a zlib.dll file and a read me txt file unless your speaking about the files in the 3DShapeExtruder download.


  33. Maltaannon

    21. Feb, 2008

    The file you’ve downloaded is a installer package – a piece of software to install polyCE files. If you want to get some of my CustomEffects you have to download them separately from tutorial detail page.

  34. seth

    21. Feb, 2008

    Hi there,
    I downloaded the file and open it, but i didnt see an XML file in it? i just did it 20 minuets ago?what shell i do than???????

  35. seth

    21. Feb, 2008

    just read the last message and i understand someone else had my problem. So now i know what to do. Thanks again

  36. Romeo

    25. Feb, 2008

    Are the custom effects mainly for using with AE CS3 or can it be used with older versions?

  37. Maltaannon

    25. Feb, 2008

    They are meant for CS2 and CS3. Did not check it with 6.5, but even if they’d work, I’m making my presets with CS2 or CS3, so I think they wouldn’t open in any other version.

  38. Brian

    22. Mar, 2008

    Thanks for these effects – looking forward to see how you make them. I’m getting an error message using the install program “Invalid procedure call or argument” I have downloaded the basic files, that didn’t seem to help. I can install manually, but . . .

  39. aDriAn

    23. Mar, 2008

    Hey! Please help!! I have a big question…Im woorry about what can happen if I pasted the file “3D ShapeExtruder” in the “PresetEffects.xml” it can affect the program AE CS3????

  40. Eassay

    30. Mar, 2008

    I wanna use your tool for my presets, how long does it take, till u publish it here on your site ??

  41. Pumpus

    05. May, 2008

    dude im using cs3 after effects. i installed your custom effect pixel sampler manually and when i use it i drag it on to the window to make a new layer. thats fine but when i got to expand the pixel sample field it doesn’t show the boarder of the field the color changes but i cant see the out side of the field to position it.

  42. Pumpus

    05. May, 2008

    i also downloaded the custom effects installer. i drag a polyce file (pixel sampler) on to it. it boots and then says (9 Subscript out of range) and idea how to fix?

  43. michael

    11. May, 2008

    hey i read this through a fue time tryed it and still really confused on ho to do this please help me and all so can you do the same thing with illustrator brushes?

    please i feel stupied but can you make it in to a tutorial

  44. Teri928

    18. May, 2008

    does this Custom Effects Installer work with Vista? I’ve downloaded the runtime libraries, unRARed it, and when i go to open the program, it crashes and says “Invalid Picture”?? Any help would be appreciated as i’m very confused

  45. Maltaannon

    18. May, 2008

    Uuuu…. sounds strange. Can’t help you with Vista. Vista baaaaaad. But I’ve got some good news. Soon there will be new and cross-platform installer. Be patient. If you want you can test it on Vista. That would help me a lot.

  46. Pumpus

    22. May, 2008

    thats cool dude. yes you are right vista blows getting a new computer with xp yay their next os better be good or we wont be able to run the new programs as xp might not be compatible as will be “old”. ahh remember windows 95 them be the days i will try and test the new one out for you

  47. cHEECH

    05. Jun, 2008

    Thanks for the presets buddy. I have downloaded timeshuffle and im going to give it a go now. If I may say, it is pretty complicated to get your way around downloading stuff from this site, as everything is hidden in different places.
    But mostly, THANK YOU!

  48. jiveon

    13. Jun, 2008

    Hey Maltaannon just wanted to say thanks for the killer tutorials and presets, I use them often and they have made my life much easier, dropped some coin in your box, please keep up the fantastic work!

    Also – this is one more request for a tutorial on how you make these presets, I’ve been getting better and better with expressions over the past year and finding an easy way to make some of my custom controllers and expressions based effects more portable would make my life a whole lot easier. Again, thanks man, you rock.

  49. Mitch

    27. Jun, 2008

    Thanks for the cool plugin. Unfortunately, I tried to use it with CS2 (AE7) and got the message, “created with a newer version of AE, time to upgrage.” I guess I’ll have to wait to use it.

  50. Maltaannon

    27. Jun, 2008

    Sorry. Most of CEs are build for CS3. But there is a new one coming soon. Will work in CS2 as well.

  51. Bowie Presto

    09. Jul, 2008

    You’re the ULTIMATE Avatar. GOD BLESSED YOU!!!

  52. Amit

    19. Jul, 2008

    Hey man, 10x! i should have seen that plug sooner! :) but its going to make my work much more creative now.
    take alook of how much it would have helped me on is project.
    10x again Amit

  53. zhaocge

    26. Jul, 2008

    YES!I LIKE IT!!I come from china.I use AE CS3,Download your presets,In accordance with the above tips to install CUSTOMEFFECTS,Always unsuccessful….

    CS3 Tips:”Undefined value used in expression.Could be an rang array subscript? Expression disabled.”

    Oh~~My God!!Help me plzzzzzzz~~

    Sorry,My poor English….谢谢您了,帮一下我吧.

  54. rafi_shilpe

    27. Jul, 2008

    i need some soft of adobe after affectes plugings

  55. zhaocge

    29. Jul, 2008

    YES!I LIKE IT!!I come from china.I use AE CS3,Download your presets,In accordance with the above tips to install CUSTOMEFFECTS,Always unsuccessful….

    CS3 Tips:”Undefined value used in expression.Could be an rang array subscript? Expression disabled.”

    Oh~~My God!!Help me plzzzzzzz~~

    Sorry,My poor English….谢谢您了,帮一下我吧.

  56. xuli

    29. Jul, 2008

    I come frome china,I downloaded your shapeextrude plug-in and
    used AE CS3,I installed CUSTOMEFFECTS above,unsuccessful always,and no option box you metion.
    :”Undefined value used in expression.Could be an rang array subscript? Expression disabled.”please help me,thanks,
    By the way,what does “CEShapeExtruder.polyCE” work?

  57. luca

    09. Aug, 2008

    Hi Maltaannon sorry for answer, where i can download the package for mac??

  58. luca

    09. Aug, 2008

    it was ok

  59. Monroe E. "tequilaman2006"

    21. Aug, 2008

    i’d be happy to start broadcasting the news about the new standard in preset-deployment! cant wait for the download to be available, since i really dont know how to make these things otherwise.

    keep up the good work!

  60. Mark

    30. Aug, 2008

    Hi really confused just found this site and th extruder is exactly what i need but can’t seemto down load it install it or anything???? i get this ceShapeExtruder which is 2kb but i cant put it anywhere in Aftereffects cs3 ther is no preseteffects.xml file etc what do i do

  61. Maltaannon

    30. Aug, 2008

    there is a introduction video on this site. read it, watch it.

  62. F.vG

    02. Sep, 2008

    tried it with vista. the installer works so I got the customeffects installer running. But when I try to place the CEShapeExtruder polyCE file on the app it gives me the message: Failed: error #2058. Since you’ve build this software can you tell me what this error means? And if it can be solved.

  63. Maltaannon

    02. Sep, 2008

    I’ve noticed some problems on Vista lately. I’m working on it. Error #2058 stands for “There was an error decompressing the data”. I wasn’t expecting that. First make sure you are running on the Administrator account. This Application unpacks the content of polyCE files to a temporary location. Maybe it has no privileges do to so… I’m just guessing. The issue is being worked on. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  64. DCB

    04. Sep, 2008

    I have a video box not connected to the internet. Is there a downloadable version of your installer available?

  65. Duncan Rudd

    18. Sep, 2008

    Hi man, really cool tutorials and plugins… thanks for all the time you invest in this stuff – it really makes a difference!

    I just bought the lightwrap CE and the installer seemed to install fine. When I try and install the CE file it asks me to browse for my after effects installation which I do just like in the video – after effects CS£ folder not support files or anything. I hit OK and it just takes me straight back to the installer, no message, nothing at all happens…? I’m running vista 32bit.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated

    Keep up the good work…

  66. ThePagemaster

    18. Sep, 2008

    I have the same Error #2058. In Vista I can give a program full privlages by running it by right-clicking it and clicking Run As Administrator. However once I do that I can no longer drag and drop the *.polyCE files. Can you put in an import file menu?

  67. Andrew Chan

    19. Sep, 2008

    The installer for the CustomEffects just doesn’t work for me. It keeps saying (from Adobe Flash) “A download error occurred. Try to download again?”.

  68. Maltaannon

    19. Sep, 2008

    Some people have reported the same issue on Vista. Seems like it’s Adobe AIR not being fully compatible with it. I wanted to make everything easier for you guys and it seems like I only made it worse. Sorry for that. This issue is being resolved.

  69. Andrew Chan

    19. Sep, 2008

    I found the solution. I was messing with the time a few days ago check the date. You MUST set the time CORRECTLY for the installation or it won’t work.

  70. yoghi

    15. Oct, 2008

    Please is there a 56k download link without Adobe Air, that i have already installed? Thanks

  71. will

    17. Oct, 2008

    Saw your vid and its great..but I donthave the folder to install
    the preset..path sohws this

    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS3\Support Files\Preset\

    When I select this path I get an error that its not the correct folder

  72. Maltaannon

    17. Oct, 2008

    Because it’s not. It should be C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS3\

  73. Dennis Leppell

    03. Nov, 2008

    I’m having the same issue as Duncan Rudd. Trying to install 3d extruder, select my after effects cs3 folder,and it returns me to the installer….and keeps doing that. If i select a different folder it has an install error, as expected.

  74. Maltaannon

    03. Nov, 2008

    Make sure there are read&write permissions set to the Adobe folder and to the file as well. It’s all in the tutorial at the top of this page.

  75. dex

    08. Nov, 2008

    still doesn’t work. just tell us how to do it manually without adobe AIR, please

  76. Maltaannon

    08. Nov, 2008

    You can’t do it manually anymore. I had cases like that before. It was always system settings or similar thing that was causing the problem. You can look up Creative Cow. There are few of my CEs there – the old versions that still allow manual installation.

  77. qsalas

    11. Nov, 2008

    when i try the instaler, gets me an error that sais that the air version its older, and ask me to get a newer version…but im pretty shure that i have the latest from adobe air…help!

  78. Maltaannon

    11. Nov, 2008

    Uninstall AIR and install it again. This sometimes happens, if you had AIR beta installed. You might not even know you have, so reinstalling is the best practice.

  79. ruben

    11. Nov, 2008

    perfet respectmen

  80. Chris Standley

    18. Nov, 2008

    Can’t get the installer to work. It stops immediately with an error 2032.
    Any thoughts?

    By the way – your tutorials are really fantastic and it’s a joy to see how you work and the beautiful solutions to complex problems that you come up with.

  81. Chris Standley

    20. Nov, 2008

    Regarding my last post. I got this working by reinstalling Java. Installed fine then.
    Thanks again for your great work.

  82. jimmy

    23. Nov, 2008

    a download error occured !!! ive done all the steps , ive got adobe air and checked my properties for the xml file and there not checked but my xml file is on d: drive if that matters
    help please

  83. jimmy

    23. Nov, 2008

    THE DATE HAS TO BE Current .. i finally got 3d extruder setup correctly
    THanks so much for your great tutorials.

  84. John

    26. Nov, 2008

    Well My time is current up today month and year and minutes. not sure about seconds. anyways it still says AIR is causing a problem.

  85. Maltaannon

    26. Nov, 2008

    If it’s Vista make sure not only the file privileges are correct, but also Adobe folders. That causes problems, but is easily fixed.

  86. John

    28. Nov, 2008

    Well for me the Custom Effects Installer at the top of the page wont even load. It says I need a newer version of AIR but I know its current.

  87. John

    28. Nov, 2008

    What about Adobe folders? I dont even get that far to chose a directory

  88. dan

    28. Nov, 2008

    for some reason i cant install the plug in i have your installer but everytime i choose OK on the adobe after effects folder the directory box just disappears and nothing happens. any idea on how to fix this?

  89. Maltaannon

    28. Nov, 2008

    Adobe folders, Adobe folders, ADOBE FOLDERS PEOPLE!…. Phef… I’m ok now. Sorry. There are few things that might help. It’s all in the comments above.
    1) Check your system date. For some reason when it’s incorect AIR fails
    2) Check permissions to the PresetEffects.xml file
    3) Check permissions to the Adobe folder in the Program Files
    4) If nothing else helps uninstall AIR and install it again.

  90. JRS

    21. Dec, 2008

    Vista and After Effects CS4:
    When the ceInstaller does not seem to work, try next:
    1) Start ceInstaller as an Administrator.
    2) Fastclick twice on the polyCE file you downloaded to your HD (dragging and dropping does not work).
    3) The button on the ceInstaller will turn to green.
    4) Click on Install, point to the Adobe After Effects CS4 folder and click on OK.
    5) The ceInstaller will install the polyCE file now.

    This worked for me.

    • creeduk

      25. Apr, 2011

      Perfect I had this issue on Win 7 and I straight away ran air app as admin but could not drag and drop, the double click works and populates the already running (admin) installer.

    • bobbi

      13. Oct, 2011

      I’m having trouble, when I select where after effects is located, it just goes back to the “read”screen, no “success”screen. Nothing has installed, i’ve changed my permissions, everything is read/write.

      I’m using win 7 64, ae cs4

      Absolutely stumped!

  91. sharky

    21. Dec, 2008

    Failed Error #3001:
    Applications/Adobe After effects CS3/Adobe After effects CS3.app/Contents/Resources/preseteffects.xml

    am i selecting the right directory?

  92. Maltaannon

    22. Dec, 2008

    This is correct path to set the Read/Write privilages for the file, but when ceInstaller asks you “where your AE is installed” please choose /Applications/Adobe After effects CS3/

    • bobbi

      13. Oct, 2011

      This is where I’m having trouble, when I select where after effects is located, it just goes back to the “read”screen, no “success”screen. Nothing has installed, i’ve changed my permissions, everything is read/write.

      I’m using win 7 64, ae cs4

      Absolutely stumped!

  93. Matt

    27. Dec, 2008

    Hey maltaannon, just purchased MILG5 great stuff love it, keep up the good work. I was pleased to see the custom effects as a bonus too & finally got there with the installer & Vista :)

  94. Philipp

    07. Jan, 2009

    Hmm I can’t install any Plug-ins.
    Receiving this all the time: “Failed: Error #2058”

    Have Vista with AE CS4 running.

    Any one has ani?

    Also my Program Folder is not called “Program Files” since I’m from Germany the Folders Name is “Programme”. That should not be the problem.
    Thanx for any help you can get me.

    By the Way very nice Tutorials I admire your work!

  95. Josh

    08. Jan, 2009

    I have also received the 3001 error, but after selecting “applications/adobe after effects cs3″

    It appears I do not have the preseteffects.xml” file anywhere. Is this unusual?

  96. Philipp

    09. Jan, 2009

    Is there a way to install the presets manually on PC?

  97. Jason

    09. Jan, 2009

    I purchased the MILG 5 disk (wow! it’s great) and noticed that the custom effects install is not working when I navigate to the AE CS4 folder and click OK, nothing happens. I’m currently running Vista Ultimate x64 bit. I see from the thread that the install doesn’t work on vista x32 bit either. No one had mentioned x64 vista, so I thought I would let you know the result.

    You are a master of the expressions. I’m in awe. Thank you for sharing your skills.

  98. Jason

    09. Jan, 2009

    Installing on Vista Ultimate x64 update:
    The install instructions for x32 vista WORK in x64 also. YES! I’m recopying them here for convenience.

    1) Start ceInstaller as an Administrator.
    2) Fastclick twice on the polyCE file you downloaded to your HD (dragging and dropping does not work).
    3) The button on the ceInstaller will turn to green.
    4) Click on Install, point to the Adobe After Effects CS4 folder and click on OK.
    5) The ceInstaller will install the polyCE file now.

  99. Philipp

    09. Jan, 2009

    I did everything as told in the list.
    After step two folowing appears: Error #2058
    What should I do?
    Thanx for any help

  100. Mike

    20. Jan, 2009

    What I was able to do with Vista. I am using Vistax64
    1. Right Click polyce and open as administrator.
    2. Go to source(shape extruder is example) right click, select open and it will load it in polyce, then install, pick where your cs3 or cs4 is and it should work.

  101. Sam

    26. Jan, 2009

    It’s working for me now on Vistax32 using CS3!

    Kinda annoying, though, but it still works!

  102. Philipp

    27. Jan, 2009

    OK here is what I do maybe someone can finally help me:
    1. I Right Click polyce and open as administrator.
    2. I go to source(shape extruder is example) right click, select open and it will load it in polyce, then an Error window inside polyce appears: Error #2058
    only thing I can do now is click on ‘close’

    plz Help

  103. B

    29. Jan, 2009

    For some reason when i installed the 3d Shape extruder it said drag file to install i done that when i installed it just came up with a preset folder with nothing in it. I’m using a mac so maybe its different?

  104. B

    29. Jan, 2009

    Actually i have the same problem as Phillipp it comes up with Error 3001 / Applications/ Abode after effects CS3/ adobe After EffectsCS3.app/Contents/Resources/preseteffects.xml

    Thats all it say and theres no other option but to close

  105. BananaNeil

    30. Jan, 2009

    I am using vista and after effects cs4 and every thing seems to be working fine, it says to click install (to install the 3D shape extruder) so i do. and i find my after effects folder, i click “ok”

    and nothing happens, the window to find my AE folder closes but that is it.

    it doesn’t install or any thing.

    if you have any idea what maybe be wrong, please help me. thank you.

  106. Maltaannon

    30. Jan, 2009

    Yes. This problem has been solved already. It’s a Vista / AIR bug, that will hopefully be fixed with the next patch to AIR platform. Make sure you have the correct privileges on the Adobe folder (not only PresetsEffects.xml). Just to make sure you may run the application as an Administrator (right click), and then drag the polyCE file onto the CEInstaller. That should help. Read the comments above if that doesn’t help.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  107. TimK

    31. Jan, 2009

    Has anyone experienced any problems with their system after installiing AIR? I recently did a full system reinstall (after years of no problems) and am very cautious about what I install. This is an NLE, After Effects and 3D app machine that is running perfectly, and I don’t want to hose it up, so am naturally VERY cautious about what I install. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

  108. Tasos

    03. Feb, 2009

    this looks amazing, but i can’t make it work on AE CS4. I’m on OS X 10.5.4, but when I try to install I get an error 3001.. Any ideas??

  109. Maltaannon

    03. Feb, 2009

    Privileges on the folder / file? Or run as administrator? It’s alway one of those things.

  110. Tasos

    03. Feb, 2009

    I am logged in as admin and file/ folder are unlocked. I’m trying to install straight in theAdobe After Effects CS4 folder, right?


  111. Aaliyah

    08. Feb, 2009

    Hi there, im also trying to make this work on CS4, is it actually possible?

  112. Craig

    21. Feb, 2009

    The installer is ***not*** working. I’m on Mac and I’m getting the same error message as others. I cannot install to CS4 or CS3.

    I see no reason for an installer with such a product. It’s just a preset, right?

    I cannot use this at all — AND I’m wasting my time. Not cool.

  113. Craig

    21. Feb, 2009

    Knock. Knock. Just read through up and down this page…and consider the needless headache and wasted time of dozens of users around the world. Verrrrry unprofessional.

    I regret every buying the product.

    Jerry YOU are responsible to provide a usable installer. (I know because I’ve had that responsibility myself with my products).

    You can’t blame it on Adobe. This has been going on for months. Use a different method!

  114. villas

    03. Mar, 2009

    OK … for vista users need to run as admin to work but as a simple preset i think should be more simple as drag file ffx to folder and done like dozens of free presets of mr. andrew kramer.

    Thanks for th tuto.

  115. jaime

    04. Mar, 2009

    I am try to install CustomEffects on a Mac and is given me this error # 2058

  116. Steve

    06. Mar, 2009

    After watching the tutorial I’m still having trouble installing the effects. I’m running AE CS4 on a Mac, OS 10.5.6. I found the PresetEffects.xml file and changed it to read&write. I then installed the ceInstaller. Then I go to the effect I want to install (namely ceShapeExtruder) and double click and it gives me an Error #2058. Did I do something wrong, or is there something else I need to do?

  117. Steve

    06. Mar, 2009

    One small update to the post i just put up. I was able to install ceTimeshuffler just fine. But for some reason the ceExtruder doesn’t work. The icon associated with the ceExtruder on my desktop is just a gray box not the polystudio icon (the ceTimeshuffler has the polystudio icon). Any thoughts?

  118. Maltaannon

    07. Mar, 2009

    Uuu… strange. Maybe Mac OS things it’s a different type of file. Hard to say. Can you IM me on Skype? We’ll try to work thins out.

  119. will

    08. Mar, 2009

    any luck on making it work for vista when i try to install the package it asks me where i have installed adobe after effects. i can’t seem to point it to it even though i pick the folder its in.

  120. Martin Baker

    08. Mar, 2009

    same error 2058 here on Mac 10.5.6 with CS4.

  121. Maltaannon

    08. Mar, 2009

    #2058 is the compression error. i know there are some of my CE still hosted on Creative Cow. they are in old format. make sure to download the CE’s from this site. still working on solving the issue.

  122. […] כמובטח, לאחר שבועות ארוכים של עבודה, אני גאה להציג בפניכם הרחבה חדשה לאפטר אפקטס בשם Markers Leaks או בעברית: סמנים לוהטים (לא תרגום מילולי אבל מה זה חשוב כרגע). זהו אפקט הבנוי כתבנית אנימציה מבוססת ביטויים וארוז כמו פלאג-אין לכל דבר. מטרתו לעבוד באופן אוטומטי עם סמנים שניתן להוסיף על כל שכבת וידאו. האפקט יאפשר לכם לבצע – פלאש (תאורה), הגדלה או טשטוש מעל כל סמן שנמצא על גבי השכבה באופן אוטומטי. ניתן לשנות את מאפייני האפקט וגם את הזמן שלוקח לכל משתנה לפעול. את האפקט ניתן להתקין כתבנית אנימציה סטנדרטית או כאפקט מותאם. עזרה טכנית בפיתוח הקוד ואריזתו כאפקט מותאם התקבלה באהבה מחברי Maltaannon. […]

  123. arda yalkin

    11. Sep, 2009

    first of all thanks for what you do for us. i’ve done whatever you said. i have re-install the air e.t.c. when i double click on 3dshapeextruder.polyce icon, it opens the installer, but even if i choose the right path of after effects cs4 folder, nothing happens. i use windows 7 64 bit. can you help me?

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      11. Sep, 2009

      Other users said that on Windows Vista or Windows 7 it helps to right click on the Installer and choose “Run as administrator”.

  124. Robbie1985

    19. Sep, 2009

    DUDE! you rock!

    a lot of people seem to be giving you a lot of stick on here and it’s not really fair as this is a free product and it works as long as you read this page very carefully. it didnt work for me first time on vista and ae cs4 but after reading the comments i found out why and got it running fine

    if some of the other people on here did the same this page would be a lot shorter!

    keep it up!

  125. sebastian

    30. Sep, 2009

    hmm— i loved your tutorial and bought your plugin but can’t seem to get it to work. i’m on mac os 10.4 running AEP CS4. The ceLightWrap.polyCE won’t open for me…

    I dumped the ceLightWrap.ffx into my presets folder, but when i open use the preset PS: LihgtWrap is listed as ‘missing.’

    Not sure I understand everything you’ve mentioned here about preseteffects.xml.

    i’m not seeing an xml file in your zip to copy paste? and i can’t find the preseteffects.xml to paste it into…


  126. Jukka

    01. Oct, 2009

    No, this isnt just working. Yes, i have administrator rights, and yes, preset.xml file is NOT read-only. Yes, i have installed adobe air. BUT – its not working, cant even install.
    Im running Windows 7 Ultimate RTM, downloaded from msdntech. After Effects CS4 v.9.0. Error says: minimum AE version required.. Im sad.. Here is the error:
    Someone here said, that you need to fast double click on that green polygon. BS.. Its not even clickable.

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      02. Oct, 2009

      I don’t see any error on your screenshot. What are you trying to install? Windows 7 is not oficially released. Don’t be surprised if something doesn’t work as it supposed to. Try running as administrator – this is NOT the same as having an account with administrator rights! Right click – and choose “Run as administrator”.

  127. Jukka

    04. Oct, 2009

    Im trying to install your CustomEffects. These are the steps what i do:
    1) I click on the button “Install Now”
    2) I choose to save CustomEffects *.air installation file to desktop
    3) And then double click on it to install
    Problem is that which i already stated in screenshot – install button is not working and i cant click it. And it says: “Minimum After Effects version required” although i have the latest CS4..
    Funniest thing is that i have no such option as “Run as Administator”, when i make the right click on any installation file.

  128. Govind

    06. Oct, 2009

    Hi Mr. Maltaannon,
    I am tying yo istall custom effect. I have downloaded polygonstudio custom effects installer. when i try to install custom effects nothing is happening. I am choosing AE cs3 root folder but not getting message istalled sucessfuly.
    Please help

  129. rabel

    14. Oct, 2009

    I don’t have an internet connection on my pc. How can I install your custom effects on it.

    • Human

      27. Oct, 2009

      Yes, i would like to know that too.. It would be much simpler and cooler with no AIR instalation and so on..

  130. Farsan

    15. Oct, 2009

    Work this in CS4?

  131. Bradlee

    18. Oct, 2009

    Hey, sorry i am an absolute beginner at AE, I bought your effect, but I can’t seem to get it to install, I followed all of the instructions but I can’t find Resoucres: PresetEffects.xml anywhere on my system. I am running CS4 on a mac. Any advice?

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      31. Oct, 2009

      It’s all in the description and in the video. On a Mac there’s not Resources “folder” (as regular folder). You need to right-click on the AE app (or whatever it is you do on a Mac to bring out the context menu) and choose “Show Package Content”. Then you’ll find the Resources folder.

  132. Marc

    01. Nov, 2009

    Is there an alternate way to install it?

    I’m getting 2058 on Windows XP.

  133. Curtis

    22. Nov, 2009

    Just wanted to say I had no problem installing your installer nor you timeshuffle plugin and I have a MAC with CS4. Just an FYI.

  134. Jukka

    28. Nov, 2009

    My bad before. Was going nuts with that installation cause i coudnt find subtitles plugin, which was in making it look great 5 videos :) Otherwise, every plugin that you can download from this site, works. Just drag and drop, and youre set. Works even with Win7.

  135. Nico

    30. Nov, 2009

    Hi Maltannon, you really do a great job. Thanks for your presets.. but I had a problem when I try to install it via ceInstaller. It says Failed: Error #2058.
    I hope this report can make the installer perfect.
    Thanks again.

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      30. Nov, 2009

      #2058 is a decompressing error, which means you probably have an old installer, or an old CustomEffect package. Please redownload all files (the installer and the CE you wish to install) and try again. Should work like a charm.

  136. Muhammad

    08. Dec, 2009

    Installed your installer on Windows 7 , installed OK, but when I tried to install the your ShapeExtruder nothing happened.

  137. Fred M

    11. Dec, 2009

    Just found your site doing a search. Spent a good couple of hours looking through your stuff…very impressed.
    However I have the same problem as above: Error #2058
    Have downloaded from link above but no luck. Using vista 64. Hope it can get sorted. If not will enjoy your high quilty videos anyway.Keep up he good work. Thanks

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      12. Dec, 2009

      Error #2058 is a decompression error. However it just occurred to me, that it might be Error #3001 hiding beneath error #2058. Error #3001 is with file privileges. No privileges to save/store new files equals no decompression. No decompression equals error #2058. Try double checking the permissions you use to run the application. Even if you’re logged in with an Administrator account try Right-clicking and using Run As… Administrator just to make sure. Let me know how it goes.

  138. scott

    14. Dec, 2009

    I just tried installing CE Extrude and wasn’t able. I run the installer and select my my CS 4 folder, and nothing happens. I click the install button and it prompts me to select the AE folder, and it do it again and hit OK and nothing happens. Is there a manual workaround for the install? It would be nice is there was a simpler installation procedure.

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      14. Dec, 2009

      It IS the simpler solution. You should have seen how it used to be before I wrote the installer. Anyway… like I said in the video tutorial – just copy the FFX to the presets.

  139. cagri

    19. Dec, 2009

    if i copy ffx to the presets, ae is saying “missing”. after then i watched ur video and i did everything. when i try to change any color, there is no change. ae is not saying “missing” but everything is same. What should i do?

    ps: great preset thnx for tihs but i hope i will use this preset….

    • cagri

      19. Dec, 2009

      okay its my fault i forgot amaount value. everythings okay now. thank u for your preset and the videos.

  140. Le Dinh Thi

    20. Dec, 2009

    When I’m learning about the syntax of PresetEffects.xml, I find “popup” type, but I don’t know it’s syntax because it’s not used in PresetEffects.xml. I know popup type will make a popup where I show a list I want. Can you help me to know it’s syntax ?

    Thanks very much !
    Sorry for my bad english…

  141. Jason

    29. Dec, 2009

    Maltannon –

    I’m looking for a way to create a custom effect from my own presets. Is there a way to do this without going into the PresetEffects.xml?

    I saw this comment from you above

    “Oh yes this tutorial is coming soon along with an tool for building CustomEffects for both Mac and PC. Stay tuned. Cheers”

    Is this still in the works?

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      29. Dec, 2009

      Yes. It’s a work in progress. And no – you have to play with the xml file, unless you’re ok with AE saying that the effect is “missing”. Even if it does it will still work.

  142. Bong

    30. Dec, 2009

    Hi, I’m Bong from the Philippines, Congratulation for the tutorials you gave, i’m learning a lot. Thank You Very Much.
    You use plug ins in your tutorials & it say’s PS which i understand Polygon Studio, where can i download those plug ins, are they for free or i have to buy?

  143. colemeister

    02. Jan, 2010

    Hey, so I have AE CS4 and have downloaded your file (I am working on a Mac). I have turned off the access for the read only file for all users (admin. and guest). I then double click on your .ffx file and AE opens with an error which reads: After Effects error: Can’t import file “ce3DShapeExtruder.ffx”: unsupported filetype or extension.

    (0 :: 1 )

    What could this mean? Thanks in advance and you have a wonderful site with amazing tutorials. I give many thanks!

  144. colemeister

    02. Jan, 2010

    I apologize, I realize after reading a comment that all I need to do is to copy the FFX to the presets. Thanks, I’ll try that!

  145. Ed Octoor

    13. Jan, 2010

    I found the AE Cs4 Keyboard CheatSheet

    Thanks in advance if you were looking for it for me..

  146. Shola

    08. Feb, 2010

    Hi jerzy! i kow you must be tired of explaning over and over again how to install the ce sampler but i really need your help on this, so pls help………………..(by the way, judging from what i’ve seen with this cool presets, “you rock”)

    I keep getting this message 5 invalid procedure call or argument “how do i fix this” pls help. It’s driving me nuts that other can use this presets but i can’t.

  147. John-M

    13. Feb, 2010

    Many thanks for sharing your brain power with us mortals,

  148. B. Austin

    19. Feb, 2010

    Hi! Am running XP at work and the installer worked perfectly with awesome-looking results onscreen! At home running Vista and AE CS4 version, things didn’t go so well. After trying every other fix that people mentioned above, I uninstalled Adobe AIR and reinstalled the latest version. It finally LOOKED like the installation went okay. Your XML has been added to the PresetEffects.xml file. and your preset has been added to Presets\PolygonStudio\. Still, AE doesn’t seem to know the preset is available. I suppose other people had the same problem. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. Thanks!

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      19. Feb, 2010

      That is oddly strange. If the XML was added and the FFX file ended in the Presets\PolygonStudio directory everything should be fine. Theres not much more to the installation process. It just puts the file in the directory and adds something to the XML (and even that step could be skipped). I guess you’ve tried restarting AE?

  149. B. Austin

    19. Feb, 2010

    Thanks for the suggestion, but yes I restarted AE. More than once I think. Who knows? Maybe I goofed up something very simple.

    Maybe this will help others… I also had a problem with ceInstaller sending me back to the “Select your After Effects folder” dialog box. I tried SO MANY things. Then uninstalling AIR and reinstalling the newest version finally solved the problem.

    Interesting result on my Vista machine… When I right-clicked ceInstaller and ran it in Admin mode, I couldn’t even drop the *polyCE file into ceInstaller’s drop zone box. But when I ran ceInstaller in non-Admin mode, it actually worked BETTER. Vista is crazy : )

  150. Jerron Smith

    01. Mar, 2010

    I am running a Mac Book Pro with the snow leopard operating system.
    The install ran very smoothly and the effects I downloaded seem to be working very well in AE CS4.
    Excellent work, thank you very much.

  151. jorge

    10. Mar, 2010

    HI, im using windows 7 when i want to install the preset with the ceInstaller, I select the directoy and nothing happens. also when I right-clicked ceInstaller and ran it in Admin mode, I couldn’t even drop the *polyCE file into ceInstaller’s drop zone box.

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      12. Mar, 2010

      I know. This is a Adobe AIR security issue. The answer to this is already in the comments. You can’t drag it, but you can double click it once the app is opened in the Admin mode.

  152. Takasaurus

    12. Mar, 2010


    I’m on an iMac Intel running OS X 10.5.8. I am running After Effects CS4. I have installed the ceinstaller and have attempted to load a couple of presets including Time Shuffle and Eran Stern’s Marker Leaks. Both times I get to the end and hit install… I select my After Effects CS4 folder and hit return. I then get a message which says “Installation failed! Check if your After Effects Installation directory is selected correctly and try again.”

    I have attempted a few times and always get the same result. I made sure to change the READ WRITE settings in the xml files as per your instructions. I am following everything else to a T.

    Any thoughts?



  153. David U

    20. Mar, 2010


    I tried to download your CustomEffects Installer v.1.1.7 RC but it tells me that it cannot download for some reason…(Error #2032 with Firefox). I’ve got Adobe AIR already installed.

    Is there some kind of problem I can fix (by changing some kind of setting on my Mac), or is it something on your end?

    Thanks and I look forward to trying out your presets!

  154. David U

    25. Mar, 2010

    Hi there Jerzy,

    I’ve just bought your CE LightWrap preset and I was wondering if you’ve found a solution for the problem I mentioned in the previous post: I cannot download the CustomEffects Installer to my mac.

    Is there another way you could send me the installer so that I can install the preset without having to use it as a normal (‘missing’) preset? Maybe could you send it to me through email?

    Thanks a lot!

  155. VisualAdvocate

    27. Mar, 2010

    I got some of these with Making It Look Great 5 and am running CS4 on OS X 10.6.2. I was having the same error message as everyone else but finally I got it working just by following the instructions in the post.

    You actually have to navigate to the xml file and change admin to read and write. After that worked no problem.

  156. Tim Visterin

    29. Mar, 2010


    Just bought your Polygon Studio CE TextRamp CustomEffect.
    I work on a mac(version 10.6.2-2×2.8 Ghz Quad core Intel Xeon- 8GB RAM) and for the record the insallation of Custom Effects went very well. ( It also gave me a good insight on MAC and were the the folders are placed.
    Very good, timesaving plugin, worthwhile every penny.

    Looking forward on future products.

    Warm Regards,

    Tim Visterin

    • Jerzy Drozda Jr

      31. Mar, 2010

      I’m so happy you like it. I know it doesn’t solve all text problems in AE, but it surely saves huge amounts of time in most cases. Thanks for the feedback.

  157. Leonardo

    05. Apr, 2010

    windows 7, AF CS4, no error when installing, but just doesnt work, i change de color corrector settings as in your tutorial but nothing happens to the footage… : ( thanks anyway, but, any ideia?

  158. Leonardo

    05. Apr, 2010

    sorry sorry, my bad, i just dont change de amount!! hahaha thank you for helping us!

  159. z-man

    09. May, 2010

    nice work man….:) looks like u are working pretty hard on this all but ppl are value it… tnx u very much about this understandable video..:)

  160. Rob

    17. May, 2010

    your installer does not work for me i got the Making It Look Great 5 DVD as a gift and i cant installer the custom presets im working with cs3

  161. olymyoted

    05. Jun, 2010

    oh man maltaannon you are awesome \\ i like your way of talking and you trainings are very easy with you .. thanks ,, thanks again but this time the word is coming from my heart. XD.

  162. Kriss

    05. Jul, 2010

    Hello ! ^_^

    A version for Photoshop CS 5 (64 bit) is it planned ?


  163. Tom

    06. Jul, 2010

    I solved the Windows 7 problem! Bit of a strange workaround, but it worked ok.

    The solution of choosing “Run as Administrator” is half the battle. I am running Windows 7 64-bit, with AE CS4, and here’s what I did to get it working:

    1. Right-click on the ceInstaller icon and choose “Run as Administrator”. At this stage, I was unable to drag my .polyce file into the drop-box — the system just wouldn’t allow it.
    2. Instead, with the installer still running, drag the .polyce file onto the “ceInstaller” icon. You should see the installer window update as usual, and (importantly) no other windows will open up.
    3. Click “install” and navigate to the AE folder as usual. You should get a message explaining that installation was successful.
    4. Run After Effects.

    Hope this works for everyone as it did for me!

  164. Abdelhamid

    10. Aug, 2010

    Hi Maltaannon.
    i really love your tutorials.especially the CE tuts.and i don’t know why you don’t update the website as well.i love the way you talking in tutorials.
    i want to translat your free CE tuts.and i need your permission.so what do you think.

  165. MRFProductions

    18. Aug, 2010

    How do we make the polyCE file? I’m asking because I would LOVE to make awesome looking presets like yours.

  166. zip.locks

    30. Aug, 2010

    Vista 64bit OS. Will not install the PolyCE Installer. Error “2032” please try again…Nothing!
    Have reinstalled latest “Adobe Air” and it makes no difference!
    Being unable to get the installer to the desktop kind of limits the options. :)
    AE CS4…xml sorted!…. I am administrator!
    Any suggestions appreciated!
    I enjoy your tutorials, it would be good if you could add to them sometime! :)

  167. oren

    01. Sep, 2010

    hi i have CS5 and the ce installer tell me that the after effect don’t place in:
    c:/program files/adobe/after effect cs5/support files

    what to do?

  168. Martin

    04. Oct, 2010

    Hi Maltaannon,

    would it be possible to get a direct link to your
    customeffects installer rather than using the button
    above. “I am having problems there”.



  169. tzur

    07. Oct, 2010

    hi malttannon.
    i tryed to use this to install a cusume effect. all went well until the final step of designating the folder where AE is installed.
    when i choose the folder it goes back to the instal option but does not install the effect.
    if i try a different folder i get an error that tells me to find the right folder.
    i use windows 7 computer, AE CS5 & 4 (both couldn’t install).
    please help me….

  170. […] plugin. Well… almost like a plugin. The main difference between a standard preset and this CustomEffect (because thats what I call it) is that all controls like sliders and checkboxes are bounded into […]

  171. arup

    09. Nov, 2010

    it dont work for cs5….:(…

  172. Tiffany

    10. Nov, 2010

    Is it true that the custom effects don’t work for CS5? I would like to use the pixel sampler, but I installed it and it said it was successful, but when I try to use it in After Effects it is labeled as “missing” even though it is there.

  173. Wolfi

    17. Nov, 2010

    where are this custiom effects ??? i can not find this effects …

    Please Help me :)

  174. keyman

    05. Dec, 2010


    Thank you so much for all your great tutorials, helpfull sharing and really usefull After Effects Plugins & Scripts.

    I just try for the 1st time to install the CUSTOM EFFECT TIME SHUFFLE via the ceinstall on MAC OS X 10.6.5 Mac Pro

    It work as you describe it, the only little thing that can be better explained is :
    Go To Folder :
    /Applications/Adobe After Effects CS5/Adobe After Effects CS5.app/Contents/Resources/
    and get information on the file PresetEffects.xml
    on the bottom of the info window change the admin (group) to read and write (after enter your admin password)
    then close the info window and you can now install and Custom Effects without any error.

    Thanks again for all mister Maltaannon.
    Keep the good work !

  175. dpnhp2003

    19. Dec, 2010

    Thank you so much! that’s great useful!

  176. adam

    06. Jan, 2011

    Sorry, if someone asked already…but can these effects be used in CS5?

  177. Marcus

    13. Jan, 2011

    its’ not working on CS5

  178. Dora Militaru

    25. Jan, 2011

    For all of you who encounter error #2032, just copy and paste the URL of the CEInstaller app:


    into your address bar, then open the file with Adobe AIR installer.

  179. Ira

    11. Mar, 2011

    Hi Maltaanon

    I tried to install the ShapeExtruder for CS5 on my Mac and I recieved the following error:

    Failed: Error #3001
    /Applications/Adobe After Effects CS5/Adobe After Effects

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks very much

  180. Ira

    11. Mar, 2011

    Hi Maltaanon,

    I figured out the problem on CS5, I forgot to give permissons to the preset.xml file

    All The Best


    • Keeya

      23. Mar, 2011

      That is awesome you got it to work on CS5. How did you do it”? What preset.xml

      Can you help us poor souls?! We want to use Maltaannon’s fabulous awesome shape extruder, too.

  181. Stonecutter

    11. Mar, 2011

    Hello, when using the installer, I choose where adobe after effects is installed but nothing happens. If I choose a different folder I get an installation failed message. If I choose the correct folder, I get nothing. The installer just stays on the same screen. I’m using Vista and AE CS3.

  182. Stonecutter

    11. Mar, 2011

    Sorry, so many comments it took a while to find out what permissions I needed exactly. I tried several things but eventually the culprit was that the specific windows user I was logged in as needed full permissions to the adobe after effects folder (even though the windows user is an administrator).

  183. Aravinth Ragavan.A

    15. Mar, 2011

    HI, am Aravinth, am from INDIA. First I have to convey my regards to u for doing such a great work …. then, i have also tell u that mr. Andru Karmer from “videocopilot.com” is also doing great work…. am telling this because u two guys are ruling the AFTER EFFECTS tutorial sites… so hats off to u….

    and then if u have time please help me…. i am doing a project in which a man is flying like hancock…. please make a tutorial on how to do that….

    thank u…

  184. Jakub

    28. Mar, 2011

    Hey Jerzy,

    thank U for the greta work!
    I still could not get the extruder thing to run. It doesn’t work because my AE is german, so it’s stuck in recognizing different expression values. Is there a way how to fix that?
    The extrude preset starts a script. Where can I find it?

    Thanks a lot

  185. Jakub

    30. Mar, 2011

    Thank U for the Tip!

  186. jayant

    22. Apr, 2011

    Thank you so much! that’s great useful, its amaizing …………its very super work.

  187. murat

    04. May, 2011


    after effects cs5 eror.please

    Is this program compatible with the version of CS5

    could you help please

    English is not good I am from Turkey.

    thank you.

  188. marcel

    09. May, 2011

    …sorry but it’s impossible to download (win 7 64 bit)

    Why don’t you post a simpe link to the file instead of that flash thingy?

    In my case it says it has to download Air first (which is already installed) and finally that it can’t write on the hard disk (?) Then that I have to wait until it installs…

    Please, set an html link

  189. Nathan

    10. May, 2011

    Hey Dude,

    Thanks for this installer and the custom presets etc. I am having an issue though. The custom presets will not install. I followed your video tutorial to the word and it will not install. After I have navigated to the After effects cs4 folder in win 7 and hit okay it just does nothing. no error, no message saying successful just back to the installer. When I check my presets there is no Polygon studio folder and no preset. Any ideas. I would be very grateful for your help.

    Thanks Nathan

  190. Emma Nichols

    17. May, 2011

    I have tried to install this on mac os have followed everything correctly but a message appears next to the preset saying PS Missing??
    After effects Warning Bad argument couldn’t find effect named ‘PS:pixel sampler’

    Anyone have any ideas what I’m doing wrong?? and how I can fix it? really wanted this as well :(

    Thanks so much anyway sounds amazing

  191. Fabio978

    24. May, 2011

    Unfortunately i cannot even download the installer.. when i click on it, it opens Adobe AIR and then it asks if i wanna open or save file. In both cases it says the file is corrupt..

  192. Ralph

    25. May, 2011

    It works thanks to Dora (25th January 2011):
    “For all of you who encounter error #2032, just copy and paste the URL of the CEInstaller app:


    into your address bar, then open the file with Adobe AIR installer.”

    Cheers and Thanks a lot!

  193. Ralph

    25. May, 2011

    I cheered to early. The installation of the preset (LightWrap) worked but not the preset inside AE CS5 itself.

    It still says: “Missing: PS: LightWrap”
    And the masked area of the layer with the preset applied to is still shown. :(

  194. Reh Dogg

    26. May, 2011

    I installed custom installer but it doesnt allow me to drag files in it. is it 64 bit compatible?

  195. Ira

    29. May, 2011

    I have CS5 and was able to install the 3D shape extruder preset but when I tried to use it I get this error:

    After Effects warning: Class ‘Effect’ has no property or method named ‘Opacity’
    Expression disabled.

    Error occurred at line1.
    Comp: ‘Comp 1’
    Layer: 1 (‘test Outlines’)
    Property: ‘End Opacity’

    It looks like this preset will only function in either CS3 or CS4


  196. Ivar Edding

    30. May, 2011

    Confirmed, PixelSampler works on CS3, not CS5. Running Max OS10.6.6.

  197. Anja

    06. Jun, 2011

    Thanks for the support here!
    Its important for Win 7 users when it doesn’t install after select the AAE install Folder!!!

    3) Check permissions to the Adobe folder in the Program Files

  198. Andrew

    19. Jun, 2011

    Mr. Maltaannon thanx for tuts you give us for free.
    Long live, God bless you.

  199. Brian

    20. Jul, 2011

    Hey I watched the video and tried to use your AIR app, but it didn’t work for me. ERROR # 2058 when I try to install the .polyCE file.

    Adding the XML manually was easy enough, and I could probably install the FFX file myself if you could tell me where it’s supposed to go…

    I’m on OSX by the way, and a programmer, so if you need a hand with an installer, I can write a shell script or something that you can distribute with your FX to make it easier for people to install and stop bugging you on your site :)


    Thanks in advance!!


  200. Brian

    20. Jul, 2011

    I was able to figure it out… I added the XML and dropped the FFX file and .polyCE file into /Applications/Adobe After Effects CS5.5/Plug-ins/Effects

    I don’t know if I needed to copy both files or just one of the two would have been enough, but it worked… I will see if I can make a shell script or app for you to make it easier for mac heads


    • Kevin

      24. Aug, 2011

      Can you just post up what the XML is that needs to be added/changed so those of us savy enough can just change it ourselves?

  201. Krishan indora

    26. Sep, 2011


  202. Ofer

    22. Oct, 2011

    I wanted to create a custom effect (which is super super cool). I need this effects to have a changing number of parameters (all of them x,y,) is that possible?
    (like you can add pins in the puppet tool, but in 3d)

    Thank you

  203. Adam

    27. Oct, 2011

    “…But how do you build these presets ?…”
    “Oh yes this tutorial is coming soon along with an tool for building CustomEffects for both Mac and PC. Stay tuned. Cheers”

    This was on 13. Feb, 2008. When are you gonna post that tutorial?

  204. Adam

    31. Oct, 2011

  205. Ricki

    17. Nov, 2011

    thankyou!! awesome …

    I’m on windows7/64 bit – AE CS5 some weird install stuff for anyone else having #3001 error –
    had to run windows explorer as administrator (even though i am the administrator)…check all priveledges etc

    when I run the CE installer as admin it doesn’t allow drag and drop – BUT – if I then right click directly on the .polyce and open with the installer it then appears

    thanks again – I just love it that you take someone saying it can’t be done in aftereffects as a personal challenge :-) must be exhausting!

  206. S.mahmood

    03. Dec, 2011

    that was great but how we can create the poly.ce file from our own presets

  207. mhz11

    25. Dec, 2011

    that was cool!thx bro.. but for clearance to anyone have this message ”installation failed check if your after effects installation directory” just make sure to put ur directory into AfterEffects folder not in subfolders …..

  208. berhanu

    26. Jan, 2012

    thank u so much!!!!!!!!!

  209. jaimejack

    04. Feb, 2012

    The solution is here “”http://www.batchframe.com/tutorials/””
    you have to modify the file PresetEffects.xml in the repertory of aftereffects.
    for me the solution is working under vista64bits.
    Au revoir.

  210. antony

    25. Feb, 2012

    how do I make one

  211. Le

    02. Mar, 2012

    When I run ceInstaller, I have a message as: ” ceInstaller is not a valid win32 application”. I uses win 7 ultimate 32bit and adobe after effect cs4.
    May you solve this problem? Thank you.

  212. XiaoRong

    04. Apr, 2012

    My English is not good, can’t understand you, don’t know how to do this well, a little bit sad

  213. Busch

    02. May, 2012

    When I try to apply the effect in AECS5 i get a warning from the expression window saying

    After Effects Warning: Class “Effect” has no property or method named “Time Range”
    Expression disabled

    Error Occured at Line 1
    Comp 1
    Layer 2
    Property: “Time Remap”

  214. Will

    03. May, 2012

    Everything seems to go fine with the install until I get the window that comes up asking me “Where is your After Effects installed?” I’ve selected my After Effects CS5 folder, but when I click okay, the “browse for folder” window disappears, but nothing happens.

    If I select a different folder I get the error message “Installation failed! Check if your After Effects installation director is selected correctly and try again.”


  215. Ben

    12. May, 2012

    For all those who are experiencing #3001 error.

    It’s either:
    (1) Running as administrator
    (2) Folder Privileges

    So, right click your AE Folder and tick the READ ONLY. This is the reason why you can’t install it.

    Second, exit the previous custom effect installer, and reopen it with as ADMINISTRATOR.

    It should work.

    P.S. I’m using AE CS5.5 Win7 X64.

    P.P.S. Thanks BTW Maltaanon XD

  216. Nuno Marques

    30. May, 2012

    Does this work on images / psd files as well as Text? If so, I haven’t been able to figure out how exactly. If you could point me somewhere would be great! Thanks!

  217. Putranesca

    11. Aug, 2012

    Sorry to say this but, I get error #2058 Whenever I install CE shape extruder…I already tried running the CE installer as an administrator, I reinstalled Adobe Air and even reinstalled CE installer. Still not working…I really like how CE extruder works…So I really like it.

  218. Putranesca

    11. Aug, 2012

    Sorry, I’m taking my question back, I was installing an older version of Shape Extruder from another site…I downloaded Shape Extruder from this site and it works now. Thanks.

  219. Paul Lukitsch

    24. Aug, 2012

    It seems you are cursed with exceptional knowledge of After Effects and the ability to write ingenious plugins (which are obviously very much sought after), AND choosing to implement Adobe AIR with the installation of said presets.

    Before continuing, I just want to say that in my experience… using both Vista and Windows 7, from CS3 to CS6 (or other 3rd party applications like Tweet-Deck), I have found Adobe Air to typically cause far more problems then benefits.

    OK… I have read this entire page. I have watched your video. I am using AE CS6, with Windows 7 64 bit.

    First, I cannot download the installer from this page. It continually tells me there has been a problem with the “installation of Adobe Air”… which is typical… because I already have Adobe Air installed… so of course there is a problem. So… I am stuck at that.

    I went to Adobe’s page as an afterthought and downloaded the latest version of AIR (3.4). I uninsalled my current version of Adobe AIR, then reinstalled 3.4 (I don’t even know what version of AIR I uninstalled… but it came with CS6, so it could not have been all that outdated.

    After installing the latest version of AIR, I still cannot download your installer. I have the two files (the .polyCE and the .ffx files ready to go). With no other choice, and feeling I could trust CNET, I downloaded a package from their which installed Adobe Air Again and also put the CEInstaller (which displays the proper Air Icon) on my desktop. the version of AIR on CNET was 2.7 or something… so somehow Air installed an older version… don’t quite know why (but then again, I have gone and changed my ENTIRE Adobe folder on my 64 bit Program Files directory to be NOT read-only).

    Well, I had no luck… the CE installer did install, however, you were not a verified publisher. As I said above, I could not download the CEInstaller from your site, so, I had no other choice but to proceed with the CEinstaller that I obtained from CNET… since once again Adobe demonstrated its obsession with wanting to control everything the user does (i.e., preventing me from download the f*cking CEInstaller because it “found” a problem with my Adobe AIR installation (when in fact it was up to date). Side Note: I couldn’t even watch your video through my web browser, Chrome, because it shows up in a pop-up flash window which was blank…. leaving me without any other option to view the video through the browser. Thankfully, you set up the link to allow downloading the .flv file by itself.

    So… Lastly, I reinstalled Adobe AIR 3.4 AGAIN….. I made sure I was the owner with full permissions on the CEInstaller, Adobe AIR, and that my Adobe folder in my 64-bit Program Files Directory was not marked read-only.

    Then I once again uninstalled the CEInstaller (using Revo uninstaller pro to make sure there were no residual registry entries). Then once again (3rd time), I installed CEInstaller. It installed correctly, and the TimeShuffler .polyCE file showed the correct icon…. But, it would not install with the installer. Whether I double-clicked the .polyCE file OR if I ran the CEInstaller as Administrator (which is overkill as I am already the owner of the CEInstaler directory (a step you have not recommended specifically, but something I did out of frustration in not being able to install this…. and cursing loudly Adobe… (not so much you, but I do regret you have the level of trust you have with Adobe after they have annoyed countless customers with their over-reaching installations requireing special uninstall applications, etc. etc. etc….

    So… I tried everything I could possibly have done. I hope I didn’t break my AE insallation in the process by making everything in the 64-bit Program files under the Adobe Folder marked as not “read-only”… Though I doubt it… I have grown to never trust whatever I do with Adobe products.. While I love their software, I hate their policies and the touchy nature of their apps… which I have broken before accidentally doing just the type of thing I have done by marking things not read-only.

    So there you have it… That is my feedback… I love your tutorials and your plugins look great, since I am only trying to install them now…(and the installer has not been updated since 2007), I am unable to use them as you intended.

    I guess I will go ahead and install the .ffx file by itself and deal with the “missing plugin” and the unconsolidated state of the preset.

    I thank you for writing these presets and your intentions are sound I realize. But whenever you do get around to writing another installer…. PLEASE PLEASE beyond writing the preset itself, DO NOT take advantage of any of Adobe’s automation accessory programs. They are shite….. And as I said, this is not my first go around with AIR…. I disable or uninstall it almost always, preferring to not use the few adobe apps that don’t work, rather than use this piece of software.

    Thanks again, and I will check back to see if you have written a new installer and hopefully avoided any use of Adobe AIR…

  220. Paul Lukitsch

    31. Aug, 2012

    I just thought I would check back to see if there was suggestions to my comment above (any further tips you might have).

    I once again tried to install the CEInstaller from the above link. And again, after the “Downloading Adobe Air” progress bar completes, it returns with a non-specific download error. I have turned off firewalls and anything else that would possibly affect this (although this is all port 80, so it shouldn’t matter), and still I have had no luck downloading this installer.

  221. LucaSeem

    01. Nov, 2012

    i have already downloaded AIR yet it still asks me to install it?

    Im on windows 7 Professional 64-bit

  222. bgr

    18. Nov, 2012

    For those having a problem with installation here’s a direct link to installer file:


  223. Fernando

    15. Dec, 2012

    Hey Maltaannon… 1º: Sorry my Tarzan style english. 2º: I love yours tutorials… really I’m back to love After Effects and you’r the guilty… From Argentina: Thank you very much.

  224. Zafar Sahel

    07. Jan, 2013

    hi sir i am trying to install custom effect but when click download a message came that try again plz help me sir

  225. welcome

    08. Mar, 2013

    Hi the information was really helpful for me Specially I’m beginner in web design and always be confuse about the page layout

  226. ryan

    11. Mar, 2013

    i get a warning from the expression window:
    After Effects Warning: Class “Effect” has no property or method named “Time Range”
    Expression disabled


  227. caleb

    30. Apr, 2013

    I keep getting me error “5 invalid procedure call or argument. ”
    Any suggestions on how to fix it? thanks!

  228. Kevin Thompson

    29. May, 2013

    I purchased the CE Light Wrap. I am using a macintosh and CS6.

    After successful running the air installer .. it was hard.

    I too had the annoying issue where the preset is listed as missing. ‘Missing: PS LightWrap”

    I fixed it by opening the xml file in text edit and changing all instances of:




    I hope this helps others, take a look at the preinstalled presets above the PolyCE example.


    • Kevin Thompson

      29. May, 2013

      I thought I would add for the benefit of others new to AE like me.

      I thought that the parameter values shown in red text .. indicated I still had some issue with the preset.

      Parameters that contain an expression appear in red text

  229. ju

    29. May, 2013

    Im getting this error with AFTER EFFECTSCS 5.5?

    After Effects Warning: invalid numeric result (divide by zero?)

    Error occurred at line 13.
    Comp: ‘Torch 09′
    Layer: (‘fire1.mov’)
    Property: ‘Time Remap’

    • Kevin Thompson

      29. May, 2013

      I am not an expert. I am new to AE.

      That said try precomposing everything below and including the layer you are applying the preset to.

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